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Online Personas: How To Create The Mask

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Making people believe you, convincing them that you are trustworthy, and showing them that you are an acceptable person—these things are very important if you want to earn respect and trust among the big people in the industry. To be accepted, you’ll have to show your best façade.

Let’s say for instance that you are new to SEO and you are trying to do some outreach to affiliate marketers. You’ll find out quickly that you need to have a name and a brand that these people across the web can easily trust and engage in.

When you do your outreach, you will mostly contact businessmen—busy people who are very specific and choosy. They protect their websites and businesses like they’re gold. They won’t just let you have an opportunity to write for them. To earn their trust and acceptance, you will have to be either an established person on the web, or one of their own. For this, you will need a persona.

Making the mask

In some cultures, masks represent complex things and meanings. Sometimes, these masks are worn to show others that a person wearing it represents someone or something else. When you wear the mask, you’re that mask. You can be the beast, a fearful demon, an animal or even a god.

It’s the same with personas. You build a mask, a character that fits very well with your chosen audience. So you’ll have to first determine a few things.  Is your chosen target audience a group of parents? Teenagers who love gadgets and game consoles? Digital artists who go online for tutorials? These traits and clues are the right ingredients that can help you shape your very own persona.

Once you have determined these things, you add in these other building blocks that will complete the personality of your persona. Without these, your persona will be just an incomplete ghost. Learn more about Personas from this KaisertheSage post – How to Construct and Use Personas for Link Building and Social Media.

The name

Remember that you’re creating a believable “person”. Not a fictional character. Choose a name that’s natural. Something based on your target audience, whether it is a parent’s name, a gamer’s, a businessman’s or an artist’s.


Your persona will be more believable if you have a picture. Not a head with a question mark. Remember that you’re working in a world where people are a thousand miles apart. To earn trust and build rapport, they would want to see that they are communicating with a real person and not a robot.

Demographic information

Age, sex, occupation—these small and basic things are still very important to include when making your persona. The more your prospect knows about you, the likelier that they will believe that your persona is trustworthy.

Pages for profiles

If possible, and if you have lots of time in your hands, making accounts in social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will really help in making your persona as believable as possible. This will make your persona more real, more credible, and more human.

Using personas will greatly help you in your outreach as long as all of these elements are included and in the right order.

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