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How to Rule Google in 2019

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Hope so you are excited about this new year!!. We all are living in a digital world where we are striving hard to rule the digital space. But it’s not an easy deal, and you also would have experienced the same. SEO is becoming harder day by day. As days are passing by, it takes time to rank and, also you have to spend more time and money to obtain the results you want.

To stay top on Google or to rule the same, you have to leverage SEO as a strategy because your competitors are already ahead of yours.

Thinking what should you do?

The first thing you have to concentrate on is SEO, and also you have to change your thinking about SEO. Rather than focusing on only the rank, you should also keep an eye on the right kind of traffic.

You may know who the visitors are and who will be ready to buy?

I suppose you are an attorney, then obviously your client will be the one who is in need of legal help. You may analyze your client on your own based on the practice area you serve or even may get suggestions from people who do attorney marketing to your firm. The same scenario works for Dentists, Chiropractors and much more.

So, instead of ranking for competitive high terms, look into other formulas that give you more faster results and quality sales in this competitive world.

Here our team is going to break the most important factors into 4 steps to reduce your half of the work.

Scroll down to know the advanced 4-step SEO strategy to follow in 2019:

1. Pull the customers who are ready to buy:

Rather than focusing on lucrative keywords, it’s better to walk after the buyer intent keywords. The simple guess is one who types the keyword is ready to spend the money. Not just from the SEO point of view, it works even in the pay per click standpoint. There are other keywords you can even target which has similar search patterns and more informational related. In which users are performing some research before they buy.

You might have doubt on how to find those keywords that are not competitive but have similar search pattern.

You can use Google Correlate and scroll down to know more how it works.
For example, if you are selling beard oil and I hope you knew the term is highly competitive that takes a long time to rank.

Thinking what should you do?

Hire Google Correlate, it gives you the entire search terms people use on Google having a similar search pattern of “beard oil”.

If you consider Google trends, it shows how well the search term performs over time, whereas with Google Correlate you can obtain a list of queries that have a similar search pattern and the main keyword you want to rank.

If you know that “beard oil” will cause sale, then you can use Google Correlate which shows the same pattern of your relevant keywords. I had done the shift series which impacts negatively correlated.




You can observe the image and can find terms people had also searched for namely beard products, beard balm, beard company.

You can also adjust the shift series to acquire positively correlated.


You will notice that the searches for oils related to cough will have the same search patterns.

Most of them who sell beard oil reasonably don’t think about endeavoring oils for coughs, but if the oils are comparable you can extend your offering fairly immediately without spending much money and make extra income by performing a new line of products.

2. Land and expand:

 Every marketer out there focuses on improving the ranking for new terms. It’s not an easy deal to rank for new terms.  Of course, I agree, SEO has a tremendous ROI, but it requires patience. You can use our land and expand strategy to obtain faster results.

Then you click on the term you mostly rank for and then click on the pages. You should view the report that displays you the URL that ranks for the term on search engine Google.

Once you are ready with the search term, you are mostly ranking for; you can put that in Ubersuggest. Here I had used the term “Content Marketing”, for which I am mostly ranking for in Google.  I had shared the screenshot of the Ubersuggest tool.


Once it displays the traffic, search volume and much more, you can click on  “Keyword ideas” on the left side to see the report that will look something like this.


Clicking on the keyword ideas will give you a report which can be exported and can be used for your SEO work.


You can see many long tail phrases, I recommend you to use the keyword that relates to buyer indent. You can add that keyword to the page that already ranks for the head term.

When adding those long tail keywords in your page, please make sure that you adjust the content that will be relevant to those keywords. And also be sure that you pick the keywords that are relevant to the product or service you render. Keyword stuffing in the page without altering the content will lead to spam and will not provide a good user experience.

What will you observe is that you are now ranking for the head term, automatically you will shoot to the top page within a one or two month for the tail variation by altering your content. It’s really a quick win.

You also should ensure that you pick the right long tail phrase. Don’t choose just by the traffic, concentrate on the phrases that you know you can generate leads.

3. Develop a brand:

 Your website is the voice of your brand. Google has been placing more importance on brands. In other words, if you have a great brand, you will rank faster.

If you want to reach on Google in the long run, you have to develop a brand. The improvement in the growth of your brand will automatically reflect in your traffic as well.

You can also use Google Trends to find how well your competitors are than you and also can judge where you are stacking up.

Time to know the secret formula !!

Do something bold and be an initiative.

You would have got some advice from other marketers like write blog, speak at conferences, run paid ads and much more. You can gain out of that, but building a brand which has a loyal following is a big deal. So instead of doing the same things your competitors are trying, you try something bold and different.

First, start with a personal brand. When you are in the path of personal branding, you have to take the opposite approach of your competitors since no one cares about the copycat.

4. Help People:

A lot of people use to write the blog and also would like to participate on the social web, but the number of people who take the time to respond to the engagements is comparatively less. Engaging with the audience community is more important and will help to raise your voice. Your visitors are the ones who are helping you, and so you should do the same.

5. Write long content:

 You can blog as everyone are, but how will you be different from others. Write a blog with depth guides and quality content that satisfy the readers. Moreover, spend money on the design which attracts visitors.

6. Concentrate on Video Content:

 There are many speakers who attend thousands of conferences. You would be one among the other speakers. So instead of giving numerous speeches at conferences, give a try on YouTube, LinkedIn, and FaceBook. You will be able to reach a number of people without much travel and your content will live on it forever.

Note: You can’t build a brand overnight, it takes time.

7. Develop a mousetrap:

 Link building!! Of course, it is important. Though Google looks at many factors, still link building helps in rankings.

So how do you build links than your competitors?

You should do something amazing to acquire links without asking for a link. You can write the guides of long length with fancy designs, but it is brand building. It will not be effective in link building.

So what you need to do to build a link? You can concentrate on something people are paying attention.

You can develop software, where people will look into it. It may be like keywords suggestion software or software like that gives free audit etc.

Infographic works but does it go viral? You can make it viral by designing animated infographics. Quality and amazing infographics will generate a number of backlinks and traffic to your site. Your old link building work tactics work, but they will not help in this competitive 2019.

You can develop a good mousetrap. Are you worried about the cost? Think in a different way. It works in a better way than the paid ads.

Final Thought:

I would like you to shift the strategy in modern method than in a traditional sense. SEO is getting harder each day, and Google is busy changing their algorithms to give a better user experience. Doing your old school way of SEO will get you results but not in the time you want. Follow the mentioned strategies. Yes, it is unconventional, but thinking out of the box will make you stand ahead of your competitors.

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