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Moving Up: 5 Unique Ways To Improve Your Google Website Ranking

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One of the more practical ways to start a business is by making it accessible online. The recent decades have brought the birth of websites used for business purposes and more. The fact is, creating a website is way cheaper than using other advertisement strategies. Websites reach more potential market than the traditional television and radio. Because the coverage of the Internet reaches even the international market – as long as they appear on Google website ranking page.

Undeniably, one of the world’s foremost search engines is Google. Millions turn to this site every day, this is why improving your Google page ranking is the best way to get your business known to the people.  There are no quick and easy ways to make your website land on the first page of search engines.

Here are five unique but easy ways to help you improve your rank and get you moving up in the search result page even without using SEO ranking software.

#1. Gather your votes

Google has no way to distinguish two links come from the same website. For instance, votes cast to are separate from those cast for Fixing this is easy, all you need is use a 301 or permanent redirect so that both links will redirect to each other.

#2. Give to Charity

This tip is for your advantage. Why? When you contribute to charities they will list down your site address on their page or website. Not only are you helping others, in return you will benefit from your kind act.

#3. Take advantage of automated notifications

There will come a time that a page will be mentioning your website without necessarily linking back to your address. Although this does not count as a vote, you can take advantage of it by using automated notifications from Google Alerts. This way, an e-mail will be sent every time your website is cited, so that you can communicate with the page administrator and ask for a potential link back.

#4. Monitor your keywords

Determine which of your keywords are getting more attention than the others.  Some keywords tend to invite site visitors to read more, comment, or purchase something from your site. While some keywords do the complete opposite and instead scare potential clients.  By using Google Analytics, it’s possible to monitor and track keywords so that you will know if these keywords will attract or turn off your website visitors.

#5. Focus on the quality and not on the quantity of your content

Make sure your site’s content is high in quality and very helpful. Take into consideration if many will find the information useful and perhaps share it online. This is a great way to get your website ‘out there’ without any hardcore advertising.

You may also include content related to your site’s main topic, so that visitors will visit your site regularly for more updates and reliable information.

When it comes to improving your Google website ranking, all you really need to do is to get those ingenious juices flowing. Think of unique but easy ways to promote your website online. Soon you will find your online business site on the first page of search engines upon performing a ranking check.

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