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Online Video: Likes Through A Global Lens

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In Hollywood, it’s “Lights, Camera, Action!”  In the digital age, it’s “Likes, Content, Analytics”.   Not everyone will be rushing to declare “I’m ready for my close-up”, however online video is too important a tool to ignore.  Video boosts search engine results, increases stickiness and improves conversion rates.  It gives you an unprecedented opportunity to attract visitors to your website, keep them there and influence their purchasing decisions.

It makes viewers feel they know you, while increasing your likeability and credibility. So here’s a selection of tips and tricks for using online video to extend your reach, build your brand, increase your client base and grow a network of long-term loyal customers.

3 Examples Of Video Storytelling At Its Best If you’re going to make a video, how do you ensure that it will engage viewers?  Without doubt, great storytelling is the key!  Here are three examples of video storytelling at its very best: creative, universal, visual and driven by strong narratives.  Adam Westbrook

YouTube Killed The TV Star No other tool in your marketing toolbox delivers the bang-for-your-buck that video content does.  Here are 4 reasons why 2012 will the year marketers truly embrace video in their social marketing efforts, not least the fact that it sells to the C-Suite.  Socialnomics

4 Tips For Producing Quality Web Videos Just because anyone can make a video, does that mean everyone should?  For every well-produced, entertaining and informative video, there are millions that aren’t.  So what are some of the bigger pitfalls to avoid if you want your video to get people talking and sharing?  Mashable

The Magic Of Interactivity The Old Spice ad ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ was a sensation, but its success wasn’t just attributable to the ad itself.  Here’s a fascinating case study outlining the development of the strategy, the extraordinary results and – crucially – the interactive campaign in which the ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ responded to fans and celebrities using video.  We Are Social

How Video Can Help Your Online Marketing Efforts – Now that we’ve looked at a high-cost campaign, let’s explore how you can market your company through video without a substantial investment of time or cost.  Here are some DIY marketing tips which anyone can use.  DIY Marketers

How To Make A Great Tutorial Video – If you want to find out anything these days, all you have to do is type “How Do I….?” into YouTube and you’ll find multiple video tutorials.  So what are the elements of a great video tutorial?  Udemy

Video Blogging: Be Yourself, Be Different, Have Fun! – Great tips from bobblehead Will on vlogging (video blogging) for people who like being on camera and also people who don’t.  Creativity is the secret ingredient! The Creative Journal

How To Implement An Advanced Video SEO Strategy Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking.  Here’s how to create and implement a Video SEO (VSEO) strategy to secure that all-important page ranking. iMediaConnection

Quality Versus Quantity – It’s not just the quantity of potential clients that’s boosted by video marketing.  John Heenan of The Distribution Solution says that adding video to his company’s website has had a major impact on their client conversion rate: “Since we put video on our website, the quality of leads generated has improved significantly.  The people who contact us as a result of seeing our video know that our services meet their needs, so they are more likely to become customers.  It has also improved our relationships with existing clients and potential customers because they enjoy connecting with the real people behind the brand.”  The Distribution Solution

4 Benefits Of Client Video Testimonials We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the camera never lies’.  That’s not strictly true: just have a look at the photoshopped glossy photographs of models and actors.  However, the camera does accurately convey – through body language and tone of voice – whether someone believes what they’re saying.  So while written testimonials carry a reasonable level of credibility, video testimonials inspire much greater trust.  Skeleton Productions

Video CVs – Video is an excellent way of marketing people as well as companies. Employers seeking to recruit new staff are drowning under piles of CVs.  So a Video CV is a terrific way for jobseekers to get an employer’s attention.  It can demonstrate their suitability for a particular job and also show excellent communications skills, which are an asset in every job.  Here’s how the innovative use of YouTube annotations secured one marketing executive his ideal job.  Graeme Anthony

Using Video To Lift Landing Page Conversion Rate By 100% Driving traffic to your website is one thing, converting that traffic into paying customers is another.  Some of the critical factors in leveraging video to increase conversion include type of content, analytics and distribution platforms.  Unbounce

Where To Share Videos Online – So now you’ve got your video made, the next question is where to stream it?  There’s an embarrassment of riches in terms of video sharing websites.  This review compares the choices available to you and explains what features to look for on a video sharing website.  TopTenReviews

Video As A Vision Of The Future Video is a terrific way to illustrate a vision and convince people to buy into that vision.  This video takes a look at what the future could look like from a mobile and technology perspective. Microsoft

Ireland Above Average With Daily YouTube Hits Do Irish consumers watch online videos?  Apparently we do and in great numbers!  John Herlihy, Google’s global head of advertising, recently revealed that Ireland is above the global average of daily YouTube views.  So if your customer base is in Ireland, this is another compelling reason to use video to market your business.  Irish Central

The Power Of Celebrity Getting a celebrity to endorse your company is a very effective marketing strategy.  In this promotional video for FIRST Robotics, both Morgan Freeman and Barack Obama extol the importance of education and mentoring.  I wanted to finish with this video because – in addition to high production values and powerful storytelling – it combines all of the top elements of online video: it’s uplifting, inspiring, evocative, emotive and shares a vision.  FIRST

I’d love to hear your thoughts about online video.  If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below and I’d be delighted to answer them. Also, please share links to videos that you enjoyed. I look forward to seeing the videos that you create!

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