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How Can I Make My Ideas Go Viral? | Marketing Speaker Seth Godin Knows How

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The word “going viral” implies activity and power, and viral marketing methods have the ability to generate both. Viral campaigns maximize brand effect in a short period of time. The catch is that they must be both shareable and share-worthy in order to be effective.

Seth Godin, a marketing guru and famous marketing speaker, examines the demise of the “TV Industrial Complex” and what it takes for an idea to spread in the current world in his 17-minute Ted Talk. Previously, you could disseminate an idea by interrupting others; now, you must earn their attention by being exceptional. Previously, you could manufacture an average product for ordinary people and strike a massive market in the center. Now you must choose a certain section with keen interests and service them, so that they may propagate your concept. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics in this fast synopsis.


Interruptive advertising is no longer the greatest idea since sliced bread.

The fundamental thesis of Seth Godin’s book is that interruptive advertising is dead, and marketers should stop disturbing potential consumers and start helping them. We must be concerned with what they are interested in. And, no matter what we do, getting others to care about what you’re doing is critical. According to Seth Godin speaker, sliced bread was unpopular for 15 years until the Wonder firm discovered how to promote it. It all comes down to spreading ideas. According to Godin, “we are living in a century of idea spread.” Those people who can propagate ideas, no matter what they are, win.”

The Demise of the Television Industrial Complex

In the past, we disseminated ideas through the “TV-industrial complex.” Godin describes an interruptive advertising cycle. You purchase advertisements, disrupt people, sell items, buy more advertisements, and interrupt even more people. That was effective for a time. But that strategy is no longer working. Godin provides a few amusing instances of desperate and costly interruptive advertising strategies. People are busy and have many options, so bugging them with your message about you just does not work any longer. You must either talk about something people want to talk about or draw their attention in some other way by being distinctive and extraordinary.

Be As Remarkable As A Purple Cow

Godin refers to a purple cow, which inspired the title of one of his novels. Nobody notices cows, but if you have a purple cow, that’s a different story. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, you must be exceptional. Godin turns our attention to the actual sense of that term; you must be something about which people make comments, something about which people naturally discuss. This is in sharp contrast to the previous century’s mass-market strategy.

Huge firms aimed for the center, the big market, by manufacturing ordinary items for average people and disrupting their way to market share. People are now very excellent at ignoring you, so you can’t interrupt your way to a mass market’s attention. You must seek out and converse with individuals who care.

Locate The Otaku

Otaku is a narrowly focused individual, such as a noodle connoisseur who will drive across Tokyo to try the newest ramen establishment. According to Godin, “it’s very hard to create a product, advertise a concept, or address any problem that doesn’t have an otaku constituency.” Instead, you must select a group that is really interested in what you have to offer. Communicate with them and make it simple for them to notify their friends.”

As Godin points out, there is a mustard otaku but no hot sauce otaku. It would not be difficult to develop a mustard product line, yet no one does. However, because there is a tiny portion of the market that is actively interested in hot sauce varieties, many manufacturers provide a variety of hot sauce flavors. Not all hot sauce buyers are enthusiastic, but those that believe in otaku will experiment with new varieties and inform their friends.

How Do You Stand Out?

So you now know that in order for your ideas to spread, you must be special and locate certain people that have a strong and concentrated interest in your brand. Commit to thinking about it and allow yourself some time to come up with ideas to differentiate yourself from your competition. Consider your consumers and try to uncover a section that may have a specific interest in your offer. Then follow through and devise a strategy to distinguish yourself and propagate your concept.


All in All

It’s always a good idea for an entrepreneur to be on other people’s radars. Viral marketing is an excellent technique for accomplishing this while also developing your brand. Going “viral” may have a significant influence on your business and open up a variety of new options. Even little viral ventures might help you get noticed — and keep your attention. All that is required is a meaningful concept that is useful, well-executed, and well-suited for sharing.

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