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Top 5 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

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Running a successful SEO campaign is far from simple; however, with the right mindset, it shouldn’t be too difficult either. Still, a layman trying to improve their SEO risks making things worse. How? By making mistakes which they’re not even aware of the fact that there’s something wrong with these habits, to begin with. The first step in avoiding a trap lies in knowing that there is a trap out there. You must have an understanding of how search engines work. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top six common SEO mistakes that you need to learn how to avoid at all costs.

1. Using the Wrong Keyword and Keyword Stuffing

We will start the list with two keyword-related tips. First, you need to find the right unique keywords for your brand and your product. For this, you need to find an appropriate keyword research tool to use. Also, bear in mind that keyword stuffing is a trend that may ruin your efforts to establish your content at the very top of the SERPs. Ideally, the use of keyword in your post would not exceed 2 percent of the total word count. In other words, you get to use your keyword two times for every 100 words that you have in the article. This may be more than you need.

2. Ignoring Local SEO

Putting too much focus on significant keywords, and the global market is probably the simplest way for you to waste your marketing budget without achieving too much of an effect. What you need instead is a focus on unique keywords and some effort to improve your local SEO. If you’re running a local business, why not use the keyword with the name of the city, neighborhood where your headquarters are located. Other than this, you might also want to outsource your SEO to a local agency. For instance, if you’re a business based in Queensland, isn’t it more intuitive to look for expert opinion from an agency like GWM Brisbane than to expand your search to a different state or country.

3. Creating Unrelated Content

When creating content, you need to think about the keyword that you’re going to use from the very start. You see, if you’re writing a piece of content as a part of your content marketing campaign, having a great idea is not enough. What you need is for this idea to serve the purpose, which is why the theme needs to be closely related to your keyword. This way, once you do use your keyword, it will just feel organic. By adding an unrelated keyword, you’re not just downgrading your content; you’re also missing your target demographic. Imaging a post about springtime gardening, where you add dietary supplementation as a keyword. The chances are that people who clicked on the link for the post are not necessarily qualified leads for the keyword and its target.

4. Ignoring the Quality of Links

While creating content, you will add links to other sites both to boost your SEO standing and to provide your audience with some additional resources for their research. There’s one hidden perk of creating backlinks for others, which is earning favor with the other content writer or blog master. This way, you may draw their attention to your content, potentially earning backlinks in the process. However, what you should focus on is the quality of links in question. The domain authority is quite easy to check, and it can be a great indicator of what you’re dealing with. The quality of writing and whether you want to be associated with it is another thing to keep in mind.

5. Skipping Metadata

One of the biggest mistakes that you could possibly make during your SEO optimization is skipping metadata while designing your page. Why? Well, you need to understand that humans are not your only audience. Sure, there are so many metrics that are related to the way people interact with your website; however, when it comes to indexing it, a lot of it comes to the algorithm and crawlers. This means that you need to make it quite easy for these bots to interpret the data that you’re presenting them with. The simplest way to do so is to do some light on-site optimization and focus on metadata and meta descriptions.

In Conclusion

In the end, there are plenty of additional mistakes that you could be making. Honorable mentions go to mishandling your internal links, ignoring fast and mobile-friendly experience, and not using influencers for your social media interactions. The reason why we went for the above-listed six is due to the fact that they’re simple and intuitive. These are the mistakes that you can avoid making this very day and drastically improve your online presence for good. Al in all, it’s a simple digital presence hack that everyone should start using this very day.

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