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Why Content Marketing Is the Key to Taking Your Sales and Marketing to the Next Level

Your prospects are spending more time online these days. Our shift in lifestyle since the implementation of stay-at-home orders has led people to spend more time on their mobile devices and interact more with digital media and content. Despite this, many companies are reducing their digital ad spend. Budgets are certainly tight right now, but not putting in the work […]
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How to Learn Social Media Skills

Social media is an integral part of people’s daily life and routine. Technological advancements result in rapid transformation and bring changes in the social media trends day by day. Many companies and organizations are seeking new ways to engage with customers. They are also finding a balance between making sense of their social data with […]
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How Can a Data-Driven Content Marketing Strategy Help You Grow Your Business?

For forward-looking businesses, data analytics is extremely important. By leveraging data, marketers can understand their customers better. Yet, many marketers are not making the most out of this strategy. Gartner estimates that only 29% of marketers are currently using advanced analytics modeling. Why is that? In a press release, Mike Froggatt, director at Gartner, said […]
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Carousels: Grow Your Instagram With Educational Content 

You already know this: The key to growing on Instagram is to share VALUABLE content. You’re a resourceful person and you start researching and analyzing your posts’ performance. All data points at one thing: your audience LOVEs educational content. But then you realize: a single photo is just not enough. And a video tutorial will […]
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Podcasting Business Growth: 5 Reasons Podcasts Produce Powerful Results

Technology continues to change how businesses grow and achieve success. One of the most ROI positive tech-minded business strategies of the digital era may very well be podcasting. This holds especially true for highly competitive markets. Online audiences are turning to podcasts for a number of reasons, and businesses that leverage podcasts can produce powerful […]
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20 Amazing Podcasting Statistics

Podcasts have emerged as the future of storytelling and hold immense potential starting this new decade. As more and more people are getting addicted to the art of storytelling, leveraging of podcasts for marketing and branding purposes has become mainstream. As podcasts are growing in popularity with customers, it is increasingly becoming necessary for businesses […]
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3 Ways You Can Spread Positivity With Your Marketing

Jonathan Birch is Creative Director at SEO and digital marketing agency Glass Digital. He’s well-versed in deciding the right tone and direction for marketing campaigns. Here, he outlines how you can spread positivity with yours during these trying times. The COVID-19 outbreak is effecting everything from people’s mental and physical health to their finances. These […]
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How to Launch a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

Your website is getting amazing traffic, your social media shares are through the roof, and your online sales are growing every month. Well done. What’s next for your online business? Have you thought of launching your own affiliate marketing program? Affiliate marketing will introduce your brand and products to new customers, reward loyal customers who […]
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