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These Two DIY SEO Frameworks Improve Traffic Almost Instantly

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Most businesses, bloggers, eCommerce start-ups, digital marketing agencies, and other businesses dependent on inbound web traffic know one thing: SEO is important to be successful online.

However, it’s much more than web traffic.

Great SEO improves your visibility and makes it exceptionally easy for the right customers to find your products as soon as they conduct one Google search. Still, there is one thing that blocks most businesses from being successful with SEO: time and technical knowledge.

Two DIY frameworks have recently come out that are changing the game for businesses, and I wanted to see if it’s possible to improve your rank and traffic just by using these step-by-step methods.

In today’s review, I take an in-depth look at the SEO Checklist & Link Chest by SEO Buddy.

One is a 100-plus point checklist on all SEO tactics, as well as a “backlink tips and tricks sheet” with some of the most expert information on how to get links for your website, which is known as the Link Chest.


The SEO Buddy Checklist: Is It Worth It?

One of the best things about this checklist is the granularity and informative nature of each step. You can really use this SEO checklist no matter how familiar you are with SEO, website development, or search engine marketing.

That’s because SEO Buddy teaches you about the framework every step of the way. I truly found each guide to be more informative than the next, and though it took time to build out my SEO, I was able to do it in less time than if I tried to look up each factor without even knowing what I was looking for.

For example, who could build out Schema markup without knowing they needed this technical markup in the first place?

Many businesses don’t even know how to use Schema markup to make their website more transparent and easy to read by search engine crawlers, yet they’d learn these concepts easily through the SEO Checklist.


Why Does the SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy Work?

The SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy started after a group of experts got together to put together one document that would list all of the concepts, technical knowledge, and step-by-step tutorials to help non-SEOs perfect their website for Google.

Getting found in Google should be every website owner’s main goal if they want inbound traffic and sales. SEO is the way to generate organic traffic without needing a full advertising budget for paid ads. You can essentially bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors through search just by building up your SEO.

I think that’s why it works for any business no matter what the market or industry. Even if you have a marketing team with an SEO specialist, this checklist includes several other documents including SOPs and content planners.

Whether it’s used as a point of reference to ensure your website is 100% on point or you use it to implement SEO on your own, it’s so worth it on every level.


Link Building with The Link Chest

The other DIY SEO framework is The Link Chest by SEO Buddy. A huge part of any SEO strategy is backlinking. Without inbound links to your web pages and blogs, it’s almost impossible to prove to Google that your website is worth ranking up. That’s why so many SEOs get hired, simply to create backlinks and implement guest blogging strategies to do so.

The Link Chest by SEO Buddy offers an exclusive, rare look into the mind of a linking expert.

The Link Chest includes everything you’ll need for link building, and it isn’t about getting spammy links. No one wants those. This is possibly the first time that I have seen SEO experts divulge the secrets to how they win exceptionally high-quality backlinks.

These are smart ways to kick-start your SEO strategy and improve your ranking in Google just through earning backlinks, which is the backbone of any successful strategy built on organic traffic.

If you’re looking for inbound traffic and don’t have any backlinks currently in your SEO stack, this is exactly where you should start. The directions and tactics are simple to follow thanks to the framework that SEO Buddy lays out.


Who Should Use DIY SEO Frameworks

The beauty of both of these documents is that they aren’t just a single white paper or e-book with a wall of text. These are spreadsheets that outline each concept, linking to step-by-step instructions written by the experts at SEO Buddy.

That’s what makes it so different than a website with tips and tricks written in 2014 for SEO. That’s not going to work for businesses trying to out-rank their competition in 2021.

I think any business that depends on inbound traffic should be using both the checklist and backlinking guide because it’s a huge boon to your digital marketing success when you have everyday organic traffic for free.

Even if you have a marketing team, there’s no reason not to include these frameworks in your meetings to gauge what your team is doing and if they’re implementing these strategies correctly. You’ll know exactly how to implement many of these tactics using the 40 standard operating procedures included with the frameworks as well.

That’s another thing. SEO Buddy has thought of everything to help both individuals and businesses succeed and gain higher traffic from search engines. That’s the single most important goal outlined in this documentation. That’s why I think every business or entrepreneur should be looking at these frameworks and improving their SEO strategy for this year.


Improving Your SEO Strategy with SEO Buddy

I was able to start earning links in a matter of days with both of these frameworks, so I highly recommend using both to re-energize your inbound strategy. I can’t believe I waited so long to improve my website’s SEO. My website could have been earning more traffic since last year if I would have found these frameworks earlier.


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