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How to Optimize Your Website for Bing

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For all the resources competing for high rankings on the web, Google is like Everest. If you climb it, you’ll touch the top of the world which in internet terms equals the No. 1 position on Google. And that is for a reason. Just like Everest is the highest mountain on Earth, Google is the most powerful search engine expanding its control for up to 70% of the whole search market.

However, there are lots of other breathtakingly beautiful mountaintops in the world worth to be won. Bing is exactly such a summit on the Internet. So why should you consider optimizing for this search engine, especially if you have an US-based website? Here are two convincing arguments:

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    Learn the rules of the game on Bing

    Naturally, you are curious to know what web-optimizing strategy works for Bing. Are there any special tricks that can elevate your online business to the top of search results? Certainly there are. But before we start, let’s consider some regulations that Bing sets for all resources that try to get on the top of search results.

    No ambiguity

    If you want to get traffic from any search engine, developing keywords and phrases are one of the most important elements about your SEO strategy.

    But when it actually comes to choosing the right SEO keywords, most rely on the “box ticking” approach. In some ways, it makes sense. You try various keywords to see which of them are better spotted by the search engine, reevaluate old ones and finally come up with the list of words which is supposed to make your website more visible.

    However, besides intuition and results from your niche investigation, there is one more thing that you should consider before making up the final list of keywords – requirements of the search engine. Bing has quite clear demands concerning keywords choice, the most important being:

    • Clarity
    • Readability
    • Content relevance
    • Regular updates

    Observing these rules will help you improve your ranking in Bing’s search results.

    Locals first

    Another important factor that might influence your rank in Bing is the way the search engine differentiates between queries. Suppose you have keywords similar, or close, to those of your competitors. Consequently, after a user puts these words in the search engine and presses “Enter” the search engine will have to match them with appropriate results. But what if there are several results that fit that initial query?

    In this case, Bing will give preference to local resources. Hence, if your website is geographically remote then it will get lower ranking.

    The older, the better

    Among all the factors that contribute to domain authority its age is most important for Bing. This means that neither quality of links leading to your website, nor the content itself influences Bing’s decision that much as your domain’s age. It shows how savvy your resource is and indicates the level of trust and loyalty of the audience.

    Obviously, resources with domains .edu and .gov get more favoritism from Bing.

    So these are optimization factors to help you earn Bing’s sympathy. However, there are more essential things ahead of the whole optimization strategy for Bing.

    From rules in mind to actions in kind: Step-by-step SEO strategy for Bing

    From all the factors listed above you might have got a generalized picture of how Bing works. Now it’s time to get into details and develop a strategy that will allow for quick and efficient results. Below are some ideas to give you a head start:

    1. Register your website. Just like your way to the mountain-top starts with anoutfit checkup, the ascend to Bing’s top begins with website registration. All you have to do is open a free Bing Webmaster Tools account and wait until your website gets indexed.
    2. Make title tags strong. Titles are the first thing readers usually notice. The importance of title tags on the web page is no different from those written on books. Bing appreciates well-crafted title tags. So make sure your every page is adequately titled and contains appropriate keywords.
    3. Create powerful content. This may sound obvious, but most websites that get low ranking suffer from bad-quality, irrelevant content. So make content your number one priority. Additionally, mind its SEO component since Bing lays emphasis not only on text adequacy but also on how well it is optimized;
    4. Use exact keywords. Bing is known to be quite literal when it goes about keywords. It focuses on anchor text, title tags, and headers. If you want to rank well in Bing, you’d better avoid words with broad meaning and choose exact key phrases.
    5. Mind the backlinks. While Bing isn’t that strict about backlinks, it lays great emphasis on the quality of websites that point to your resource. But what is even more important for Bing is anchor text with keywords. This way you get more chances to be noticed by Bing.
    6. Stay social. For Bing social media is of huge importance. Your presence on social media is another reason for Bing to rank your website high. At times, Bing even uses data from social media to integrate it into search results.

    From the moment Bing was launched, it has demonstrated significant growth on the global search market and webmaster-friendly facilities that allow users to get to the top of search results quickly. Bing is like Kilimanjaro, which is not as challenging to climb as Everest, for example, but it also offers breath-taking sceneries and invaluable experience.

    If you decide to conquer Bing and eventually enter its top rankings, you will get more power and stronger preparation to win Google in future.

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