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Is SEO Getting Old? You Must Know About 2019 SEO Phrases

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Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO is one of the most commonly used tools to improve the ranking of websites.

However, many of even those people who are using it regularly are not aware of the fact that SEO is not a new concept and is about two decades old. Shocked!!!! But this is true, SEO is in its early 20’s.

Since the time the concept has been evolved it has gained immense popularity and over the years it has been observed that the number of people using the same is rapidly increasing.

There are some other tools as well that has lived so long but it’s all about the phrase that gets stuck in the mind of the user, so it basically not the tool that is in it’s early 20’s but it is a phrase which is being overly used.

Like SEO, there are a number of other phrases as well which we have been using a lot and it’s time to give it a thought before using them.


Top 5 overused SEO phrases


SEO or search engine optimization undoubtedly tops the list of overused Initially, people used to refer SEO concept as “search engine registration”, “search engine positioning”, and “search engine placement”.

Some of you must have heard these phrases for the first time, and it shows how SEO replaced all of them and stayed in the business for long.

If we actually go into the depth, search engine optimization or SEO doesn’t describe the actual thing marketers do.

Neither it optimizes search engines nor it is optimizing anything for a search engine, then why are we using it. We use it only because everyone talks about it and we are much familiar with it.

Black hat SEO:

It’s actually a wonder, that people are still stuck to this term, it must have gone obsolete by now as it doesn’t work anymore.

By using it either the ranking will fall sharply because of an algorithm update. It will worsen the experience of the user that even if rankings will increase for some time, it won’t matter to the user at all.

Link Building:

After SEO, link building is the most popular and commonly used tool for online marketing. If we look an outer picture this tool does not have any negative impact and is harmless, but if we go in depth and try to understand its nature, even it has a dark side too.

In the words of Brittany Murray of Moz, “It’s no secret that links are one of the top three ranking factors in Google and can greatly benefit your website.

But there is a little confusion around what’s OK to do as far as links and what’s not. There are a lot of dos and don’ts of link building and if you ignore even one of them, it can leave an adverse effect on your website.

White hat SEO:

Unlike black hat SEO, this one is good and has a really positive impact on the website. Its user-friendly nature makes it a favorite tool of many of the developers.

If we talk about SEO tools, this one is the only tool that can provide consistency and profits to everyone involved including the audience, brand.

SEO Hacks:

Despite being the most negative term it is one of the most commonly used SEO phrases. But trust us, there are no such SEO hacks, as all the techniques are tried and tested by the developers.

Now that we know that which terms or phrases are commonly used in online marketing and we must consider replacing them, now move on to that phrase which we must replace them with.

5 hot phrases that you must learn immediately

Content Marketing: The need for an hour and the only strategy that will work is content marketing.

It has been observed the organizations which are engaging themselves in content marketing strategies along with SEO’s are the ones coming at the top.

Artificial Intelligence: In this era where everything is going digital, artificial intelligence is picking up its pace effortlessly.

Voice assistants, voice search overs are few examples of artificial intelligence and its impact can be seen everywhere and in every field. It seems that slowly it is entering in every domain.

Trust building: Be it online marketing or offline, users and customers are the most important. The focus of every technique that we use must be customer-centric and must have only one intention i.e. to make procedures that can make things easy for users.

Virtual Reality: Almost everyone in today’s time has mobile phones in their hands, and that is why it is really important to make websites mobile phone responsive.

It will help to make the user experience better. As the times are progressing the internet and virtual reality seems to merge to make this online world comfortable for users.

SEO Copywriting: Those who are into content marketing and SEO, must understand the importance of keywords. To be at the top, any content needs keywords to be inserted effectively, and effortlessly.

No keyword must look out of the place, as if it has been inserted just for the sake of it. In order to make content smooth, SEO copywriting skills are must and that is why everyone must get used to this phrase.

The times are changing, and with changing the time it is really important to bring in a new perspective. To stay ahead in the competition it is imperative to change the way we see things.

Users will stick to those who will stay updated, no matter how loyal your users are, if you will keep using outdated techniques and phrases, they will shift their loyalties to those who are updated and are not aversive to changes.

So in this world of online marketing, leave behind the old and stale phrases, and get acquainted with new vocabulary to match the pace of this changing marketing world.

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