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How to Drive Sales Using Instagram Marketing

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Instagram has revolutionized social media in every aspect; whether we talk about its reach or the ways users utilize it, Instagram is providing an exceptional social media experience.

Instagram was launched in 2010. It has made its presence known in every corner of the world, as more than 500 million people are active on it in their regular lives.

Instagram is no longer just an online platform for personal activities, it has gone global– providing opportunities to millions of companies to represent and advertise their brands, increase their reach, and attract potential consumers. 

More than 25 million businesses already have an Instagram account, and 200+ million users visit these profiles every day.

Today, if a business entity wants to increase its reach and attract customers for its products, it can’t afford to ignore Instagram Marketing.

Here are some Instagram marketing strategies that will provide you with the necessary guidance to start advertising and marketing your business on the platform.

Learn the best Instagram Advertising Strategy to boost your sales:

Prioritize Your Customers’ Interests

Customer interests are of utmost priority. As a business, you have to create and share content or posts that indicate to your customers that you share their interests. You should try to care about the things your users love.

Suppose your business provides solutions for green energy; this displays to your customers that you care about a safe environment and are enthusiastic about environmental issues. Research your customer interests to deliver content that will resonate.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Every business should understand that sharing relevant and useful content that your users will love will engage more customers. Furthermore, it will help users feel more connected with a business– they might choose to follow their social presence and share the content with others. Sharing your users’ content is one of the best Instagram social media marketing tactics that you should utilize for your business. By sharing user-generated content, you’re not only building real connections online, but you also add extra value to your brand with minimal expenditure on time or money. When your employees, customers, or followers recommend your products to their friends and family, they increase brand credibility.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a great Instagram marketing tool for reaching out to a vast audience. Are you surprised that hashtags are important? The primary function of hashtags is that they allow you to reach an audience outside of your direct followers. If you have added a relevant keyword, then people can easily find you by searching that hashtag and can engage with your posts.

According to a study conducted by Simply Measure, Instagram posts that have at least one hashtag can perform and engage 12.6% better than those without hashtags.

However, you need to be careful about how frequently you’re using the same hashtags. Otherwise, you might face the elusive Instagram shadowban. When you’re shadowbanned, your account is able to post, but your content will not be featured in hashtag searches. Shadowbans occur when users deliberately use similar hashtags again and again, although they might not have any relevance to their content. You have to make sure that you’re only using hashtags relevant to your posts.

Attract Customers Through Incentives and Freebies

Businesses using a consumer-centric approach are more likely to be referred by their customers because not only are they fulfilled with the product, but also with the company’s policies. Customers highly prefer businesses that offer incentives, benefits, and discounts. Incentives should add value to the customer without breaking a business’s budget. Offering gift vouchers, for example, is an excellent way to retain your customers.

Build Personalized Relationships With Customers

Personal relationships with existing customers make them feel privileged and valued, and they are more likely to recommend you to others. Try to create a friendly conversation with your customers every time they connect with your business and executives. Understand their needs and give them what they want. Customer support should be strong because it will help you know customers better and will improve your brand presence in the market. Instagram marketing services aim to build a connection with the customer so that they can help them to promote their products or services. Also, take the time to consider customer feedback, as this can provide insight about your customers’ needs. 

One common tactic in making customers feel valued is by sharing more information about their preferred product and services. Such assistance leads to higher sales, as personalized messages cater to the customer’s requirements and leave a positive impression. 

Stand out Among Your Competitors

In the time of fierce competition, you must try something unique to grab your customer’s attention. Since Instagram marketing is the most effective and tested method in the world, make your products and services stand out amongst your competitors. Exceptional products and services always get people talking about your business to others. It is not uncommon for companies using these strategies to see dramatic growth.

Keep Your Customers up to Date

Customers feel privileged when brands make them feel valued.

Providing regular information about your business will also improve customer experience. You can share informative posts to help customers gain insight into your brand or services, or you can show them why your business is leading the industry. Share your side of the story, and tell them how your brand is making efforts for them.

How a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help You

digital marketing agency can help businesses go digital with web design, social media, and organic search marketing. Motivated by integrity and in-depth knowledge in the trade, they offer 360° marketing solutions that add to your brand equity and believe in result-oriented marketing initiatives to make your brand’s story accessible to your targeted audience. They also encourage the aforementioned Instagram advertising strategies to stand out among the competitors. What are you waiting for? Get the best Instagram marketing service today.

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