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Is Your Online Store Ready For The Holiday Rush?

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The season now signals the transition from swimsuit to sweaters. And for the e-tailers, it marks the ramp-up for the biggest online shopping season of the year. It is the Christmas frenzy now. This is the time where the retailers see a wide gap between the brick-mortar and web purchases. Therefore, get those savvy seasonal strategies to earn the maximum traffic. Millions of people are getting ready to reach into their pockets and shop till they drop.

As the countdown for this biggest holiday date begins, you are sure to get your online store ready and get prepared for the online blitz. But ‘HOW’ is the important question? If you are still wondering of unique ideas to earn the maximum in this holiday season you no longer have to spend sleepless nights. If you cannot go toe-to-toe with the big guys on price, amazing services should be your winning proposition. Here are a few tips that can help you to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Deck your site

Just like a physical store is decked up during the holiday season, why not create a festive atmosphere throughout your site by winding up some virtual trimmings? However, do not forget that less is more. Do not encumber your easy path to purchase with unnecessary blinking lights or dancing elves.

While decorating your home page, category page and banners, prefer those items that are available for immediate shipment. If you do not want any distraction for your prime offerings keep those discontinued and clearance items out of the way.

Discounts + holiday shopping = a great combo

This should be on top of your eCommerce optimization checklist. Consumers assemble to shopping online especially for the actual or apparent discounts that they are promised to expect on the Christmas week. So the best way to take advantages of shoppers with their eyes on bargain is to provide discounts to draw their attention. Their holiday spirits gets enhanced with sales and discounts as soon as they land up in your site.

Boost your organic presence

It has been observed that the majority of the shoppers begin their shopping process at search engine. Thus, it is important that you maximize your exposure. Optimizing the text of your site with targeted keywords, expanding the offerings to incorporate those products that customers are searching for, appropriate product description and blogs with strategic interlinking are some of the effective strategies to make your presence distinct from the crowd.

Do not stop at HELP content and FAQ alone by forgetting that all content is marketing. For instance, your site as it focuses on winter wear now, how cool would it be to get some videos of experts talking about the latest winter style? The more educated your customers become, the more they appreciate what you sell. And at the end of the day, they are your valuable customers who are expected to remain loyal to your business. With great information comes further motivation.

Give the luxury of choice

Gift cards are no longer considered as unique imaginative easy way out. The range of options has undergone a drastic change. It is more about personalized options with attractive packaging that serve as an elegant presentation. They are guaranteed to be the perfect fit during the holidays. Your gift cards should have prominent placement throughout the site making it easy for the customers to redeem it.

Reciprocity is a powerful psychological trigger and it does not take much for a gift to leave an impact. The classic freebies are ideal gifts for your customers to make their Christmas shopping all the more special.

The cross-sell strategy does work

The holiday time is the best time to encourage impulsive purchase as the customers are in prime stocking-stuffer mode at this time. Adding pertinent upsell plans and suggestions on product pages, shopping cart and throughout the checkout is an added bonus for the shoppers. For instance, you may suggest a few accessory items that complement the customer’s selection of winter clothes.

For busy Christmas shoppers, every minute counts. They don’t mind spending a little extra for gift wraps and make their gifts look impressive. So why not offer them multiple packaging styles along with their chosen gifts. This little offer can make a big way to leave an everlasting impression of your site.

Get people excited about what you offer.

Grant their wishes

If you have not thought about it, go for it. The holiday season is the best time to add wish list functionality to your online site. Make the recipients choose what they want and give them the opportunity to appreciate the convenience of a pre-selected list. This is the perfect way to increase conversion.

If you think technology has made the handwritten note a lost art, then you are dead wrong. You can find thousands of instances where customers being truly appreciative of THANK YOU note. They serve as an element within customer service to show that you are willing to go that extra mile for those who give you business.

Do make the most of the upcoming holiday season with these best practices and am sure you won’t fall prey to common performs that may not be working for your site.

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