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What is the Best Time of the Day to Send Push Notifications?

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The use of push notifications for marketing messages has taken over different marketing channels with its rising popularity. And, why not? They promise enhanced customer retention and increased sales conversions like no other marketing tool. So clearly, their usage has intensified across different industries including e-learning. While sending out push notifications is really important, it is also crucial that they are sent at the right time both via mobile and desktop.

So, we have summed up all the important information relating to the best time for sending push notifications as a part of this push notifications guide to engage elearning professionals. Read on to make sure that you do not annoy or frustrate your users with constant push notifications at all times of the day.

Check your users’ timezone

Due to technology today, people stay connected to each other even when the time zones are different. Carrying out your marketing operations carefully, in this case, is essential, as time is a major playing factor. The time at which your users receive push notifications is a significant aspect that adds to the achievement of your campaign. Hence, it is vital to schedule them as per the timings which are inline as that of your clientele.

For example, if there’s an ongoing sale at one of the biggest online clothing giants sending across a discount coupon as push notification will boost the rankings and conversions. However sending this coupon in the middle of the night will render it ineffective, so choosing the right time of the day is an absolute must.

Plan your days well

While planning your push notification strategy, one thing you cannot afford to miss is the day at which these must be sent out. For instance, if you have a lounge and you have happy hours deal for Friday, sending a reminder notification on Thursday will be a good idea. However, there are certain times and days of the week when clicks come in thick and fast, which increases the

ROI for most businesses. The same are as follows:

  1. Tuesday: 4-5 pm, 5-6pm
  2. Wednesday: 10am-12noon, 3-6pm
  3. Thursday: 3-5pm, 5-6pm
  4. Friday: 10-11am, 2-3pm, 3-4pm
  5. Saturday: 4-5pm

Keep a tab on upcoming events

It is always a good idea and highly recommended that your calendar is in sync with the events happening throughout the year. It’s done to avoid a situation to make sure that your notification gets ignored only because it was a busy festival day. So, it is strongly suggested to keep track of events and customize your messages further for those events as it’s easy to create and develop offers around the same. For example, the push notification for a restaurant on Friendship day can be somewhat like ‘Happy Friendship Day! The treat is on us. Here’s a discount code you deserve’.

Frequency must also be taken care of

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the frequency at which you send notifications to your users also makes a huge difference. It also varies for different industries like in the case of news, the frequency should somewhere be around 3-4 times a day depending on its significance and gravity. On the contrary, fitness industries must also make sure to send across 3-4 notifications every week but that also depends on the type of business. In case you are a fitness band app, daily morning and evening notifications are fine for the user. While travel industries are suggested to send notifications 2-3 times a day and this number shall vary depending on the holiday season.

Now that you have a pretty clear idea as to when you must send across push notifications to your target audience, the fact that the right content and targeting the right audience are also essential. Make sure you target the right customers with the right content at the right time of the day to achieve your business goals and maximize profits.

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