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Identify Which Products You Should Add to Your Catalog

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An online catalog is essential if you are to make any headway in your business. It allows you to interact better with your customers and also to analyze customer behavior. A catalog gives you access to wider audiences and makes it possible to reach new markets.

Other benefits you will reap from having an online catalog include the following:

  • Less expenditure as an online catalog costs less to manage than a paper
  • You can adjust your catalog immediately
  • You have unlimited space and materials to add to your catalogs
  • Being able to market your product on multiple channels
  • Allows you to distribute across numerous channels as well as social platforms
  • Flexible and improved customer service
  • quicker launch times

Designing Your Online Catalog

To be able to build the best catalog, you must be clear about your purpose for it. Also, are you going to retain your paper catalog once your online one is up? Think about the kind of feedback you want to achieve.

You could also be thinking about transforming your brand image. All these details are essential when figuring out your product catalog.

Here is what you need to take into consideration.

To identify products, you need to include in your e-store’s catalog you need to take into account the following points:

  • Your Vertical/Sector or Industry

This is where you figure out what your business niche is so that you can specify details for a particular audience. You can then give your consumers exactly what they need.

  • Who Your Competitors Are

It is crucial to find out who you are up against and how they price products that are similar to yours. You must then set up a competitive pricing analysis with netRivals to increase your sales and revenue.

  • Most Popular Brands

Your most popular brands should be strategically placed so your audience can find them easily; This is where you include the different variants of your product with regard to size, weight, and color.

  • Competitors’ Stock Status

It is essential to know where your rivals stand concerning stock status; This informs your marketing strategy as you know consumer behavior. If they cannot find what they need in one place, they will find an alternative.

If you know what consumers need more of, you can provide that alternative if your rival’s stock status runs in the negative. This is information you can easily find in on your competitors’ sites.

If you have specific information on these points, you’ll be able to improve the performance of your online store is very competitive e-commerce environments.


There are lots of catalog design programs such as Adobe Design, and you can use. Designing your catalog is not the end, though. You must keep updating it based on the data you gather from your customers.

Issues you must always look at including the caliber of traffic that your site attracts and on what social media platforms it is shared the most. Ensure that your design and message are compatible. Also, consider including automation to better manage your catalog.


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