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How to Craft the Most Effective SEO Proposals

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With nearly 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine inquiry, search engine optimization is more important than ever, and as such, SEO specialists need to know how to craft the best SEO proposals in order to stand out and draw in new clients. In order to do this effectively, let’s break down everything you should include in your proposal and how you should structure it for maximum effectiveness.

The Introduction and Summary

When crafting your SEO proposal template, the first thing you’re going to need is a strong introduction and summary of your skills. This is your chance to drum up interest and show a client what makes you stand out from the crowd. To craft a truly excellent introduction, you should include:

  • What Differentiates You From Other Agencies and Experts

In the opening of your SEO proposal template, you’ll want to give a summary of the services you offer as well as why the client should choose you. Write a mission statement that details why you do what you do and what your overall goal is. All of this should tie together into a catchy — yet brief — statement that is designed to pique a client’s interest and give them basic information.

  • Layout Your Experience

All clients want to know why they should trust you to deliver quality results. Layout the experience you have, along with any certifications or awards that might help you further stand out. If you don’t have a lot of experience and are looking for clients to build your reputation further, add in any achievements or strengths that you have to fill in the gaps and also raise your chances of acceptance.

  • Introduce Members of Your Team

While this doesn’t often apply to freelance SEO specialists, for those who are working with an agency, the introduction should also serve as a way to introduce your team members. This allows a client to familiarize themselves with everyone they’ll be working with, as well as understand further why your team is the best selection.

The key to writing effective introductions for any SEO proposal is to be brief and concise while relaying the highlights of what makes you the best-suited candidate for a business’s needs. It shouldn’t be overbearing or take up too much space so as to bog down a client and prevent them from reading further.

Pitching Your Insights

This next section of the SEO proposal template will be what makes up the bulk of personalized work for any of your SEO proposals, and it is where you will likely spend the most time researching. Primarily, this section includes insights about a business’s current SEO performance based on what you’ve learned from checking out their website. The two most critical parts of this include a site audit and current keyword ranking.

  • Site Audits

A site audit allows you to pinpoint specific areas of a website that need improvement. This can include missing meta descriptions, slow loading and response times, and excessive duplicate content. All of these points can be listed in your insights to allow a business to see that you’ve done your homework and understand what issues they’re facing.

  • Keyword Ranking

Using a rank tracker you can quickly input target keywords to see where a specific website ranks and what their search volume is. All of this data should be included, along with the particular keywords that you plan on targeting. Furthermore, looking into words that their competitors are using and adding that information can show them what they’re missing out on while highlighting how you can fix it for them.

The insights portion of an SEO proposal template should examine the issues you find within the business’s site. Don’t spend too much time extrapolating on solutions in this portion, instead focus on pointing out specifics in detail. This shows a business that you took the time to personalize the proposal, research them specifically, and familiarize yourself with their current coals and problems.

Presenting Solutions

The next part of the SEO proposal template should include specific solutions and tasks that the client can expect you to be doing. Here you should lay out precisely what services you’ll be offering, such as link building and content adding. Don’t over-promise if you’re not sure you can deliver, instead, present a realistic plan that shows plainly what a client can expect monthly. For instance, around 92% of marketers report that content creation, with SEO, is either “somewhat” or “very” effective,. If you’re going to be writing or creating content, it’s essential to let a client know how many pages or posts you can contribute each month so that they know what to expect. Furthermore, if you’re offering SEO reporting, this should be included during this section. Explain what kind of reporting they can expect or if they’ll have access to a live SEO dashboard.

Goals and Time Lines

These next parts are essential for laying out what your specific goals are in working with them and a realistic timeline in which you expect to meet your goals. For example, if you set a goal of increasing organic traffic by 40%, don’t guarantee that this goal will be reached in a week or two. SEO takes time and being upfront and realistic about what can tangibly be done is always in your best interest. While it might look good on paper to say you can deliver fast and outstanding results if you can’t deliver you’ll risk losing a client.

A Call to Action

All SEO proposal templates should end with a call to action on the part of the client. End off your proposal by letting a client know the next steps to take in order for them to get started and start utilizing your talents. Don’t underestimate the importance of this section, as it can be the extra push a client needs in order to decide to hire your services. This section should also include all relevant contact information and any other steps that will allow you to get the ball rolling and start working on optimizing their online presence.


SEO Proposal PDFs are great for initiating contact between specialists and potential clients; however, before you send that SEO proposal email it’s important to make sure you’ve followed all the steps and created a personalized proposal that can reel a client in. It’s essential to be both creative and realistic when filling out an SEO proposal template, demonstrating that you have the professional input that a client needs to benefit their business. Be as concise as possible while giving enough details about you, your insights, and your plan of action, so that clients can clearly see that you’re the best candidate for them. Do this and you’ll be well on your way towards building a strong client base and becoming a trustworthy name in the industry.

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