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10 Simple SEO Tactics For Unlimited ROI in 2019

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Every digitally allocated website or brand entity has sole two purposes – one is to reap visitors footfall in abundance and the second is to get higher returns. But it’s tough to get those two purposes solved without aligning with the SEO patterns & search engine’s frequently rolling out algorithms. 

Leveraging SEO efforts in the right direction is very important — as it will usher your business or its craft in the searches of your target audience to turn them into your payable customers.

If you are a business placed on digital landscape & are looking for instant responses on how to earn unlimited ROI from investing in SEO, you have arrived at the right place.

Here in this blog post, you will find 10 trending & latest SEO techniques that Search engines demand & suffice well to your revenue-seeking motives in 2020.

10 SEO tactics, that you need to adapt to outperform competitors!


  • On-page optimization still needs dedicated efforts

On-page optimization was important and will be forever. Many companies & brands are able to transpire their goals by righty focusing on their on-page deeds. The search engine loves ongoing efforts that flow organically. Thus, a brand that focuses on improving and optimizing its website landing pages in continuity is definite to become a search engine like Google’s favorite.

Few finite ways how onlookers can plan to optimize their website:

  • Using smart & automated customer support tools like chatbots to avoid redundant tasks.
  • Clear and easy to process customer queries or contact forms.
  • Revising relevant content pertaining to a user query.
  • A continuous check on the website’s internal functioning, ensuring each element is loading within a fraction of seconds.
  • Automatic syncing of the website with the user’s physical location.
  1. Placing extremely relevant content

Stuffing your website with just simple, wordy, keyword-centric content is not enough. Google ever since its 2018 algorithm rollout is strict about producing content that’s — voluminous (not that 200-300 word), in-depth and strikes rightly with the user’s query & its intent.

On comparing a few websites, we found out that websites producing minimal content size were failing miserably in ranking high, while those who worked hard on curating lengthy copies (as long as 2000+) were soaring high in SERPs.

Google is and will continue to reward websites that are curating high-quality, detailed and long content in 2019 and so on.

This is how you can make your content copy more search-friendly!

  • Write longer and high-quality content.
  • Have a judicious use of keywords in the title, meta description, headlines, titles and the body of the copy. Remember – let the keywords sit naturally, don’t force them.
  • Use triggering words or buttons to make the content shareable.
  • Divide your writing piece into headings and subheadings.
  • Focus on putting the internal links within your writeup.

Pro tip – Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and then write a copy that’s engaging, problem-solving, affirmative and drives people to take the best step to approach you.

  1. Work lucidly on those “featured snippets”


Must have seen that small pop-up box with concise content to your search query – well, those boxes are called “featured snippets”.

Ranking in those snippets can add great value to the website funnel, building trustworthy rapport with the audience.

But how to rank your web copies in featured snippets?

To rank as snippets, your copy needs to hold a clear definition of a certain query just after the H1 header. Assuming, if you are writing a full guide on digital marketing, you can put up a catchy, well-answered content on “what is digital marketing?” around your H1.

You never know how soon you will be ranking. The best part, even if your website is ranking at the bottom of the first page, people will reach to your website by following that snippet.

  1. Don’t forget to transcribe your videos

Google can easily crawl & index images with alt tags but is still struggling with the video content, especially the ones without any transcribing.

What is video transcribing?

Video transcribing is a narration of the video’s content in a written format.

How video transcribing helps in SEO ranking?

  • Transcripts since will be having the long-tail keyword usage, Google crawlers will find it easy to crawl & index them.
  • Putting a small & concise transcript just below the video and infusing it with certain plugins like “click-to-tweet” will make it shareable to other platforms.
  • Also, this will act as a window for the audience to identify whether the video is worth watching or not.

Now you know how your caption space below your every video needs to be utilized!

  1. Make sure to optimize every image on your webspace

How is Google supposed to fetch your image with file name untitled.jpg (just because you saved it that way), when a user is searching for camera image?

You need to strategize on writing actionable & descriptive alt tag descriptions, outlined with relevant searched keywords.

Though, you can’t get ahead by writing the lengthy descriptions or putting up the massive sized image as it severely affects the image’s loading speed.

While optimizing an image, various factors come at play, like its image quality, size, file extension (JPG, PNG or so), loading speed and more. All factors need to be carefully catered.

Image optimization tools like Triage, ImageRecycle, CompressNow & more can easily compress the image to a certain size & quality  —  to help in ranking factors & UX.

  1. Your presence has to be on mobile & palm-top devices too

Around 60% of users make their search for a website on their smartphones. Yes, even websites need to be mobile responsive.

Use of right templates, frameworks can result in websites that are mobile responsive & intuitive to use. Google is strictly debarring those websites that are still not well-versed with its functionality on mobile screens.

Even if your website is doing well over desktop but glitches during the mobile session, your rankings will miserably affect.

  1. Voice search is never fading out

Search engines are greatly promoting the voice search feature within its platform. They are constantly improving & innovating voice search methods by employing great use of machine learning & AI — to decode user’s tone, intent, dialect, region or so on.

How to make a voice-search friendly website?

  • Websites need to put the question-answer type of content throughout their web space — that’s conversational and resonates with the user’s speech search.
  • Focus on targeting the long-tail keywords than just standalone single-word keywords.
  • And don’t forget to highly optimize your mobile presence as major users place search queries by mobile devices only.

Be a lot conscious about the website performance too

Search engines aim at delivering an exceptional user experience to the users. If in the case, websites despite having a well-knitted structure, poorly fail at its loading speed, search engines simply won’t encourage them to rank.

How to evaluate the website’s performance and speed time?

  • You need to rigorously sit with your development team to understand the factors that could help you evaluate your site’s performance. Automated load testing tools like Browserstack or Selenium could be used to timely evaluate the site’s health.
  • Deploying the use of such tools will easily help to analyze the website’s load time on different platforms like desktop, tablets, and mobile. And will even help to figure out the bugs that were leading to such a situation.

When you put your website loading speed to as few as 3-8 seconds, your ranking is definite to boost in no time.

More weight to responses that shows expertise, authority, and trust

Google’s in its search quality rating guidelines is exclusively focusing on E.A.T or expertize, authority and trustworthy results. The search engine is gradually encouraging content or response in SERP that shows all these qualities to the user.

Thus, digital businesses sincerely need to prepare results and responses that are genuine and reliable.

Ways to prepare more expertize, authority and trust-oriented responses

  • Make sure to get the facts, stats, and information from verified sources.
  • Put subject matter experts to write the product or service copy.
  • Give links to the verified and trusted sources only to stand credible.
  • Revise and often update the previously posted pieces to keep up with the dynamic trend.
  • Make sure you hold the authoritative right of the content you produce.

Take your queries to the offshore SEO experts

Making pace with SEO techniques is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when the aim is to earn unlimited revenue figures. The SEO companies have thousands of ways in the background that can accelerate a website ranking in no time – and that too much faster than competitors.

Understanding Google’s algorithm rollout can be a hard nut to crack. Thus, it’s better to involve a specialized SEO professional who has been closely observing the trends. And have developed straight-fit, ready-to-apply practices to help digital brands skyrocket their sales goals.


The above discussed are the surefire tactics that need imperative focus to reap the gains of website ranking and profitable revenue figures.

To not just survive but thrive well in a digital landscape, it requires strategic ways for a website to function and respond. SEO practices are very important for websites that are looking for staying organically on search engine result pages.

The only two areas websites need to focus on are — search engines and the target audience. Once websites know whom and how to please,  the efforts on the final application part won’t be that tough.

We can clearly inculcate from the above that the trend in SEO is circled broadly around machine learning, mobile searches, voice searches, epic & authoritative content pieces. Once digital brands are able to harness these trends, winning desired rankings and profit curves won’t be that difficult.

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