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Vplayed vs YouTube : Which is the Best Solution for Monetizing Video Content?

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With rapid growth and availability of internet access in urban as well as rural areas, online video streaming is the trending business with adequate benefits to the content creators. Earning a decent revenue through online videos is the core reason for any content creator to start a Youtube channel no matter whether they have small or big content, who are mushrooming consistently with a variety of topics.

Fun Fact: One survey has stated that more video content are uploaded within 30 days when compared to US television networks in 30 years

What is YouTube?

YouTube has undoubtedly had a mammoth reach which is evident from the fact that it is the third most visited online website globally. But, it has already lost many small content creators which are backfiring YouTube. Due to the rigid YouTube monetization models and tightened rules and policies, many video streaming platforms mushroomed over the past decade.

What is Vplayed?

Vplayed, on the other hand, offers a premium video monetization solution which benefits the content creators, broadcasters, publisher to make money online no matter how big or small they may be. Vplayed is built with headway technologies enabling the user to explore the video content to the right people at the right time which helps in monetizing the video content over millions of users. The solution additionally uses DRM and AES that the video content is safeguarded from any kind of legal infringements.

To understand more clearly, let’s quickly compare these two video streaming platform in terms of certain metrics.

The Problems that Video creators Face with Youtube

Channel Banning

As YouTube is a public video platform and has a billion viewership has its own downfall. With 450 hours of video uploaded every minute, it’s highly impossible for the moderators to monitor and check the content before it is being published. Hence, many video contents were suspended led to the banning of the entire channel without any prior notice to the creators or publishers thus losing their work altogether. They can’t get back to the account at any cost.

Negative Branding

One of the awkward moments for any video creators is to face the negative and abusive reviews about their content. The most infamous comment section where many YouTubers have gone to the extent of disabling comment section to avoid abusive content. This gives a total negative effect for the YouTubers. This makes difficult for the content creators to make money from video when user engagement and branding are affected.

DMCA System

One of the largest threats since the inception of YouTube is copyright infringement. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) system, YouTube claims that it’s not responsible for any copyright violations to their video contents. However, in 2007 Viacom sued YouTube with a $1 billion lawsuit! It complains that it was “massive intentional copyright” where it states YouTube has uploaded 160,000 video clips from Viacom illegally.

Irrelevant Recommendation Videos

YouTube algorithm suggests recommendation videos related to your content that diverts your viewers from your channel and lose them completely. For instance, if your channel provides Java programming tutorials, then at the end of each video, your competitor’s video will be displayed which leads your viewers to get distracted easily by providing many options.

Favoring advertisers over creators

YouTube has many ad factors that distract users from viewing the content peacefully. Right from the non-skippable ad to the skip-ads, and other arrows pointed at the wrong places all over the video with unwanted graphics will not only irritate the users but also has the threat to unsubscribe to your YouTube channel within few minutes.

YouTube’s ever-changing profit limits

YouTube constantly changes its rules and policies for the video monetization. With so many factors like subscriber count, popularity and viewer engagement, the YouTubers have to pay a heavy price tag as a commission to YouTube with 45% of their revenue.

Creative Freedom

Community guidelines restrict many content creators to tell their views openly and honestly to their viewers. This pushes them to create only stereotype content and lose their originality.


To earn money from YouTube videos, you need to pass through their eligible criteria such as channel memberships should be at least 30000 subscribers with a consistent amount of viewership. This adds stress to the content creators where if anyone has a drop rate then monetizing from YouTube would become a big challenge.

Why Vplayed is a better choice to make money?

Vplayed is a premier video content delivery solution that has transformed several YouTubers into independent owners by creating their own platform. Vplayed offers a highly scalable and reliable video streaming platform with 100% customizable options and a one-time payment model.

The customer can get the complete ownership of the platform with post-launch support with the ready-to-market launch. Vplayed has several effective monetization options to choose from, which is certainly a powerful youtube alternative for video monetization

Video-On-Demand for End-End streaming

Whether it’s Live Streaming, OTT TV or Video-on-demand, Vplayed solution helps to improve the streaming quality of the content to a whole new level using a built-in video player. Hence providing a UHD quality VOD platform with zero latency is made possible.


On the other hand, the Youtube alternative for creators like Vplayed helps the content creators to build their own platform quickly that has greatly increased the branding value & revenue through creating their own learning platform.


Viewers can upload their video/audio content and experience an excellent quality, buffer-free streaming content with Vplayed’s 4k resolution screens. With Vplayed’s faster encoding solution
expect 50x speedier upload video time.

Content protection

With Vplayed you can take complete ownership for all of your content. This ensures that your content is safe and protected, also easily retrieved as; when required for future reference


Vplayed has a one-time payment system. Also, it has several monetization options for content creators no matter how big or small they may be. For instance, they can have subscription models either monthly or annually, through SVOD, TVOD, AVOD options. Pay-per-view has a huge response among the customers where they pay only for what they watch.

Recommended Engines

Vplayed has in-built special recommendation engines that allow the users to watch relevant videos without losing visitors to other sites. For example, if a user is looking for “Weight reducing videos”, then the recommended engine will suggest other videos related to this topic like “Top 10 Foods to avoid to lose fat”, “ Best Ab Exercises to reduce weight” etc. This increases the engagement rate and decreases attrition rates.

Video Marketing

Get real-time updates and analytics data about your video content instantly with an integrated video marketing platform. Get the pictorial representation, graphical, user engagement, demographic information and much more within a single dashboard portal. Export these custom reports for future reference to see which criteria need improvements.

Content Security

Vplayed implements the HLS model with AES protocol that provides end-end video encryption. This SSL certified DRM enabled platform protects each of your content from any unauthorized users and malicious activity. Also, Vplayed easily integrates with third-party DRM platforms like Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, Adobe Primetime and so on.

Better Encoding and Video Quality

With Adaptive bitrate streaming, users can experience excellent outputs even at lower bandwidth rates. Also, Vplayed is integrated with Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, which delivers an app-like experience across web and mobile applications.


Build your own platform with Vplayed which gives you a better monetization option and comes with power-packed features to get an excellent customizable video streaming platform. Vplayed is certainly a YouTube alternative to make money, improve branding and safeguard your content effectively.
So which is better for your marketing strategy, YouTube or Vplayed?
Which one will you choose?
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