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Repurposing Content: Turn One Blog into Thirteen Pieces of Content

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There are three things I get asked about all the time:

  1. Repurposing content
  2. How to write a blog
  3. SEO

Without fail, these three topics come up a few times a week when I’m networking or presenting. So I’m going to focus on these for my next blogs here on Tweak Your Biz.

In this post, I’d like to share some tips on repurposing content because if you have already been creating content or blogging you’ll have loads of words you can use for other pieces of content that can help raise your profile, increase sales and boost your business.

Just say you’ve written a blog … Here are 13 online repurposing content ideas you can use to turn that one piece of content into several. Think about turning your blog into…

#1. Tips/fact sheet

They can be a page on your website or a free download with a lead generator opt-in form where you capture readers’ details for your list/database.

Tip: Repurpose even further and break these up into social snippets. Each tip can be one social media update. Ten tips = 10 updates.

#2. Webinar

You can simply and easily turn a blog post in a one-hour webinar, which can create another revenue stream for you too.

Tip: Choose a blog you want to turn into your webinar and elaborate on it for 30 to 60 minutes.

#3. Video/video series

Take your blog post and turn it into a video or video series. I am in the process of turning one blog post with the “5 tips to writing content that rocks and gets results” into one tip per video for a five-part video series.

Tip: Have a look at the content you have already written and repurpose it into a video. Short videos under two minutes get a great result.

#4. Podcast

Your blog can become the topic of a podcast whether it is your own or if you pitch it as a guest podcast topic. Elaborate on it and even introduce a guest speaker who can back up your claims.

Tip: Each blog you have written can be used as a podcast episode.

#5. Slideshare

These get a lot of views (free traffic) and are very well received. It’s not very technical and it’s a no to low-cost content idea.

Tip: Of course, anything that’s not sitting on your website should have a link back to your website, or have the content embedded in your site because that’s where you want people to be.

#6. Infographic

Very easy to outsource to Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer for a minimal cost. Just send the blog with the brief. It’s an easy and quick way for people to learn about a topic without reading a lot.

Tip: This can sit on your website and be also shared on your social platforms as separate posts.

#7. eBook or Mini-eBook

The blogs you’ve written can become a book or a mini eBook that you can sell on your site.

Tip: Have a look at all your posts and find the ones that are similar in topic or theme and see how you can pull them together into a new product. I have just written a five-part series on SEO and content, which could become a mini eBook.

#8. Resources section

This is where you choose three or four pieces of your premium content to sit. It might be your best blog posts, or a combination of a blog post, a report, an ebook and an online article you guest wrote for a top source.

Action step: Go and choose your best content and add a resources section to your site, promote it on your social platforms.

#9. Checklist

Turn your post into a checklist and have a graphic designer make it look even better.

Tip: If you have written blogs with tips or steps in them, each one of these posts can become a checklist. 

#10. Poll, survey or quiz

A great way to get ideas for your content and to see what your target market is up to and what they want to know. If you’ve written a blog on a particular subject, ask you target market if they’d like more of it. You can use those results in your next piece.

Tip: This type of interactive content makes writing, producing and repurposing content heaps of fun. These can also become social snippets for status updates.

#11. Report

Add to your blog by turning it into a report. The survey or poll you do can add vital statistics and information to the content to make it even more valuable.

Tip: You can then turn your report into a number of other content creations such as videos and audio files, and social media updates.

#12. Media release or guest posts

Rewrite and rework your content into a guest post or media release for more coverage.

Tip: If you write a piece specifically as a guest post, you can then repurpose it later on for your own content creations.

#13. Workshops and keynote speech

You can take each piece of content you create and turn it into a workshop or keynote speech. Make sure it is recorded, then have it turned into a video series or audio files that become part of your Resources section, which are transcribed into blogs and social snippets. You may also decide to turn your content into an online course that becomes another form of revenue for you.

Tip: Content is awesome – there is so much you can do with it and it is so versatile. Have a think about some other ideas you have around creating content for your website and start making a plan to have them implemented.

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