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How Product Reviews Are Important in Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies right now. Most online marketing strategies depend on a perfectly executed content strategy.Things like SEO cannot be a success without good content.

Knowing this, you should take advantage of all proven content marketing strategies available. Writing helpful and detailed product reviews is one of the things you can do. When done correctly, product reviews can help you generate more traffic to your site. You will also be able to build a following quickly if your reviews communicate that you are an authority in the niche.

Here’s how you can incorporate product reviews in your content marketing strategy and the benefits of doing so:

Impose Your Knowledge within Your Niche

Writing a good product review requires you to know your industry’s products and services in and out. Sadly, most reviews out there are very sales and readers are always delighted when they come across a review that is unbiased but also has a lot of educative information.

Your goal is to be part of the few that entertain readers with helpful, unbiased reviews. When you show a profound understanding of the products in question, you can quickly impose your knowledge in your niche and build authority.

The late Roger Elbert, for instance, built authority by consistently doing good movie reviews. With an extensive list of good reviews, people began to pay attention to what he said about films.

In the field of digital marketing, Capterra has built a name by evaluating business tools. You too can build authority in your niche by giving detailed and unbiased reviews. Aim to delight.

Search traffic accounts for a significant portion of traffic to online product reviews. You don’t want to miss out on this traffic. When you establish yourself as an authority in a niche, you can turn cold search traffic into raving fans quickly.

Provide Value to Your Readers

You can’t build authority and retain readership if you do not offer tremendous value to your readers. Your content, including reviews, must be useful. Usefulness, in this case, refers to the ability of the reader to use your content to take action. In our case, the action is to make a purchase decision.

To write a good product review, you need to have personally used the product. You can buy the product, sign up for a free trial or ask the seller to send you one. Most sellers are willing to use their product for free if you have a significant following already.

In every product review, you should comprehensively cover the necessary details that always influence a purchase. These may include product features, price, targeted users, method of delivery, guarantees, where to buy the product and the benefits derived from the product.

Writing useful posts requires you to understand the benefits attached to the features of a product or service. Readers don’t care about features. They want to know how the features will help them. If it makes sense, you may also want to compare these features and benefits with those of other products in the same space.

It also helps if you educate the reader on matters related to the product. Make your content thorough and comprehensive. You should also optimize the review for the search engines. Treat it like a regular post and target keywords that are likely to bring search traffic.

BlueHost Review A Thorough Look at Their Shared Hosting

This Bluehost review from Techtage is a good example of a useful review. It covers the various factors of the hosting service, provides actual performance metrics, and analyses what makes it good or bad.

Top Ten Reviews Expert Product Reviews

TopTenReviews also provides comprehensive reviews about different business products. TopTenReviews is excellent as it allows you to compare different products to help you decide which one is the better option.

You can use this kind of content to build readership. Always focus on providing tremendous value and providing more information than you have to provide.

The reader wants to know what you think of the product. Is it good enough? Would you pay to use the product? Are there better alternatives? Your opinion matters and readers will like the review more if you share what you feel or think of the product.

Do not worry about writing a bad review. You just have to be truthful. The reason users trust user-generated content more than that generated by a company selling them a product is because they are real and reflect users’ honest opinion of the product. As a reviewer, you shouldn’t strive to please the seller. Your only goal is to communicate the truth to your readers.

Earn from Affiliates

By now you are probably wondering how you will be rewarded for all this effort. No one pays bills with ‘authority’. You can leverage power for other money making ventures, though.

One of the ways you can earn money from product reviews, assuming you have sufficient traffic to them, is through affiliate commissions. When you review a product, check if they have an affiliate program. If they have an affiliate program, they’ll give you a unique referral link to place on your site. When your readers click through to their site via your link and make a purchase, they will reward you with an excellent commission.

People looking for reviews have their wallets out already. They are just checking if it is a good investment or if a better alternative exists. If you also provide a better option, they’ll buy the better option.

By writing extremely helpful product reviews, you can refer people to the right sites and earn from the sales the products make from your review.


Writing product reviews can be an excellent addition to your content marketing strategy. Besides helping you build authority and readership, reviews sell affiliate products like crazy.

You will be making money and expanding your site’s reach at the same time. Just remember that every review has to be useful. People look for reviews for a reason. Find out what those reasons are then served them to them like no one else is doing in your niche.

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