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8 Proven Strategies for Remarketing

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Remarketing is a great and highly effective way of bringing back visitors to your website. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to get those conversions on the deals that were almost closed. Moreover, it helps in capturing the visitors that showed their interest in buying your products or services. 

However, many advertisers still resist implementing remarketing campaigns. This is due to several misconceptions that remarketing techniques invade the privacy of users, generates low ROI, and is not worth spending money on. 

However, all these myths are not true and are a wrong perception of people that have not tried remarketing or did not use the techniques in the right way. That’s why we are providing you a push in the right direction with proven strategies that will help you attain significant results from your PPC marketing strategy. 

Tips to Create the Best PPC Advertising Campaigns

Check out the given ways that will help you take your business growth to the next level:

1. Segmenting Your Audiences 

Categorizing your audiences according to their interests and expectations is an essential step that can help you have a good conversion rate. Every set of audiences has different requirements. Therefore, making the same ads visible to everyone isn’t an efficient strategy. Instead, you should target the ads according to the actions of different users on your website.  

  • Bid low on the campaign for people who have a high bounce rate.
  • People who spend a good time on your website checking out the products must be provided with advertisements that contain offers and other discounts. 
  • Some people added items in the cart, yet they did not purchase the product. For such users, ads must be specifically focused on the items that were added in the cart with a discount offer, if possible. 

2. Create a Campaign for Abandon Cart

Remarketing plays a significant role in reducing the cart abandonment rates and increase conversions for your store. Mostly cart abandonment is done because the user isn’t fully satisfied to buy the product, or he wants to do a little more research before finalizing the products. 

To make the customer purchase the products they selected, you have to make a little extra effort and start an ad campaign that will entice them to have another look at the product and hopefully buy it.  

Using Google Analytics, you can view the products a user adds to their cart. Hence, make remarketing campaigns for those products. Give a reminder to the users that those products are still waiting for you or give a better deal to get the conversion done. 

3. Create a Campaign for Existing Customers

Acquiring new customers for your brand is a slow process and might take time. Therefore, you can use the existing customers to your benefit by starting a campaign that is helpful for both of you. If a customer has recently shopped from your store, target them with the additional products and services related to the product they purchased. Make use of the following ways:

  • Campaign ads to cross-sell the products that are related to their previous purchases. 
  • Provide them with discounts and additional offers in the ads. 
  • Study their behavior from their previous purchases and advertise products related to their interests.

4. Make Use of RLSA

The remarketing list for search ads is a wonderful tool provided by Google that gives you the opportunity to optimize your search campaigns. Using your existing remarketing lists, you can more effectively reach out to your past site visitors and provide them with the products they are looking for. 

Unlike standard search campaigns, RLSA ads are targeted for people on your remarketing list. To effectively work out this strategy:

  • Optimize your bids according to the searchers that represent higher-value prospects.
  • Broaden the keywords to target a specific set of users according to their consumer behavior. 
  • Customize the text that you use in your advertisements according to the shopping pattern of the user. 

5. Drive Email Sign-ups From Marketing Efforts

Remarketing can also be used for enhancing your content marketing efforts and getting more sign-ups from the users. The idea behind this strategy is to target the customer needs with the relevant blogs, articles, webinar sessions, and any other medium. 

You can start by advertising and promoting your content on social media. Once there is a rise in your email sign-ups, create remarketing lists for people that look interested and start addressing their needs. 

Provide them with solutions to their queries and also suggest products and services that can benefit them. These campaigns can help you promote your brand and boost relationships with the users to generate more revenue

6. Use Lookalike Audiences

Google and Facebook both provide fantastic tools that help you reach new audiences and target them with your products according to their online behavior. Using Similar Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, the consumer behavior of the people on your remarketing list can be studied. 

You can further use these insights to strategize your PPC advertising campaigns. The tools, however, start placing the relevant video or text ads to the people in your marketing list. For instance, if a user purchased a music recording interface, Google will automatically start delivering ads related to that interface such as microphones, sound filters, etc. 

7. Use Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing lets you customize the advertisements for specific products and services that the targeted users were searching on your website. All you need to do is provide feedback to Google about your products and services, and it creates advertisements according to the interest of users based on their previous shopping experience. 

Google itself fetches the most relevant products from your feed and presents the advertisements to specifically targeted users. Note, return on investments is higher when you include images in your dynamic remarketing advertisements. 

8. Test Remarketing Funnel

Sometimes, no matter how efficient you think your remarketing funnel or campaign is, it isn’t able to deliver the desired results. There may be many factors such as low customer engagement, high cart abandonment rate, etc. that might be leading to no conversions. 

Hence, it is wiser to test out all the elements of your campaign so that you can make considerable changes to get the best possible outcomes. A/B testing rules are an effective way to test your PPC ad campaigns. In it, every single element of the process is tested one by one, and its effectiveness is checked to make the required changes.

Final Thoughts

Remarketing is a significant technique that helps you in acquiring new audiences for your products and services and ultimately shoot up your sales process. The demand for good remarketing techniques and tools is high. The SaaS development for various new remarketing software and tools are being done to make the campaign process easier for the advertisers. 

The rewards for developing a remarketing software can be large compared to the cost of MVP for such software. Whatever may be the way, remarketing can help you have an excellent ROI on the money you spend on your PPC advertising campaigns.    

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