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The 5 Groundbreaking Video Trends To Watch Out For

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Over the past years, video form has become the hottest trend when it comes to the world of digital marketing. There are various benefits over the text form, which seems to be uninspiring to people. They don’t want to be excluded in this type of experience, but rather engaged, and further provided with some content. With the increase in e-commerce and a large percentage of companies having the whole world as their market, it is becoming more challenging to attract visitors and turn them into customers. We’ll deal with some of the trends you can follow in order to do so, and much more, such as increasing your brand awareness and loyalty of your customers!

Live Stream

It is not only about sharing content anymore, but it is also about sharing it first, or sharing it while it is happening. Our smart devices have enabled us to have the whole world in our hand, and people are getting more and more used to instantaneous responses. We have little patience for a website loading slowly and we want it all, and we want it now. One of the most important reasons for deciding to go with live stream videos is that your customers are constantly doing it on social media platforms. This way you can ensure them you are on the same level, and also that you want to connect in real-time.

Live videos are the truth shown, there is no editing and basically no rules. It makes you more human, and even the mistakes can turn out to be beneficial, for the same reason. They have become even more popular with the rise of stories on Instagram, Facebook etc. Our curiosity is satisfied when we watch what is someone else doing, and you can show your potential customers many aspects of your business this way. Create some videos of how are your products made, for example. Get the audience a chance to see what’s behind the scenes, to see the processes and people, to get to know your brand better.

You can do the interviews with the relevant people, and create a certain message you can say at the end of every video, like a catchphrase. Live videos have another advantage, as people will be more likely to interact and ask questions over the pre-recorded ones. Furthermore, if you apply this marketing technique, you will be reminding them of your brand on a daily basis.

Tutorial Videos

Teaching people how to do something is best if done in video form. First of all, there are no uncomfortable feelings on the consumer side, as they sometimes may feel embarrassed to ask for clarification. This is largely because they feel ashamed for not understanding. This is crucial if most of your business is done online, as many visitors of your website will be reluctant to order an item if they are not sure how to use it. Furthermore, a whole variety of complex products will come to them in a box with separated parts.

Including a video tutorial in the product description will put their minds at ease, as they can follow step by step instructions if they decide to purchase it. A large part of this is an emotional response you are creating this way. You are showing that you care and you understand their needs and are appropriately responding. If your company offers services instead of products, you can have relevant employees who are in charge explain the basics. Reading about why should they choose your service will not be nearly as compelling. Create some crash courses on each of the topics, and leave them wanting more! Besides your website, you’ll be able to post these on your social media, weekly newsletters and even promote them as advertisements.

TBC Videos

Always leave them wanting more! If you create a kind of a podcast, you will be able to establish a certain regular audience, which further leads to customer loyalty. Create content which is episodic, and deal with numerous topics that are related to your business. This way, you can subtly promote it, by sharing relevant information, but not focusing on it. You can include interesting guests and have interviews with them, from a worker to the CEO. You could even combine this with the live streaming and be sure the awareness of your brand will increase.

Occasionally, throw in a live tutorial, or do an episode during the town market you are participating in. Interview some satisfied clients from time to time, and just try to have fun! You don’t really need any expensive equipment, simply use your phone. This can create excitement and anticipation for the next video, and if you do the satisfied clients segment, people will want to be a part of your story.

Searchable Content

Having a website is not good enough in a marketing context for a while now. Think about how many times have you gone further than the first page of Google while browsing. This is why your content needs to be visible to your target group. You ought to define your target group precisely, or several target groups in order to approach them in the right way, or on the right platform. This is your last chance to get on board the train that leads to success, by engaging in the evolved marketing strategies.

Being on social networks could be enough, but consider that your competition probably uses the latest methods. It is highly recommended investing in services of marketing agencies, and have the teams of experts deal with your business visibility, posting those videos to the right places. With their help, these videos can now be ads on various platforms, such as with YouTube and Google ads, or ads in free games. The more content you are providing, the more visible will you become, therefore, more relevant. As guys doing SEO in Sydney like to point out – analysis of your target groups and competition, as well as finding the right keywords people would use while browsing for a product or service you offer is enormously important.

Futuristic Approach

Don’t limit yourself to traditional video concepts, as the technology we have allows us to do much more. An amazing option that will surely attract a large audience is creating 360° videos. Augmented reality and virtual reality are the present and the future of all marketing. You will show your potential customers you can keep up with the latest technology and provide them with an innovative experience. Most of the social media platforms have already included publishing of 360 degrees content. This is the most immersive experience for the viewer available in 2020 so stand out and set the new standards in the niche market you are operating.

The best thing in this scenario is that everyone is a beginner when it comes to it! This means you will be able to experiment and be as creative as you want, only dealing with fundamentals, and people will love it anyway, for the experience itself. That being said, numerous major companies such as Adidas and IKEA have been implementing these innovative campaigns for a while. Look it up and find some inspiration for your own campaign!


Virtual reality is getting more and more intertwined with the actual reality, and people cannot seem to be able to function without merging the two. In such a dynamic field as marketing is, you can really use this to your business’s advantage. The more time people are spending on their devices, the more opportunities you have to engage them. Once they start following the content you are publishing, you can remind them of your brand on a daily basis, and establish the connection. Be sure they will appreciate your efforts, especially if you start personalizing content, getting to know your clients while letting them get to know you!

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