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How to Get Yourself onto The First Page of Google Search Results

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Almost everyone has done it at some stage, try typing their name into Google to see what comes up. Depending on how active you are in eth digital space or how much of a public figure you are, it will depend on how many references are found. The same will apply of course to how common your name is. But the one thing that this simple exercise makes clear is that there are pages and pages of results available. Obviously, when you are searching for your name you might be prepared to trawl through all the results to see the different mentioned that are found, but, if you were just looking for a company or a business you almost certainly wouldn’t look so exhaustively. No, you would collect a name or two from the first page of results and that would be it. This explains quite clearly why it is so critical to get yourself onto the Google front page – here are a few tips to help you make it there.

Optimize properly

The art of search engine optimization or SEO is a complicated one but a very important one. It is something that you can do yourself, but the reality is that it is probably best left to the experts. Yes, there are parts of the implementation that you will be able to do yourself, but it is a specialist field that requires a lot of in-depth knowledge to get working and unless you have this, you will struggle. Did you know that Google considers over 200 different factors in deciding which pages to recommend to its users?

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Do the acid test

Any agency that operates in the field of SEO marketing would hope to be able to get itself to the top of the Google search rankings. In a competitive field where being first on the Google search results page is considered the benchmark, then in looking for an agency to partner with all you really need to do to establish who is the best is to type an SEO related phrase into Google and see who finishes top. Collect those details and you have your partner.

Don’t copy content

So many web owners think that keeping their content fresh is a good idea. And they are correct. But because they don’t have the scope or bandwidth to write their own material, they simply cut and paste swathes of text from other sources, reference it and move on. This is no help at all. Google is very keen on original content and it seeks it out actively. So, while regular updates are very good and fondly viewed by Google, the content needs to be original as well.

Share links

Google is keen on links and referrals, so do your best to generate these – particularly with sites that have high domain authority. These links can be obtained by making direct contact with other sites or through marketing strategies like product reviews or references to your content. Find those ways and Google will love you just that little bit more.

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