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Instagram Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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Influencer marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that gained popularity in the last decade. Brands and marketers are using it to increase brand awareness, generate engagement, and drive more sales.

However, you need to keep up with the latest trends if you want to make the most of your campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the top 2020 trends.

Increase in Human to Human (H2H) Selling

The greatest advantage of using Instagram for influencer marketing is the scope of personalization.

Instagram influencers create content that is personalized to cater to the interests of their followers. In fact, the most popular Instagram influencers are those who connect with their followers on a personal level. This makes it easier for them to encourage users to buy the products they endorse.

Personal connections are key to H2H selling. And that’s why brands leverage Instagram influencer marketing to drive sales.

Using Influencer Marketing Beyond Instagram

With over 107.2 million active users in the US alone, Instagram is the top platform for influencer marketing.

However, you should not put all your eggs in one basket.

You can repurpose influencer-generated content on Instagram to build your presence on other social media platforms too. In fact, you can use your top-performing posts to create engaging ads.

Popularity of Micro-Influencers

The benefits of leveraging Instagram micro-influencers is not fresh news for marketers. It is a continuous trend.

People trust micro-influencers because they are more authentic and relatable than influencers with larger followings. They create highly-targeted content that is catered to a specific audience.

This is one reason why micro-influencers have a significantly higher engagement rate than macro-influencers.

Increased Value of Long-Term Partnerships

Consumers tend to stick with influencers they have built a relationship with. Similarly, the best kind of collaborations for Instagram influencer marketing is when you partner with an influencer for the long term. The one-shot deal is not likely to give you exceptional results.

Influencers who post sponsored content or endorse products for a brand they have previously talked about in a positive way come off as more authentic.

That’s why many influencers only promote brands they admire. This helps them protect their value proposition and authenticity. They are unlikely to work with brands they don’t know or they don’t believe in, just for the paycheck.

Brands need to look for partnerships that will run for years.

Popularity of AI Influencers

Believe it or not, AI influencers are actually very popular on Instagram, even though people know that they are not human.

Some of the most recognizable AI influencers are Miquela (@lilmiquela) with 2.1 million followers and Shudu (@shudu.gram) with 199K followers. Both of these AI influencers belong to the fashion industry.

Instagram influencer marketing is here to stay. You can discover more trends and tips from the infographic below, which was originally published on Fourstarzz Media.

Instagram Influencer Marketing In 2020: What You Need to Know

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