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Three Key Ingredients that Make an Engaging Marketing Video

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Whether a marketer or a business owner, you might employ digital marketing as your mainstream marketing strategy to generate more traffic and sales. If you don’t want to wait a year before you have to see results through channels like SEO, you must think of marketing videos. 

Hubspot surveys suggest that over 70% of buyers would rather learn about business offerings through videos than read long articles. Even expert marketers nowadays create more videos each week than they do text-based content to promote their business.

In this post, we will discuss three key ingredients that comprise an engaging product video. But before we go to that part, let’s look at a few different ways to get your videos done while you can still focus on your craft or business.


Shoot Videos On The Go

Product promos are a cinch to pull together with all the latest video production technologies and an abundance of creators. Today, almost all good smartphones can shoot good quality videos that perform well on social media platforms and even Youtube. With the breakthrough video technology brought by Apple through their iPhone range, now you can bust out your phone and start recording content in a flash.

Employ a Part-Time Video Guy

This is a much better way of ensuring a steady flow of content where you could focus more on the content you’re trying to produce rather than splitting focus on the technicalities of video production. Try to get hold of a video person with a creative eye and aptitude for the kind of topics you do. And nothing’s better if that person is willing to include basic editing with the part-time package you’re offering.

Hire A Video Marketing Agency

Suppose your product or business requires studio-level quality or creative aspects that could contend with Ogilvy’s campaigns. You might as well look for an expert video production agency or niche-specific production studios that do videos for marketing and advertising. 

While networking is a great way to provide yourself with trustworthy options, you could always Google marketing agencies to get a list of well-performing options on the first SERP. Google also has a handy local business SEO feature to help narrow your search.

Key Ingredients Of A Good Product Or Marketing Video

Now let’s discuss the three things all good product promo videos should do. 

Solve a problem – Your product probably has a bunch of new features that you want to show off, but it’s important to hone in on the relevant ones. Ask yourself what problem this product is trying to solve for your audience and showcase at least two to three features relevant to solving that problem. 

You can always adhere to the Problem, Cause, Solution, and Benefit (PCSB) method. This way, you start by leading with the problem your clients might be dealing with. Then you educate them on the reason behind it, talk about your product/service, and relate it to a benefit they’ll be getting by availing it. 

Let’s say you are creating videos for home gym equipment that target potential clients with busy work schedules. Here, the primary problem would be the time constraints faced by busy office-going professionals. 

Hitting the gym means extra time spent in traffic as well as adhering to gym etiquette, such as waiting in line for your turn on a busy day. So the video could include scenes that represent these scenarios in a way that suits the nature of your brand. One might choose a comedic representation, while another might go for a sophisticated corporate vibe.

Near the end, you can introduce the solution. A solution would be your multipurpose, space-saving gym equipment with advanced technologies that could hit all your major muscle groups to provide you with your daily requirement of a full-body circuit.

Feature social proofing – Social proofing is a psychological phenomenon where the behavior or opinions of others influence your viewers. It tells your viewer that someone out there unbiasedly loves your product and how it satisfies their problem or desire. 

There are different types of social proof: testimonials, user reviews, endorsements from celebrities, assessments by experts, or official certifications. So decide which one your user will respond to and go with that. 

Have an engaging CTA – This might sound a little obvious in today’s digital marketing age. However, many overlook the importance of a good CTA with video. Almost all platforms, such as Instagram or Youtube, offer the facility for you to embed a CTA link that a potential customer could click on.


To Summarize

The best thing about video is that you get faster results than you would with traditional SEO or most other marketing channels. 

When looking to create a marketing video, think about your audience’s specific problems and try to tell stories around those problems they’re likely experiencing. People, in general, don’t make decisions to purchase something if there isn’t some sort of a root problem. The quicker you are at defining that, the better you’ll be at marketing. And there’s no better way to do it than making the best marketing videos for your product or service.

Also, ensure that you furnish your videos with social proofing that aligns with your product/service. This will further boost a potential customer’s trust in your offering. Finally, provide the viewer with an engaging enough call to action through which they can easily check out and avail your product. 

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