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Voice Search and Other Trending Updates to Boost SEO

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You will be surprised to know that more than 50% of all online searches in 2019 will be done following nontraditional methods such as mobile searches and voice searches. This indicates that, as an SEO, you will need to be prepared to use these in your SEO strategy to stay competitive.

You will need to look to the future when you work in the present times in the world of search. This is because, according to the experts in the SEO industry, voice is considered to be one of the most dominant trends. There are several statistics to prove this and signify how important it is for the SEO professionals to keep an eye on it in 2019.

A Few Voice SEO Search Statistics:

  • About 58% of the users used voice search last year to find information about local businesses
  • More than 27% of the users visit the website of local businesses through voice search
  • 76% of users of smart home speakers search for local businesses once in a week and
  • 53% of users make voice searches on a daily basis.

The study has also predicted that the voice recognition market will reach the $601 million mark by the end of 2019.

All These Facts and Figures Prove a Few Things:

  • Voice searches will soon become one of the most preferred and used search methods having a huge potential
  • Brands and all experts from many SEO companies now essentially need to optimize for voice search correctly to stay ahead and in the race.

But why is it that voice search has become suddenly so important? While most people will say that voice search is very convenient, quick and has the power to enhance productivity, which is all true, but as an SEO professional, you should have a different take on this.

Ideally, for most of the Search Engine Optimizers, voice search is important because, with the help of it, almost anyone can get easy access to the internet.

  • That means people who are blind or are specially-abled to not being able to use a screen for some reason will also have an easy way out with the use of voice search is the way out.
  • It also means that even illiterate people will now be able to search for any information or product on Google and get better and more informative results.

All in all, voice search is an absolutely fascinating change in the trends and best practices in the SEO landscape. This is something that every SEO firm, individual and brand must now know and implement in their SEO strategy for better results and higher rankings in the SERPs.

Follow Different Approaches

In order to optimize your website, you will, however, require to follow an entirely different approach now as voice search has come into action. For that, you will need to know the specific questions a person may ask while making a voice search. You will need to focus on specific terms in their questions such as:

  • When
  • How
  • Where
  • Why and all others that may feature more prominently.

Searches no will be essentially long-tail, replacing that traditional two-word or a short phrase keyword. Therefore, all businesses and brands that were so used to website optimization using specific keywords will now need to change their approach and focus on these long-tail searches.

In addition to that, they will also have to focus and follow the new SEO trends in 2019 that will witness a paradigm shift and focus even more on a user and search intent, local searches and problem-solving.

Social Media Indexing

There will also be an increase in the practice of social media indexing that will boost organic traffic and SEO. Research says that:

  • The content marketing industry is expected to become a $300 billion industry by the end of 2019
  • There will be a huge impact of it on Search Engine Optimization because both these go hand-in-hand and
  • The latest SEO trends in 2019 will emphasize more on creating better content that will satisfy the intent of a search.

That means the content creators now have to focus more on the customer knowing their behavior and patterns. This will help them to stick to the basics of content creation which is not only limited to create content that will rank high on the search engine result pages but will also provide value to the customers.

Ideally, given the present scenario of the SEO landscape, if you do not overcome and outdo the content marketing myths and follow the latest strategies, it will surely ruin your SEO in 2019. Once again, the primary reason behind this is that producing content just for obtaining higher search engine ranking will certainly and eventually fail.

Social media, on the other hand, will play a major role in SEO in 2019. All of the available social media channels will continue to increase their penetration to integrate with the search. This will have diverse and multiple effects such as:

  • It will result in more and more contents being indexed
  • It will affect the ranking process of Google and
  • It will affect those searches where the users can use these social media channels themselves like the search engines.

To understand it in a much better way, take the example of YouTube. This is one of the most popular and extensively used social media channels that provide users with a lot of scopes to make a search. Facebook, on the other hand, has also joined in this role play with its Facebook Watch portal feature.


Therefore, it can be concluded that all of these new SEO trends will take a steady shape in 2019 and affect the final SEO results. It is all due to the advancement in science, information, and technology as well as the changing behavior of the users.

As days go by, you can expect a lot of other major SEO updates and trends that will come up to rule the SEO landscape in 2019 and beyond. Get ready to embrace it!

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