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What to Look for in an SEO Company

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For successful guaranteed results in your company, there are specific steps to make sure you work with professionals to generate leads on your social platforms. Take these professionals from an SEO company but an extension of your employees. You don’t only want people with relevant expertise but with good communication skills, and you can get along with them quickly. Keep in mind the following points as you choose what to look for in an SEO Company.


Specialties and Services

When searching for an SEO company to hire, go through their website and look if they specialize in any industry, service line, or location. You can ask if they offer anything additional other than SEO. If they do, go ahead and ask what to expect in each area they cater for. Check out if they have certifications and awards that prove they are professionals in specified areas.

Be on the lookout for people who play up on the do’s and don’ts of SEO. Quality SEO demand a thorough knowledge of Google algorithms, how they work and pay attention to detail. The company you choose should use techniques that will not demote your website rankings. The techniques which when used will be in violation of search engine rules are known as black hat SEO. They include keyword staffing, purchasing links and cloaking. If you come across an SEO expert who claims to do ‘magic’, most likely this is what they are using. Allowing this practice may get you into paying a high price.

Reviews and References

The best indicator of an SEO company’s value is the level of success that it brings its current clientele. If they have demonstrated their effectiveness with other companies, then odds are they will be able to do the same for you.

To audit their performance, check out past reviews of the SEO Company. Apart from getting them on their website, look on Clutch, Rush, Upcity, and any other site showing digital agency portfolios. Take a step ahead and approach those past clients. Ask what they love most about the company and what they want to change. Are there any other SEO companies they have worked with in the past? Get a one on one testimonials and visit their site too.

These steps will enable you to choose an SEO company better.

Give their portfolio a thorough look

As you go through their portfolio, note what the company has done for other clients. What styles do they use, and the results after that? If their portfolio doesn’t show any past work from a company similar to yours, ask for it. Learn how they incorporate PPC, web design, and social media into their SEO services for plans. The information you get will give you an idea of what to expect when hiring them for your SEO campaign.

Company’s team and Ethics

A leader is only as strong as the team they lead. Gather as much information as you can on the staff working at the SEO company of your choice. LinkedIn may be an excellent place to start. Most likely, you will have a connection to the company, and from them, you can learn more about the company’s ethics. Staff who are not in tune with their company’s objectives and are not dedicated may not give excellent services to clients.

There are “white hat” and “black hat” in SEO. How the SEO Company uses these terms may either positively or negatively affect your online reputation, and it depends on the company’s code of ethics.

Social media Posts

To find out the tone that the SEO Company uses in their blogs and posts, follow their LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. This information will give you a perspective of their priorities, knowledge, and expertise.


If you were searching for a roof cleaning company, you would probably compare fees for different companies. The same applies when scouting for an SEO company.

While some agencies may price their services hourly, others have a six-month contract. Find out what they deliver in their specified price range, then compare with other companies. Remember this is a service that will be part of your budget for some time; hence it should be one of the questions you ask initially as you gather information.

That said, choosing to go for the cheapest option might not favor you. In addition, select a company that pays attention to your business objectives and goals. Look for a company that tailors its services to your needs.

Schedule a meeting

Though the company’s website may have all the information, schedule a meeting with the person appointed to handle your website. Do this before signing the deal. This meeting will give you a chance to tie up any loose ends. Understand what you really want.Do not fall for firms claiming to increase organic traffic. There are various types of organic traffic, which one are they talking about and will it directly affect your revenue positively?

To avoid being ambiguous and wasting resources in the long run, outline what you aim to achieve with SEO. Are you looking into ranking high for certain keywords so that your sales are boosted? Do you want to increase conversion rate while reducing bouncing rater? What will work best, a smaller or bigger audience?

While choosing an SEO company, get their pricing, past reviews, and portfolio. To protect your online reputation, find out if their staff follow the company’s code of ethics.

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