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Personalization is Key To Marketing Your Business in 2015

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Standing out from the crowd for your business can be challenging. Whether it is online via social networks and search engines or offline via newsprint and direct mail, where you are, more than likely so is your competition.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you market your business?

One way is to lower your prices. People react based on price and if you can market a good deal to a consumer there is a good chance you will be able to earn their business. We all still have to eat though and every business has costs to keep it running. In reality you can only go so low to get that deal.

Another option that may work much better is with creative branding and personalized promotional items. They are unique and can stand out which means they can be remembered. As marketers we all know its about repetition and the more times you see a name and a logo the more of a chance you will see long-term business from it.

Here are some options of unique promotional items that can help generate new business:

Computer Mice

If you’re a business that does work with B2B companies they are most likely in front of the computer for long hours. A mouse or travel mouse are great items, as there is always a need for them. In addition they will be sitting on every employees desk the moment they walk into the office through to the minute they leave which means they are always in eyesight.


Are you a firm that does a lot of business with companies in areas of the country or globe where it rains a lot? Perhaps Seattle Washington or Cropp River, New Zealand. By sending businesses in these locations an umbrella with your name and logo on, it is something they can use and will be thankful for. When they do need your product or service they will know who to come to.


If you are looking to market towards the hospitality and dining industry, you can’t go wrong with sending these types of businesses some personalized coasters with your name and their name on them. They are always useful and all their customers will first hand see your logo when they are grabbing a drink after work or during the weekend.

Pet Products

Are you pitching a café or outdoor restaurant that allows pets? You may want to send them a promotional pet product such as a water bowl with your name on it that they can use for outside their storefront. It will make the business happy, as it can be a way to promote new customers to dine with them as now patrons can take their pets out to eat with them. Both customers and staff will now see your logo on it every time the bowls are out!

Tablet Accessories

Everyone these days has a tablet. Whether it is an iPad, Galaxy or other brand, everyone from all walks of life has a tablet. What could be better than providing a potential client with accessories for that tablet? Everyone could use a stylus stick pen, cover or remote power charger. By including your business logo and contact information will help keep your business top-of-mind when that tablet owner is on the go.

Eco Products

If you are looking to get business from the “Green” sector one way to do it is by providing them with general eco-friendly products. From recycled plastic pencils to eco friendly desk accessories such as coasters made from recycled materials as well as sustainable wooden rulers these everyday items will be happy to be utilized by a green-friendly business. That equals to more positive exposure for you and your brand.

Stress Toys

No matter what business your potential client works in, there is stress involved. Stress toys, such as stress balls, are a great way for a business and its workers to combat stress. Why not send a potential client a few of these stress relievers. It will sure make the stress go down while at the same make your company’s exposure goes up!


Do you do business with people in the culinary business? If so you can’t go wrong by sending them some promotional kitchenware. These types of businesses including restaurants can always use items such as food can covers and orange squeezers. By having your logo on items like these will for sure keep you in a positive light to its employees.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary promotional tattoos are a fun and unique way to showcase your brand or company. No one will forget an employee or customers walking around a highly visible area with your company logo on them. It will definitely get some shock value that people won’t forget.


Everyone, no matter what business you’re targeting, can use clothing. Whether it is a fleece, hoodie or cap, a recipient will always have a need. The more times they see your logo and tag line the more of a chance they will know your name and potentially do business with you.

First Aid Kits

Every industry has people that unfortunately get hurt or are in accidents from time-to-time. A First-Aid kit is mandatory and at times can be a “life-saver” literally. By sending or providing a customer or potential customer with this all-important kit will definitely keep you in a positive light!

As you can see there are many unique items that a business can personalize to get a potential customer’s attention. Items don’t have to go in the trash. These items can have great potential use for years to come. Remember, part of marketing is branding and repetition. The more people see your name and logo, the better chance they will do business with you. Happy promoting!

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