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Best Ways to Boost Your Travel Website SEO

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Today, the travel business is one of the most competitive ones and therefore, you need to have a website that has the potential to attract loads of qualified traffic. When it comes to your travel business, it is not only competitive with other companies in your industry but with other, numerous business models targeted similar audiences.

The travel industry is also one of the data-focused sectors. The major challenge is that the user journey is not direct or linear. Google prefers bigger brands when it comes to travel and that is true to some extent. Therefore, here are some of the best ways to boost your travel website SEO this year:

Be Open to New Markets and Customers

When you are open to new customers and markets, you stand a chance to win their trust and engage them. Based on the findings of the United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO), it was discovered that India would comprise over 50 million outbound traveler visits and growth at an annual rate of 10 percent to 12 percent. When you plan to explore emerging markets, ensure that every SEO element such as localized content and Hreflang is essential.

You also need to offer outstanding customer service as well as support according to diverse languages and time zones.

Connect With Travel Influencers on Instagram and YouTube

As far as engaging or connecting with influencers is concerned in the travel business, you need to engage people in this sector with a huge fan following on Instagram and YouTube. Small travel sites can focus on gaining relevant links and blogging. Therefore, you need to choose New York SEO to beat your competitors on visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Both link building and brand development matter to boost your website SEO and drive qualified traffic. Therefore, unless your content is featured on authority travel portals, it’s not that simple to gain brand exposure. Curate your travel video content with influencers who primarily use YouTube or for that matter podcasts.

Get More Leads From Web Indexes

The motivation behind SEO is to enable a site to seem higher in the web index result pages (SERPS) for catchphrases identified with your business. For instance, when a client opens Google and types “lease a manor in Sicily”, the sites upgraded for SEO, show up first in the outcomes (after the paid advertisements – more subtleties beneath) and this implies progressively qualified leads for those sites.

An examination study by Google on the conduct of ‘explorers’ demonstrated that a huge level of individuals starts their movement and booking process through web indexes.

Better Transformation Rates – Make It Portable and Well Disposed

Since Google turned out versatile first ordering, one of the most significant parts of SEO has been planning locales that are easy to understand on some random gadgets. This is still progressively significant in the movement division, where development is basically coming in the advanced circle. Web-based booking offices create 36 percent of their all-out appointments from cell phone clients.

To make your site portable cordial:

  • Use a responsive plan, with the goal that the page adjusts to the screen size of the gadget it’s being seen on.
  • Do all that you can to limit page load times. Enhance and pack pictures where conceivable. Abstain from utilizing Flash liveliness no matter what!
  • Avoid inordinate pop-ups, little content, and little touch highlights. There’s nothing more irritating than having to continually develop the screen or press a little catch to get to data.
  • Develop a one of a kind, voice and substance style that is composed explicitly for your crowd utilizing catchphrase and long-tail-express enhanced duplicate.
  • Add video to your site. YouTube is the No. 2 web index (in front of Bing), and since Google claims it, video content facilitated on YouTube improves your page rank in look. In addition, it’s a ground-breaking approach to impart the energy and magnificence of movement through visual incitement.

Make the Most out of Micro-Moments in Your Content

Google gave you four travel-oriented micro-moments as well as their place in the customer journey in 2016. These include planning, dreaming, booking, and experiencing moments. Travel companies need to integrate these micro-moments into their respective content ecology.

These micro-moments have numerous intents based on how long a user will remain on the journey. Travel businesses curate content as well as user experiences for different phases of the funnel to help in easy understanding. That is because when it comes to commercial content; it is not adequate unless you are a big brand.

That is the reason why you need to curate content surrounding the micro-moments and show your presence at different phases of the journey. It will strengthen your brand as well as improve the relevancy of your travel website as in entirety. Unique, quality content together with the primary content will boost overall organic SEO and performance.


Keep these tips in mind to improve your travel website SEO for driving traffic, conversions, and sales.

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