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Social Media For Lead Generation: 4 Practical Ideas

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Social media for business? Ground breaking! Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, in which case

#1. Word of mouth

Peer-to-peer communication is the single most powerful tool in any marketer’s box of tricks. Since we are predisposition to know that our family and friends have nothing to gain by recommending a product or brand, we take their word as more credible and believable. Any form of advertising is taken with a pinch of salt, yet word-of-mouth and personal recommendations empower people and gives them the confidence to buy from you.

How to take advantage of word of mouth on social media? Engagement! Encourage people to comment and post on your posts as that would give you more exposure. Also, ask customers to leave you reviews on Facebook or tweet about you on Twitter. Why not even create a hashtag campaign?

#2. Hashtag campaign

Hashtags are everywhere these days. You see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and now Facebook. Ignoring them would be foolish as putting them to a good use could potentially help you generate some leads.

Look at the Urban Hilton Weiner clothing brand for inspiration. They created an Instagram campaign offering customers a $10 voucher for every selfie they post wearing their clothes and including the hashtag #urbanselfie. The results? Their sales went through the roof! The more people used the hashtags, more and more of their friends started noticing the trend and joining in.

#3. Contest

Everybody likes a good contest. You get people talking, they engage, and you give them something for free at the end! It help your audience connect with your brand while emulating a positive emotion. Entrants will help you spread the word especially if you encourage them to share that they have entered the competition.

Moreover, a competition is a great way to grow your database. People are more than willing and happy to give away their name and email address when there is some kind of a prize in the cards for them.

#4. Polls and Voting

Everybody has an opinion and almost everybody wants to share theirs and be heard. Voting is now so trending, that many of the platforms (Facebook, Google+) have incorporated the feature. Create a poll and get people talking. By asking questions that people are willing to give an answer to, your brand appears trendier, more concerned about other people’s opinions and of course, all this information gives you a great insight into your prospects’ mind set.

Now you are ready to grab Social Media by the horns and get yourself some leads!

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