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Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies for a Startup

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The success of a startup totally depends on the right marketing strategy. Unfortunately, a few fail at managing or marketing a budget. But, if you have experience and looking to launch a startup to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible, deal with the dangerous contradiction and get the marketing strategy in line. It is important for you to value and appreciate the role of Digital Marketing in your business. Since startups have tight budget plans and insufficient workforce to focus on marketing side, this doesn’t mean that you ignore the opportunity of Digital Marketing.

Oodles of startups fail due to poor marketing, although they have a winning product. As a startup entrepreneur, you will face challenges but you should be available to your consumers at right place and right time. All this will help bring visibility to your startup.

The biggest challenge for every business is creating the identity in front of their consumers, prospects and clients. Use of Digital Marketing can help position your organization and brand in a stronger platform. Whether you have a plan, product or service, digital is the

Here is the list of some great Digital Marketing tips for Startups:-

Brand Development

A new business concept, Brand development strategy helps small organizations improve efficiency and relevance with their target market. Your brand strategy will involve three most important components which help in developing your strategy: Objective, Consistency and Emotional impact. Defining the objective and putting an idea into place will build credibility and motivate consumers and stakeholders to buy more from you.

So, in this world of infinite competition, branding is everything. Your Logo, name and URL should be different from other competitors. If you have already decided the name and logo, give an appealing look that entices customers from day one.

Facebook Flex targeting

Flex targeting enables you to notably increase conversions while ensuring that only a highly customized audience takes a sight of your Facebook ads. It is one of the best ways to scale up social media campaign without increasing your budget. With targeting options, you will be able to target more than one audience. For example, if you want to sell Mexican food, you have to target the audience whose behavior demonstrates that they will purchase good quality food. Select the option under the category of detailed targeting. You have to narrow the audience as not all the individuals will like Mexican food.


No business can rise without a successful blog. In today’s world, you may see yourself as a marketer, but you are actually a publisher. To drive the organization’s social presence and marketing activities a unique quality content for customers, prospects and public needs to be kicked off.  Make sure the blog websites are properly designed and managed. Create a blogging schedule that works for you. As a part of blog strategy, you need to carefully decide on the contributing writers and how to find the best ones. And after publishing your blog, share it with as many people as possible via Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and more.  Some of the top marketing blogs everyone should bookmark are Moz Blog, Kiss Metrics, Content Marketing Institute and Social Media Examiner.

Videos and Guerrilla Marketing

These marketing programs if done in the right manner can help increase awareness and word of mouth marketing. Guerrilla Marketing works as it is easy to implement, understand and despicably cheap. Videos and Guerrilla activities are original ideas and cost next to nothing to create. There are scores of tactics you can use to make certain that your videos get found in the top searches of Google.  To get the maximum SEO traffic, host it on your domain. And don’t forget to tag your videos with unique titles, descriptions and relevant keywords.


Online advertising

One of the effective ways for business to get new customers and expand the revenue streams, online advertising is all about your brand, service, clients, users and partners. The main thing you need to know before getting into advertising is how keyword works. It is also a way of making sure the products and services that your site proffers.

Some of the examples of online advertising encompass search result pages, banner ads, email spam, pop-ups, contextual ads and social networking ads. Nothing in life is free. There is of course paid social media advertising techniques like Facebook that tenders targeting options for generating exceptional ROI (Return on Investment).


With the continuing onslaught of mobile device, you know that being mobile-friendly is on a rise for Google’s search algorithm. Everything is going mobile, from watching videos, seeing mails to reading content. 70-80% people use mobile as their primary internet. Moreover, it is set for another amazing year with increasing sales of Smartphones adding value to the business marketing plan. Therefore, Mobile Marketing is proving to be successful and will continue to grow in 2017.

Web Presence

Creating a website needs a good level of thinking as the age of Digital Marketing and social media is both more significant. It is vital to plan what information you want on your website, highlights and how will it look like to make certain your first impression is a superb one. With right set of goals in mind, you can help your website stand out from the crowd. To create online presence, you will need a blog site, Facebook page, Twitter page to connect with the consumers. Make sure your site features high quality images and unique content so that participants get involved in real-time conversations.

Follow these steps for your startup and you will require determination and awesome services to succeed. If these won’t be enough, get the best advice and do a proper research before diving in blind. It’s your first impression, embrace progress and the most of your opportunities.  Better your strategy, the better are your opportunities of attracting more and more customers and traffic.

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