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Reasons To Be Cheerful. Just Tweet!

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Twitter has nearly half a billion registered users and there are 175 million tweets every day. It’s big! I have been tweeting for over 3 years and must admit it is my favourite Social Media outlet and I get the best results from it – personally and for business. Below are 14 posts giving good reasons to be on Twitter, how to maintain and not lose followers, how to tweet well and lots of other handy tips you may find useful.

Just How Big Is Twitter In 2012? [INFOGRAPHIC] – An easy to read infographic of how Twitter has evolved over a short space of time into what it is now, broken down by demographics and countries. This makes it easy to see the potential market you can be tweeting to.  Shea Bennett

Starting a Business? Start on Twitter Too – If you have a business you should be on Twitter to help publicise it and spread your network. I explain how to make the most of Twitter and how to grow your followers.  Sian Phillips

6 Ways to Enhance Your Brand with Twitter – An excellent post with great tips explaining how to grow your brand using Twitter, including choosing the best name, using hashtag chats and connecting with people.  Leah Singer

8 Reasons to Fall in Love with Twitter and Use it to Promote Your Business – Great reasons why to be on Twitter – for research, monitoring industry trends, see breaking news, and as she says – it’s fun.  Stephanie Chandler

 15 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Online Presence and Productivity  – A brilliant post suggesting really handy tools to maximise your productivity on Twitter, including Twitter News Aggregators, Twitter follower management and decluttering your stream plus brand monitoring, scheduling and analytics.  Ching Ya

Does Twitter Drive Traffic to Your Website Blog? – This is interesting information from an experiment changing Twitter strategies to see how it affected traffic to a blog – the results are surprising.  Sherryl Perry

How to Run a Successful Twitter Ad Campaign –  Ileane shares her expertise and experience in a video about a Twitter Ad campaign she was involved in.  Ileane

9 Ways to Improve the Signal to Noise Ratio on Twitter – Drawn from insights on Twitter this provides a guideline of best practice on Twitter from an expert, reminding people to be more thoughtful with their tweets.  Brian Solis

What is Follow Friday and What’s the Dot All About? – This is one of my posts that still gets referred to as people either don’t know what #FF is or don’t use it correctly which is a shame seeing as they just want  to help other Tweeters.  Sian Phillips

Earning Attention – This explains why it’s not good to beg for follows or retweets on Twitter and how simple it is therefore to be unfollowed – even by friends.  Chris Brogan

Twitter lists and why you should be using them – A way to simplify your Twitter experience compartmentalizing the Tweeters that you follow especially as your numbers increase. Lists make it easier to manage your Twitter feed. Jose Jimenez

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Marketers – A great post explaining the best way to use Hashtags on Twitter and how they work well and effectively.  Magdalena Georgieva

Bad Twitiquette: 10 Ways To Lose Your Twitter Followers, Fast!  –  A great list of ways to ensure you keep your followers and don’t turn them off – from spamming to not engaging, learn from an expert.  Niall Devitt

What We Like And Don’t Like to See On Twitter – And finally a crowd-sourced post from regular Social Media users giving tips on what is good and bad on Twitter.  This gives you a good idea on what to do and not do. Sian Phillips (and others)

I hope these have helped you learn more about using Twitter to it’s full advantage. Please let me know any Twitter tips that you have too.

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