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Set Your Website Revenue to Surge with Pinterest: Here’s How

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If you are already late in adopting social media in your digital marketing strategy then begin with Pinterest. This is a great piece of advice that you cannot afford to ignore if you have actually set up a store and is eagerly looking forward to some sales to kick start.

Visual Marketing is faster than Text Marketing

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The Advantageous Factors of Using Pinterest This Year in 2016

A Catalog of Everything

There is something about product images that make people love to convert. With an image curating platform like Pinterest, marketers find endless possibilities when it comes to creating an ideal stream of product options on Pinterest board. So apart from the general categorization of product options like ‘healthy pasta dishes’ and ‘Summer Flip-flop Styles’, one can even find unique product categories like ‘antique medical equipment’, ‘edible insects’ and ‘blue candy’.

A Search-n-Sale Oriented Platform

In addition to this, the platform can also be termed as ‘searcial’ that leads people to search for different boards of items as well as reach out for individual Pinners. But apart from this, here are some of the predictable stats that will make Pinterest a preferable marketing platform this year in 2016.

The platform is solely focused on selling goods. This is something unique when compared to the social network growing platform like Facebook or the job-oriented LinkedIn. It is also quite different from other visual networking social networking platforms like Instagram – which is largely dominated by users who are teens and young adults. Pinterest has an audience base that is dominated by women who are in their 30s and have young members in their family.

A Direct Traffic Channel to Vendor Websites

According to reports shared by Shareaholic and eMarketer, It has been found that most of the customers that have been received by e-commerce websites over the past few years were direct via Pinterest.

The platform ranks second in place after Facebook but surpasses in performance to other older platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Shareaholic’s study of more than 300,000 websites reveals that 5 percent of all traffic comes through Pinterest.

An Invaluable Source of Inbound Links

Apart from providing traffic with inbound traffic, Pinterest is also a popular channel for inbound links.

That’s because every pin on an image is accompanied by an inbound link that takes the user directly back to its source. However, it is important to note that these inbound links are nofollow links and won’t help to improve your website’s page rank.

A Collection of User Intent Data

The one thing that differentiates Pinterest from other social media platforms like Facebook is the type of data used. Pinterest collects ‘intent’ or active data compared to Facebook’s collection of ‘affinity’ or passive data. Both are known for the different value they hold. However, usage of intent data is more applicable when it comes to collecting the data behavior of customers who are searching online with an intention to buy. The type of data used by Pinterest is similar to that of Google search. Though the image and social networking platform is still in its maturing stage in terms of its ad offerings, analysts believe that this will soon change later on. It is being anticipated that just like Google, Pinterest’s targeting of ads based on user intent data could help to generate an impressive amount of direct response.

It’s a fast evolving platform and is anticipated to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your website. But how do you determine whether the platform is suitable for your business type? Most of the popular categories that are shared widely on Pinterest are – travel, nature, food, architecture, design, clothes, and art. As you may have already noticed, these are products that are capable of translating through images.  Besides, it is a platform that gives marketers endless possibilities when it comes to curating image contents. However, you can always find out whether the platform is ideal when it comes promoting a particular business service.

Here are five ways to determine whether Pinterest is suitable for your business –

#1. Identify Your Source of Internal Traffic

With Google Analytics, you can always look into the source of your referral traffic. If it is Pinterest, then it would be best to devote your time and investment more on this particular social media promotion.

#2. Focus on the Visual Appeal

Optimize your Pinnable images to make it visually appealing. Invest in the quality and the positioning of your products before taking any pictures. You might also want to take a look into the image resolution and the pixel size in order to create valuable stand-alone items.

#3. Experiment with Your Creative Tensile Strength

While taking standard visual shots can help you to categorize your products under a particular niche, there are times when experimenting with your creative tensile strength can help you to identify new niches.

#4. Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest can be a great social media marketing tool when used properly. Here are a few things that you will need to be aware of when you open up an account on Pinterest –

#5. Understanding the Difference between the User Name and an Account Name

The User Name is the one that will appear in the web page’s URL. But an account name is the one that will appear on the Profile Page. You can set up with a name that you like, however, make sure that you stick to a name that is easy to remember and traceable on the SERP.

Put up a Pinteresting Profile Picture

The profile picture that you upload will be your brand’s visual identity to the outside world. Make sure that you follow the dimensions (600 X 600 pixels) when uploading a profile picture. If you are an individual person then put up a picture that captures the attention of the people and helps to demonstrate who you are. In case if you have opened up an account for your company, then it is best to use a logo set against an all-white background.

Sign in With the Right Social Media Profile

Pinterest allows users the ability to sign up using any social network. It can be via Facebook or Twitter. When you sign up with any of these alternative social networking platforms, then Pinterest will use the same image from these alternative profiles to set up your new profile picture. This can help you to create a wider follower base now that your profile picture will help to keep them connected to either of the networks.

Learn from Your Rivals and Contemporaries

Following the footsteps of others can help you understand what kind of strategies others are taking for social media marketing. This will also give you an insight as to which strategies to avoid and which to choose that will help you to overtake your competitors. Here is first-hand information of how renowned brands like Greenpeace and many others use Pinterest for social media promotion that you can try out too.

Continue Exploring

You might be new to Pinterest for now, but just like others, you too will get acquainted with it very soon. The platform can be used for marketing in a number of creative ways. Get started with it and continue to explore. Pinterest gives you more than just brilliant ideas.

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