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Podcasting Business Growth: 5 Reasons Podcasts Produce Powerful Results

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Technology continues to change how businesses grow and achieve success. One of the most ROI positive tech-minded business strategies of the digital era may very well be podcasting. This holds especially true for highly competitive markets.

Online audiences are turning to podcasts for a number of reasons, and businesses that leverage podcasts can produce powerful results. Podcasting business growth is also pretty simple. The history of podcasting shows us that this business technology is more than just a trend. It has become a staple for success.

Here are a few podcast stats businesses need to consider:

  • 37 percent of people listen to podcasts
  • Monthly podcast listeners grew 54 percent in three years
  • 50 percent of people between 12 and 34 listen to podcasts
  • Weekly podcast listeners listen to 6 podcasts a week
  • 75 percent of people are familiar with podcasts

The stats on podcasting are pretty clear. Podcasts are a must-do. Let’s dive deeper into why your business should be podcasting business growth with the following podcast business benefits.

5 Reasons Podcasts Produce Powerful Results

1. Podcasts Are Easy To Get Up And Running

Getting a podcast up and running is actually pretty simple. One of the main reasons businesses don’t utilize the power of podcasting is that they think podcasts are challenging to create. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

To create a podcast for your business, all you need is Wi-Fi, a microphone, headphones, and decent editing software. Editing software can even be free, as long as it is easy for you to use, and produces quality transitions.

Once you have this podcast equipment, you just need to set it all up, create a few topics, and start podcasting. It really is that simple.

2. Podcasts Boost Engagement Exponentially

The amount of information online is pretty intense. Most of the information online is delivered via text or video. With podcasting, your business can shift the noise from static content to a highly engaging medium. This is a welcomed break online users love, and demand today.

Podcasts also boost engagement by making the listening experience interactive. And if your business is selling products and/or services, you can use this interactive engagement to sell more. In fact, 63 percent of podcast listeners said they bought what a podcast host promoted.

3. It Breaks Up The YouTube Video Monotony

Before podcasts really took off, businesses relied on YouTube videos as an alternative to text content. Now podcasts have become the alternative to videos. Video marketing is critical for business success in today’s digital age. This is because 72 percent of consumers prefer video to text.

Creating YouTube videos can also be more challenging than creating podcasts. In order to shoot high-quality YouTube videos, your business will need pretty expensive equipment, as well as costly editing software. Podcasts tone down these costs.

4. Increase Traffic To Your Business’ Website

A podcast can serve as a traffic generating tool that is unmatched to many other traditional marketing strategies used to drive more website traffic. For instance, you can drive podcast listeners to a product landing page with a promotional code.

You can also use podcasts to reach a wider audience. Since podcasts are what consumers want online, over text and the traditional YouTube video, your business podcast will be found and shared more often.

Combining podcasts with your current marketing strategies can be beneficial as well. For example, you can share your podcasts with your email subscribers. This increases reach and drives even more traffic to your business’ website.

5. Podcasts Nurture Customer Relationships

It is true that podcasts are a one-way medium when engaging customers. However, you can certainly utilize the power of podcasts to nurture customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

In most cases, people will continue to listen to podcasts because they feel a connection to the host. It is similar to influencer marketing in that way. This podcast-customer relationship can be nurtured by continuing to produce content that the audience wants to listen to.

This in exchange, increases the brand relationship. Having a business podcast is not only about marketing your products and/or services. It is about connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

Is Your Business Ready To Podcast Business Growth?

The above podcasting business benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more reasons to make podcasting a thing for your business in 2020. Remember, creating a podcast is easy, so what are you waiting for. Start connecting with your customers, and begin reaching new ones with podcasts today.

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