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Show And Tell – Could An Explainer Video Boost Your Tech Business?

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When it comes to promoting your product or service, ads, blogs, and snappy slogans are great for getting your message across – but what if your product is too complex to explain in a few words?  As fancy as your ad might be, if it doesn’t quickly and clearly explain what your product is, it’s unlikely to attract customers. For this reason, more and more tech companies are choosing Explainer Videos as a way of reaching their target audience. 

Can you explain?

An Explainer Video is a short animated (usually no more than 90 seconds) or filmed video. This is created to explain a brand’s product or service offering quickly and succinctly.  These are particularly effective for brands whose service or product can’t be easily described. Using just words and static images; for example, an app or piece of software which is new and may not be immediately understood by your target audience. 

An Explainer Video has a unique benefit. It can be used to actually demonstrate a product or service in action. It means that has potential customers that are able to grasp the concept quickly and make a purchase decision.  We’ve known for a while that social media posts featuring video are much more successful than those featuring photographs or images – which is another good reason to embrace the Explainer Video. A huge number of businesses are now using this form of media to promote their products – including Dollar Shave Club who combines humor with an explanation of what they’re about and, Mint.com’s Financial Life Explainer which features an on-screen demonstration of its software along with a vocal explanation. 

Should I be making an Explainer Video?

To be honest, there are very few kinds of business which wouldn’t benefit from an Explainer Video. – says Eric the Founder and CEO of Explainify, that specializes in creating 60-90 second animated explainer videos.

Whether you want to provide a demonstration of your new app or, you just want to show off your sexy new camera range, there aren’t many downsides to this form of promotion.  

So, how do I make an Explainer Video for my brand?

To begin by expelling a myth, you don’t need to hire an expensive production team.  Neither graphic artist to get your video created.  You can use a phone or computer to record a voice-over to be played over something as simple as a Powerpoint presentation or, simply record a video of your product in action with a voice-over.  If you’re a bit more tech-minded then you can create a few infographics to jazz up your video. The great news for those without much technical knowledge is that there are some great and inexpensive tools available to help you quickly make your video such as Mysimpleshow and Biteable.  These tools allow you to upload images or use stock images provided in order to create simple but effective videos in no time at all – and Biteable is free to use!

Tips for making your Explainer Video

Visual Content

It should go without saying – but we’re going to say it anyway. Offensive or pornographic material should never be used in your Explainer video.  Also, bear in mind that it is against the law to use any music or imagery which is protected by copyright – for example, you’re not allowed to use a Bon Jovi track to grab attention.  For more details on what is and isn’t permitted, visit What’s Legal and What’s Illegal to Use in YouTube Videos

Filming or recording your own visual content should be as professional as possible. Go for simple but effective high-resolution imaging. 

Recording an on-screen demonstration or slideshow does not need content that is blurred. This should readable easily by the viewer. 


Once you’ve locked down your visual content, it’s time to decide on your message. That means writing a script for your voice-over.  As a general rule, your script should be around 200 words.

You’ll need to have a few run-throughs to make sure that you get it right in terms of length.  If you’re recording the voice-over yourself, remember to speak slowly and clearly. If you’re not used to public speaking, it’s always tempting to rush through it to get it over with. 

Style and tone

When deciding on a ‘feel’ for your Explainer Video, make sure that it fits with your brand’s message. Zany graphics work well for a gaming brand, but financial products will perform better with a more grown-up style.  It is possible to combine humor with a serious product – as demonstrated by Anchor Security – but this takes a bit of practice to make sure that you’ve got the balance right.      

Who do you think you’re talking to?

When creating your Explainer Video, always work on the basis that you’re talking to just one person.  Remember the target customer – so avoid ‘you all’ and ‘Hi everybody’.  90-second Explainer Video, need first 30 seconds to identify one or more of the target customer’s pain points. Making sure you explain your product offers a solution.  This is, after all, the reason that you’re making the video. If you have enough time left after this, you can always embellish with more detail. 

Making an Explainer Video is an excellent way of showcasing your product or services. It is also an option of gaining more attention from potential customers.  Whether your video is fun or serious, make it short enough to be shared on social media – and interesting enough to be shared by those who view it for optimal results. 

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