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How Online Shopping Stores Can Showcase Their Products

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With the growth in online shopping stores and online marketing, businesses are trying out unique and various web design techniques to make the shopping experience as comprehensive as possible.

A big number of people now prefer shopping online over conventional and exhausting shopping ways. The main reason for this conversion is the ease of getting various products and even brands on a single website. In the past few years, there are a massive number of traditional shoppers converting to online shoppers.

When people open up websites selling their products online or online stores to be more precise, it just takes them a few seconds to decide whether the website offers what they are looking for. If not then it will just take them another few seconds to close the website right there and switch to another. An online shopping store should have all the qualities of grabbing the attention of your potential client through various elements.

An integrated and user-friendly online shopping website must have all the basic elements to make it a success, which includes:

  • a detailed and user-friendly website,
  • responsive web design without any glitches,
  • attractive images and image sizing is very important,
  • all the necessary information,
  • the classification and categorization should be neat and easy to access.

We have picked some of our favorite websites in terms of perfect product display and showcasing. All these websites have all the elements of business generation yet they are attractive in the same time.

#1. Guess Watches supports an easy to access and user-friendly online store. The classification of mens and womens watches on the home page has made it easy to access a desired collection. They give sufficient information for all its products. Upon clicking an image from their horizontal watch display, you will be lead to a description page where all the necessary information about the particular watch is given.

The overall design of the website is very eye-catching and motivates the user to explore the site to its maxim. The image quality and sizing is perfectly appealing and gives the user a good look

#2. Sophie and Trey has all that an online shopping mall should have. The home page itself grabs a user’s attention right from the start, the eye-catching images, perfect categorization and all necessary shipping and other details. The horizontal showcasing has made it easier to have a look at a wide range of products on one page. The product imaging and sizing are appropriate according to particular item.

With every item, they give an easy image zooming option, which enhances all the features of a particular item, and makes it easier for the buyer to decide whether to buy, or not. The appropriate social media integration keeps them connected with all their social media platforms.

#3. Storyville

Although is a website for coffee lovers,  its aesthetically pleasing layout makes it a pleasure for everyone. The sliding product display provides us with a good view of all the products. The overall layout and colors goes perfectly with the coffee theme. The catalogue can be easily viewed with all the necessary product description and pricing details.

#4. BirchBox

A welcoming display and a clean look of, makes it a perfect online shopping website. The dropdown shop menu gives a neat and uncluttered option to the shoppers. The horizontal display, pricing, and product description makes the shopping experience a lot easier.

However, the image sizing in the horizontal display may not be appropriate for some customers but as you click on the item you get a good enlarged look.

#5. Hommard

This aesthetically simple online fashion store gives a minimalistic feel. As claims to be a men’s brand, their overall layout goes perfectly with their manly theme. The website provides its user with a user-friendly navigation either from the side of the page or through clicking the image from center. Their categorization of vast range of sweaters gets more precise with an individual style classification, like V-neck, scarfs or cardigans.

A perfectly categorized, uncluttered, yet attractive display can make your online shopping website go viral and can generate more traffic for you. It is very important to keep ourselves in the customer’s shoes and seek how you can improve your showcase and their online shopping experience.

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