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7 Reasons Why Your Website Needs the Best SEO Tools

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SEO tools are pivotal to bring success to the website’s overall SEO strategy. SEO or search engine optimization of any website requires a combination of best optimization practices and a variety of new-age SEO tools – to make the website climb in top SERP positions. 

Why SEO tools? SEO tools are essential as they act as a kind of performance metric to help identify & treat the areas where your website is falling short in meeting the search engines like Google or Binge’s conditions for website crawling, indexing, and ranking.

It takes the best SEO tools to construct a fail-proof SEO strategy. Here in the following guide, you will get to know the 7 exceptional reasons why SEO tools are indispensable for the website’s top ranking.seo tools

7 Reasons Why Your Website Needs the Best SEO Tools 

  1. To review your competitor’s SEO strategy
  2. To Track SEO success & KPIs
  3. Great way to simplify SEO numbers via visualization
  4. To identify highly-searched keywords & improve content marketing
  5. To avoid energy & time on laborious SEO audits
  6. To get clear insights on returns per investment
  7. They don’t put up heavy expenditures

1. Review Your Competitor’s SEO Strategy

SEO tools can help you understand your competitors better. Such tools help you understand your close’s competitor’s website traffic, targeted keywords, backlink sources, rankings, content performance or so.

  • The tools help you identify the keywords on which your competitive brands are ranking. You can easily target those keywords or look for other relatable keywords that your target audience is searching for, or you can search for more new search terms with a hint of them.
  • You can easily track the ranking of your competitors and analyze the factors that are helping them improve their rankings.
  • You can easily know what type of content or information they are producing, based on which you can improve and add additional quality to your content with ease.
  • You can know the sources or websites from where they are gaining backlinks, and target such websites or platforms for gaining backlinks to your landing pages.

When you know where your competitors are headed clearly, you get an easy understanding of how you can outrank them and prepare a fail-proof SEO strategy.

2. Track SEO Success & KPIs


The success of SEO is more than just about ranking; there are a lot of variables like website traffic, bounce rate, conversions, session time, number of page visits, and more that goes into defining the SEO success. 

  • With SEO tools, you don’t have to calculate these variables or KPIs manually, the tool acts best in defining you where you are headed and even shows you the red flags in your way.
  • The tools can help you view the KPI’s or performance metrics that are subjective to your business goals like keyword rankings, clicks, shares, sales, backlinks, traffic, lead form filling, commenting, or so. The tool gives you full liberty to set & watch over your desired KPIs with ease.
  • The tools help you tap on the status of every SEO effort you are putting by giving you clear summarized reports – with which you can compare & contrast your progress with your outcomes in the past or with that of competitors with ease. 

When you know of all the metrics and key performance indicators to look for, you get to rock-solid your SEO strategy from the core.

3. Great Way to Simplify SEO Numbers via Visualization

Not everyone is great at concluding results from numerical figures, and if they are, we all know how time-consuming it is to look at those values & make a judgment, especially when the competition is quite fast. Today’s SEO tools make use of great data visualization to help viewers interpret the SEO outcomes within nanoseconds.

  • The graphical & pictorial representation of SEO results comes handy at understanding the progress of the website’s visibility in SERP.
  • Such a visual representation of SEO data in the form of a bar graph or pie chart helps even stakeholders or clients grasp the results with ease. 

Visuals hold excellent capabilities in mapping the strong search engine optimization strategies for websites.

4. Identify Highly-Searched Keywords & Improve Content Marketing

SEO tools help with identifying the competent keywords for your website niche, which further helps in improving & streamlining your content marketing strategy.

  • SEO tools signal those keywords for your website, which you wouldn’t have imagined to target but are good for your visibility. 
  • The tools have smart features to create keywords & variations that you can use in different pieces of content.
  • With these tools, you can identify the keywords that you don’t want to rank on and can sideline them in your strategy, the keywords on which you are strongly ranking, so that you can optimize them even better in your content pieces, and the keywords that are worth targeting and could help you get results faster.
  • The tool will give you conversion-centric keywords – which, when used in the content strategy, can help you get leads quite faster. 
  • Small SEO tools even help with identifying content authorization and duplication detection, which helps in improving the quality and authenticity of content with ease.

When you have easy accessibility to the competent and likely to rank keywords from such free SEO tools, you can strengthen your content generation & marketing from the core.

5. Avoid Energy & Time Conducting SEO Audits Manually

In-depth SEO audits are essential to know the progress of any website by weighing the potential issues underlined on your site. However, manually & separately conducting such audits by considering various sources & platforms can take a lot of time, energy & money. There are free SEO tools available that do the easy evaluation of the website’s progress from different viewpoints.

  • There are free SEO tools that help in signaling the critical to non-critical issues in the site as – broken links, poor page depths, page serve errors, missing meta description, orphaned pages, missing page titles & more.
  • Some tools work just like an automated washing machine and do evaluation or summarization of the website’s performance in one go and chalk all the details with great clarity into an easy-to-read performance report.
  • The reports highlight the areas that need to be fixed, everything around on-page SEO factors like content links to technical SEO factors like page speed.

Working on an automated SEO audit is a sure-shot way to rock-solid gaps in the future SEO & content marketing strategy.

6. Get Clear Insights on Returns per Investment

It is important to know where your every spending is going and resulting in. The best SEO tools would not just show you the rankings. They would also distill what is working and what’s not working on getting you the returns in correlation to your spendings.

  • The tools for SEO offer reporting options where it is super easy to highlight the efforts or work you have done and even summarizes the work or activities done in a simplified format.
  • The tools of SEO help you identify whether the returns you are getting in the form of leads, conversions are justified or more than costs that you incurred or not.
  • You can easily distill the activities or areas that are creating a scope of revenue for you, and you can get to know what resources, activities, or efforts for optimization are worth revenue-generating. If you encounter certain activities that are not contributing to your desired yields, you can easily replace them and lay great focus or bets on the one that is doing justice to what you have spent.

The tools help you know where you are spending and what yields you are drawing at quick intervals.

7. They Don’t Put up Heavy Expenditures

There are free SEO tools in the market that do not charge a penny from you and still give you the wonderful judgment on how you are doing in the optimization game. 

If you think it would be too much of a burden to integrate an SEO tool with your website, that won’t happen if you have a professional and digital age SEO company by your side, who would serve you simply the best solutions over the best SEO tools.

Free SEO Tools Your Business Can Use

  1. Small SEO Tools
  2. Google Analytics
  3. MozBar
  4. Ubersuggest
  5. WooRank
  6. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer
  7. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

Final Thoughts

The above 7 points explained how modern, smart, and free SEO tools can help business websites. Today’s smart & free SEO tools are like parameters that define the direction where your SEO game plan should be headed by highlighting the positive efforts, explaining scope for fullest optimization in favor of search engines, and pinpointing the red flags or issues that are causing the delay in the complete or desired SEO success. Free SEO tools like small SEO tools, Google Analytics, MozBar are few options that give optimization support to any website. However, if you feel it is too much of a task to handle, don’t worry as your SEO company will ease your burden.

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