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What Does an SEO Company Do and Why Do You Need One?

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Here are the few common questions many businesses have related to SEO agency:

  • “What is an SEO company?”
  • “What are SEO services?”
  • “What does an SEO company do?”
  • “Why do I need to invest in one for my business?”

SEO is the lifeblood to digital businesses, without which no business can strive to rank on the top searches, gain the attention of virtual users, and get quality traffic and leads. In short, without SEO you will have nothing to spin the business wheel.

SEO is a combination of practices done to optimize the page according to the preferences & algorithms of the search engines like “Google”. It is the process of performing smart & workable activities so that your website ranks on the first page of SERPs (Search engine result pages) – that too on top.

A few SEO activities can lead to hundreds of things – higher search engine rankings, footfall of traffic on the website, growth in sales leads & conversions, a base of long-term buying customers, and a lot more. SEO makes all these things possible, which businesses wouldn’t want to achieve such things? Guess, no one!

Here in the following, let’s focus on the above pointed general questions that a lot of potential business lacks awareness of.

What Is an SEO Company?

The SEO company is a firm of SEO agents/specialists, who knows how to plan, build, and deploy the effective search engine optimization strategies for the business website of any scope, size, or intensity. They have a close understanding of how search engine responses and thus they prepare custom marketable solutions that can help businesses capitalize in the target market with ever-growing ranking, traffic & returns.

What Are SEO Services?

SEO services are the range of practices/activities these companies offer to businesses – they can be mainly categorized into 3 categories:

  • Off-page SEO – Includes activities done in direct correlation with websites – drafting & optimizing web copies & blogs with competitive keywords – so that web pages can rank well in the SERP.
  • On-Page SEO – Includes activities done in indirect correlation with websites – here activities are done in the background of the main website – like posting content as a guest post, article, classified on third party sites with competitive keywords and more – to get an uplift in the ranking of the website.
  • Technical SEO – Activities that are done to improve the performance of a website in terms of its loading speed to support the crawling and indexing of the website and more for better rankings. 

What Does an SEO Company Do? – Summed up in 7 Steps

Here are the complete functionings of SEO agents/agencies shaped in 7 broad steps. 

1. Understands SEO Objectives

It is the first step of every SEO company, wherein they discover the end-goals of businesses & try to identify the objective of having a website optimized.

The ranking is never a digital business’s end goal, it is just a medium for businesses to meet the end-goals. The business’s common end-goals may seem like:

  • To increase monthly organic traffic of the website
  • To improve the brand story & awareness
  • To generate more leads and convert them into qualified prospects
  • To enhance brands credibility in the market
  • To circulate persuasive & informative content
  • And a lot more…

The SEO agents first identify this list of business websites end-goals – to get help in preparing the effective SEO approaches or strategies.

2. Conducts SEO Audits

The SEO agents/experts further conduct a complete SEO audit of existing websites to see where it’s headed.

They will be examining the following areas/events of a website:

    • Technical aspects like the website’s loading speed or website’s responsive design for mobile devices and more.
    • Website’s structure – Its XML sitemap, current crawling & indexing ability, internal & external linking status.
    • On-page related aspects – Content structure, Keywords, image & meta optimization.
    • Content marketing aspects – Evaluating the present content development & distribution strategy in relation to keywords placement.
    • Examining the UX – Conducting A/B testing, performance testing, surveys to identify the current user experience of the website.

This is a general SEO audit any professional SEO agency would do to identify the gaps in the current website’s behavior in relation to search engines.

3. Competent Keyword Research for Business

Since keywords are the important terms via which users search for the businesses over Google, the SEO experts dig in the relevant keywords or search terms from the client website’s & their users-perspective.

  • Keywords that are relevant to businesses
  • Keywords that are searched by the target customers
  • Keywords as per budget, time to rank, volume, density, competition and more

The SEO team makes use of effective keywords research tools to extract the list of competitive & most likely to rank keywords.

4. Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the oil to the SEO machinery.

It is impossible to have SEO without strategically planned, informative, persuasive, and keywords optimized content pieces.

The SEO agency has a role to prepare a competitive and proven to work content marketing strategy via:

  • Discovering the search intent of the target audience behind their searched terms/keywords.
  • Finding the topics or areas on which/around which the content has to be framed.
  • Discovering the content types as – blogs, articles, classifieds, one-liners, snippets, and more.
  • Discovering the popular platforms for publishing the content.
  • Discovering the activities that could help in promoting the posted content.

Their role is to develop a fail-proof content market strategy through which the optimized, informative, and resourceful content can be created and circulated to help the brand rank, drive traffic, and gain converting leads.

5. Perform On-Page Optimization Techniques

On-page optimization is a set of SEO activities that are done in direct correlation with the website to increase its ranking in SERP.

It is of 2 types-

  1. Technical on-page SEO – Here the factors related to the website’s technical performance like loading speed, indexing, mobile responsiveness, performance-centric activities are taken care – to ensure that the website is user friendly.
  2. Non-Technical on-page SEO – Here the activities like optimized web copy & blog writing, CTAs placement, readability of web content are ensured with best SEO practices.

6. Perform Off-Page Optimization Techniques

Here the SEO company makes every effort in the website’s background that could help it uplift its ranking. The strategies they use are:

  • Post forms of content to the third-party sites to get backlinks to the websites
  • Write & post snippets for social media handles
  • Share the website’s content on social media
  • Share the content on review sites 
  • Place content on listing sites, classified sites & others

And a lot more via special tools & techniques to help websites get faster & quantifiable results.

7. Optimization Even After Desired Rankings & Traffic

SEO is an ageless process, to survive in the cutthroat competition, a website needs perpetual SEO efforts – even after getting the #1 ranking on the first page of SERP. That ranking is a fail if the traffic followed by conversions are not as desired.

The SEO companies are also delegated to perform activities like landing page optimization, online reputation management activities, and other activities that could increase the conversion rates of websites to help businesses land on bankable returns.

Why Do I Need to Invest in an SEO Company?

From the above role bifurcation of an SEO company, you have extracted how SEO is performed for every business, now let’s pin down the important reasons for why you need to invest in an SEO company:

  • To understand the target audience search intent and deliver them the service/product as per their accord
  • To improve the rankings of the website in SERP
  • To have a footfall of buying customers from corners of the world
  • To nurture your brand story distinctive than competitors
  • To have great results in even limited & wise spendings
  • To get leads & conversions on auto-pilot mode
  • To become a pioneer in your business type
  • To outrank your competitors
  • To tap the new undiscovered markets from your comfort
  • To win the credibility as an authoritative business by customers 
  • To speed up your business sales cycle and have the desired returns in the shortest span


This was a descriptive guide on what is an SEO company? What are SEO services? What does an SEO company do? and Why does your business need to invest in one?”

As long as search engines are thriving, the need for having effective SEO methods by the digital transformation company will be just endless. Every digital business from any industry does need competitive SEO techniques in place to meet its long term goal of profit-making and be the pioneer in its niche.

Every business needs an SEO agency that could help it identify the need for SEO, prepare strategies & activities to meet the search engine and its target audience’s demands.

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