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All The Good Reasons For You to Start Blogging

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Not so long ago blogs and blogging didn’t much exist or it was not considered worthy of investing your time into it. Fast forward to now you will supposedly find more than a million blogs on the internet.

Blogging has become one of the most powerful tools to express yourself, market your business, share ideas and feelings and empower people, it basically is the tool to effectively do everything you can think of.

The problem is that people only realize the importance of blogging when they themselves start reaping the benefits of starting a blog before that most are very skeptical about starting a blog and you usually get “why should I start a blog” as the most common and an almost ridiculous response. Don’t they know that there are uncountable benefits of blogging? No matter, it is for that very reason I am writing this blog to help them identify the numerous advantages of blog writing online.

Become a better writer

Every business and work-related to writing can only start once you are a great writer and the only way to become a better writer is to keep on writing and what better way than to start a blog.

Blogging consistently will help you improve not only your writing skills, but you will witness that the thinking process which goes during writing will get better, your creativity in writing will increase and your overall writing skills will get better.

Also, once you have invested much time into blogging, you can use your blog and grow your business, which brings us to the next benefit

Incorporate blogging into your business

To be clear, this does not mean that you can turn your blog into a business, that will require too much time, strategy and luck and there are only a few cases where blogging has helped an individual to establish a business with blogging as the foundation.

Instead, blogging will help you grow your business online, whatever the business is it doesn’t matter. You can start an informative blog about your business to increase the awareness of your products and services among the masses. With that, you will certainly see a great increase in your business just like that. Almost every large business and website use blogging as their marketing strategy, this alone should answer “Why should I start a blog” question.

Improve the SEO of your website

As mentioned, blogging will help you increase your website ranking on search engines. This is a technique adopted by SEO agencies worldwide to help their clients get on top of SERPs.

Any informative and relevant blog is always considered Google, which ultimately increases your website SEO.

Get more customers to your business

Customers and consumers are always looking out for information about anything they wish to buy. This is where you can capture their attention by adding informative and relevant blogs regarding your business.

Blogging increases the authority of your businesses online where link building and guest posting through blogging has been a major marketing tool for online businesses and have harnessed immensely great results.

Increase awareness

Blogging has proved to be a powerful tool among activists and writers and business persons in order to increase awareness about an issue, an epidemic, and crisis or just to make people aware of their services and products.

For those wondering, yes, people read blogs and most find them the most authentic source of information regarding politics, businesses, crises, and every other thing you can think of.

You can gain influence online

Blogging has been one of the most effective ways of gaining influence and earning respect among the masses by just spreading authentic and relevant information on any topic.

You can actually become an activist or humanitarian by just blogging from your home and have a great effect on people’s perceptions.

Chance to learn about other

Online blogging is quite a facility as you can easily start blogging in just 5 minutes of building your blog. Not only that, online blogging allows you to stay in constant conversation with your readers. You can also allow others to write and contribute to your blog, this gives you a chance to learn about others and how many different topics are there to learn about.

By just blogging you can start a genuine community where you can discuss a great number of topics and share ideas.

Express yourself

If you ever think you are not allowed or you just cannot express yourself in your current environment, then blogging will give you the ultimate refuge from that environment.

Through blogging, you can express your feelings, your ideas and every other thing you want to express. It works as a great therapy, especially if you are suffering you can always choose to express your feelings anonymously and find some genuinely caring people who will help you out in your predicament.

Help your fellow human beings

If you are a specialist in any field and you hold a passion of helping out anyone seeking help then you can always start blogging and help anyone waiting for your help in any part of the world.

If you are a doctor, therapist, businessman or any professional you can help people learn how they can stay healthy and keep them fit in their homes, how they can make money online or from home and how they can fight off the bad days in their life. You can always be there for your fellow human beings through blogging.

Gain trust from everyone

Blogging has always been a great tool to gain trust; you can earn trust not just from your readers but also from important personalities from time to time. Once you start gaining trust from the masses, they start sharing your blogs everywhere and once a while it will reach someone important, a politician or a celebrity, and it will pique their interest. Your blog may get a share or a shout out from bigger personalities and you may get to sit down with them just because their field and your blogs share the same niche.


These are some of the benefits of blogging I can think of knowing completely well that I have missed out on more than a few. So if you can think of more benefits of starting a blog go ahead and enlighten all of us and answer anyone who says “Why I should start a blog?”

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