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9 Best SEO Tricks and Tips to Boost Your SEO Ranking

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The right SEO practices are of paramount importance for your online visibility. Research suggests that in the current scenario close to 90 percent of the customers start the buying processes by searching for a particular product and service through a search engine. Out of these, only 20 percent make efforts to scroll down and see the results that have come up in the search pages. Thus, it means that if you want people to find you, your website should be high up in the SERPs.

To rank high, you need to follow SEO practices and for that, you need to hire good SEO services in India. Numerous companies are working in the country, but not all are good. Even if you search for an SEO company in Delhi NCR, you will get hundreds of results. But again, only a handful will be really good at their work. Thus, research a bit and find a really good company for your SEO requirements.

Now let us see some of the tricks that can boost your search engine rankings. Talking of search engines, Google accounts for 81 percent of the total desktop search traffic across the globe. It means that the SEO practices should focus more on Google’s search algorithms. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind for it.

The Website Should Load Fast

In Google’s SEO ranking algorithm, site speed is an important factor. The average attention span of a user is three seconds. If any site takes more than three seconds to upload, the user generally abandons it. To improve your site speed, you have to keep few things in mind.

Optimize Images

Images often are the biggest culprit hampering the faster loading of the pages. Thus, optimizing them will help in increasing the site speed.

Enable Browser Caching

If you enable browser caching, the site pages get stored in temporary storage or cache. Thus, it makes it faster to load pages for repeat visitors.

Audit the Page Elements

There might be some unnecessary elements that are increasing the loading time. Audit your pages to find and remove such elements.

Remove Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins are important, but over time, many unnecessary plugins get accumulated. You should review the plugins and deactivate and delete all those that are extra or unnecessary. Taking these small steps will help in achieving faster loading of websites or webpages and hence better ranking.

Make Your Site Secure

Google prefers to recommend sites that are safe for its users. In fact, if a site is not secure, it also warms the users who want to navigate to that site. It can deter may potential leads to drop the idea and move to other secure sites. So, make your website secure with HTTPS. It is considered to be a safer bet of HTTP web protocol, which works with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to communicate safely. As HTTPS encrypts data, there is no concern about it getting corrupted or altered during transmission.

Have a Responsive Website

The mobile responsive sites get prioritized in Google’s search algorithms. This is because in the current scenario nearly three-fifths of the total web traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile devices. The desktops are no more the main appliances for web browsing.

Make Use of Engagement Metrics

Google means business and today it is ruling the search engine market with nearly 80% share. To maintain its dominance, it gives a lot of stress to user experience. It calculates the user engagement on a particular website and if it finds that the user spends more time on some particular site, then it takes it as a positive sign. More time spent on a website is taken to be directly proportional to the amount of user engagement by the search engine. Thus, make the users spend more time on your website by posting engaging content. This content can be both textual and visual in nature.

A good SEO company in India knows how to strike the right balance between the two. They will also post the content keeping all SEO tips in mind like making use of the right keywords, easy-to-read color scheme, and font, adding appropriate and optimized images, etc.

Keep Google’s Featured Snippets in Mind

This is one of the newer SEO tricks as Google’s featured snippets have become very popular. These are the short answers that get displayed right at the top of the search engine results page. People skim through these to figure out the answers to their queries quickly. Thus, you should optimize your website content so that it can show up in these featured snippets.

These are a few of the effective SEO tricks, which can help you boost your SEO rankings.

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