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The Six Content Marketing Secrets For Your eCommerce Products

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Are you spending several sleepless nights trying to make your eCommerce products look interesting? Are they simply laying in your online stock without evoking any interests to the online shoppers? It’s high time, you should get connect to your customers and gain maximum ROI. Well! If you’re running an online store, you must be knowing how critical it is to have a blog for generating traffic to your store. In short, your eCommerce site definitely needs a

How to get started with unique and high quality content marketing for your eCommerce products?

If you are worried about ‘What to write’ and ‘How to write’, my blog post has every solution to your worries. All you need is a bit creativity to get started and you’ll notice that your content marketing pipeline will never dry up.

#1. Bring your team into the limelight

Humans, an important aspect of your business. They create your business. And it’s the human connection that actually turns the visitors into customers. People always want to know who you are, if they are to trust you or recommend your products to their friends and families. So put your team into the limelight. Write about them and their journey behind making your store, share some funny incidents or ask your team to write posts about what they do or why they decide to work with you.

This is one of the easy ways to generate good content. Most importantly, it gives your customers a sense of who they’re dealing with or at least, when they purchase products from your store, they know they’re buying from real people.

#2. Make your customer the ‘Hero’ in a success story

Gather stories from your happy customers, their satisfaction from using your products and services and turn them into case studies to feature on your eCommerce blog. Once your customer read about his story in your blog, they will certainly share it with all of their friends and relatives. This indeed is a great benefit off the bat and there’s where the true value comes in. If your prospective customers read a story of someone they know using your product they feel better about buying from you. They feel the same sense of success by relating to the previous customers who had similar buying experience, all because of your great products.

Stories can help you touch the emotional and psychological aspects of the buyer. In fact, the data and the facts are more beneficial for the analytical customers that you have. It is important to note that many people buy products based on emotions and you should justify them with rational explanation.

#3. Build behind the scene stories

Enough of writing for your products. Try something new this time. Why not tell your customers about the effort every members make to make your store successful? Go behind the scene, dig deep into the design and manufacturing process, how the designs of your products have evolved over the years and highlight what makes your products stand out of the crowd. If you sell your products globally, write about how your products are packaged and shipped to consumers across the world.

The transparency of your work and your effort will definitely impress your customers.

#4. Talk about new products in advance

New things always excite everyone, especially, when your customers get to see and learn about new products they feel good and curious enough to know what you do. Eventually they become loyal towards your brand. Most important, giving a sneak peak about new products has the potential to increase engagement. Moreover, if you manufacture products, consider floating an exemplar for customers to see, and ask for their feedback, they may offer valuable input on what can be improved. You may also ask what appeals to them and which options you can stock more. Let them anticipate products they want to purchase from you.

Feedback plays a vital role in understanding your customer’s desires about products and services.

#5. Implement visual content to enhance user experience

With the advent of social sharing, more brands are looking ways to influence visual imagery to enrich the value of the content and grasp greater share of audience attention. A recent research report found that 44 percent of people are more likely to engage with brands that post pictures than any other media. However, there are few smart tricks to utilize the power of visual content

  • Think from mobile users perspectives – It has been observed that maximum revenue is earned from consumers who uses Smartphones and tablets to make a purchase. Therefore, your content must highlight the key features they are most likely to access from mobile device. Most importantly, optimize your content and its layout to provide flawless users experience, regardless of their choice of device. Your consumers should be able to scan through the visual content and get the key message as fast as possible, before they lose their attention.
  • The power of video – Videos can also be a powerful piece of content. Create simple videos using product photos, photos of customers, quotes from your customer testimonials a give it a voice describing the benefits and features of your products and services. Make your images and 30 seconds videos shoppable. Persuasive Videos make it easy for someone who likes your products to become a customer without taking any additional steps that can lead to frustration or abandoning their interests altogether.
  • Make user-generated content – One of the best ways to enhance customer experience with visual content is to allow the customers to play a significant role in creating the content that you publish on social media platforms. Report says that millions of people present on social media platforms purchase an item either on-line or in-store after sharing it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Social media has a huge impact on the consumer buying decisions. You can create your content by collecting images shared by customers on social media networks. Make these user-generated visual content a part of your eCommerce website and link it to respective products to make consumer shopping experience even more relevant.

#6. Write about promotions and sales

Drum up the excitement of SALE with a post. Explain what the sale is about, when it’s starting, how long will it lasts, and what products they can see. Talk about why these products are a part of the sale. You’ll see, giving your customers an advanced notice make them ready when the actual sale starts. Moreover, it attracts new customers who can subscribe to your email lists so that they can get notification when the sale begins.

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