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The Best Google Analytics Alternatives To Track Your Progress

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You have been spending an exorbitant in your sales and marketing process. On top of that, you are probably blogging incessantly. 

However, do you know if all the efforts are paying off? 

Are you tracking your company’s progress?

I doubt it!

If this is the case, then you are making a grave mistake. 


Let me tell you why — for starters, the prospect of generating an ample number of leads might make you happy. But have you ever wondered how many of them are converting into final sales?

According to stats, only 50% of marketing leads are ready to buy. 

Therefore, it’s important to keep track of your leads and identify at what stage in the sales funnel they are. 

This is where Google Analytics comes into play. But, what if you are looking for something that can track things that go beyond the reach of Google Analytics and that too with much lesser pricing? 

In this article, we look at the top 5 Google Analytics alternatives that help you go beyond the capabilities of Google Analytics.

1. Finteza

Finteza is a great analytics tool to measure your customer engagement metrics that allow you to map out the incoming users on your website and assess their behavior. The best part is that it offers traffic quality analysis to save your time from chasing unqualified and unproductive leads and bots. 

Other prominent features include:

  • Finteza is an automated tool that allows you to create laser-target marketing campaigns
  • It provides extended support for ads and landing pages
  • Ensures Marketing campaign efficiency and ROI analysis 

Taking everything into consideration, Finteza helps you keep track of the entire customer lifecycle which is extremely crucial to increase your conversion rate.  


FoxMetrics stands out from the wide array of other analytics tools on the internet because it not only provides insights from your online channels but from your offline channels as well.    

From helping you build ideal customer profiles to tracking your customer activities and from creating built-in reports to customizing your digital marketing campaigns, FoxMetrics assists you in every analytical arena. 

3. KISSmetrics 

Do you want to track down your engagement metrics? For instance, do you want to identify what steps your visitors are taking on your website — from their first visit to the final deal? Then don’t worry, KISSmetrics has you covered! 

Trusted by over 900 companies, this analytics tool is especially helpful for e-commerce businesses.  

One of the best things about this analytics tool is that it offers data visualization, that too without all the unnecessary hassle that Google Analytics requires. 

It also offers some other prominent services, such as:

  • It helps you to run automated email marketing campaigns. 
  • Allows you to understand the behavior of your website visitors. 
  • Boost your conversions and customer retention rate. 
  • Allows you to automatically engage with your visitors so as to help them navigate in the right direction.

4. GoSquared 

If you want access to intelligent, behavioral analytics regarding your website visitors, then GoSquared is a nice option. 

GoSquared offers a real-time status of your website’s current visitors, their detailed information like where they are from, which page they are on, and from which source they came from. 

GoSquared also allows you to see the traffic statistics which allows you to identify the time when your website gets maximum traffic. 

Other key features include: 

  • Users have access to valuable insights in a limited amount of time. 
  • They offer a Live Chat option which helps the users increase their conversion rate tremendously.
  • You will be privy to every small detail of each of your customers — and what they do on your website or app. 

5. ChartBeat 

If you want to know every detail about your content — who reads it and what potential it has, then ChartBeat is the tool for you. It is a great alternative for Google Analytics that provides real-time insights around your reader engagement, analysis from your distributed audience, and so forth. 

It shows data for mobile users, desktop users, mentions, and other user demographics. You will have a succinct idea about things like how your content is performing and what you can tweak to optimize it for better engagement. 

ChartBeat has 3 total avenues:

  • Dashboards to see how your audience is reacting towards your content in real time, determine KPIs, and to assess how your videos are performing.
  • Optimization tools to test your landing page elements and see how they are performing. You can also optimize those elements in order to boost engagement 
  • In-depth reports delivered to you daily to access whatever data you need. 

6. SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is one of the most comprehensive website analytics tools on the internet. It helps you find out exactly who your website visitors are, and where they are coming from. 

The amount of coverage this analytics tool offers is astounding and is also packed with a myriad of helpful features to track things such as the keywords your competitors are ranking for, real-time positions of your website’s keywords in your target regions, your backlinks, and so forth. 

Other tools include: 

  • On-page checker: to check how optimized your page is for the keywords you want to rank for 
  • Social Media Management: It allows you to monitor your social media marketing strategy and schedule your posts. 
  • Keyword suggestion tool: with over 3 billion keywords in its database, this tool allows you to perform perfect keyword research to target a particular demographic 
  • Page changes monitoring: Want to get notifications whenever your website or your competitors’ website gets an upgrade or modification? If yes, then this tool has you covered! 

Summing it all up 

If you want to eliminate the cumbersome guesswork from your marketing strategies and gain smart customer insights, then these analytics tools are a great addition. Most of these tools have great capabilities that make them a great alternative to Google Analytics. 

As I always say, don’t delegate — automate your analytics with these wonderful tools. 



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