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Mobile SEO Strategy For 2015

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Google set the deadline of April 21, 2015 for an update in its algorithm which checked whether a website is mobile friendly or not. Mobile friendly websites which allow users to browse without having to zoom in and out can expect to get a boost in rankings. On the other hand, those websites which are not mobile friendly and offer a suboptimal user experience can expect to see a sharp drop. This update, dubbed as “Mobilegeddon”, will affect searches in all languages.

Google has opined recently that the effect of this update is expected to be greater than its Panda or Penguin updates. This news leaves a lot for the Webmasters worldwide to worry about. If their rankings drop due to this factor, it might take a long time for them to climb back up the ladder.

The necessity of this update

As per the estimates, over 50% of Google’s search traffic originates from mobile devices. This makes it natural for Google to put in a lot of effort to provide these with a great user experience. Hence, it is introducing this test for mobile friendliness.

Mobile Seo strategy for 2015

Webmasters of non-compliant websites had an uphill task in hand to conform to these new guidelines before April 21, 2015. They can hire a professional SEO services expert for ensuring the following:

  • Testing the website: Use two utilities available in Google Webmaster tools – Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile Usability Report to test the mobile friendliness of your website. Test whether every individual page meets the specifications and don’t stop after testing just the homepage.
  • Make the website Mobile friendly: If the website fails the above mentioned tests, then they can either create a separate mobile version of the website hosted on a subdomain (e.g., or get the website transported to a mobile friendly framework. Responsive designs work very well on both desktops and mobile.
  • Check Canonicalization: If there are two versions of the website, then proper redirects have to be built from the mobile page to the desktop page, whose contents are similar. This will help to avoid duplication of content.
  • Page speed: Professional Seo services providers also need to check the speed at which the pages load. All the pages of the mobile site should be optimized for achieving faster loading time.
  • Link building: Webmasters opting for separate mobile websites should remember that this can give rise to link building problems. It is always easier to build links for one website rather than two.

Hiring a professional Seo service provider is your best option for ensuring that the website becomes mobile friendly. They can also formulate an appropriate mobile Seo strategy for 2015 for you to implement.

If you haven’t prepared for mobilegeddon, it will cost you!

It is high time you deal with Mobilegeddon. Google, has not disclosed much details however, as per Webmaster trends analyst Mr. Gary Illyes,

  • Responsive designs don’t really have a ranking benefit
  • Googlebot should be permitted to crawl JavaScript & CSS in order to pass the “mobile-friendly” test
  • This update will not affect the Tablets.
  • Mobile friendliness will be decided at the page level and not site wide
  • Google is working on a dedicated mobile index currently

The websites that have more chances of being affected by the update

Take precautions now ASAP is the word, to save your ranking position. Somo has come up with a list of sites that will be affected by the update.

Most of these brand names/ companies do have apps but their websites are not mobile friendly. So, it is time to change it and opt for responsive designs. Going mobile is the call of the day, and you have to take it seriously now, because it is what Google is looking forward to. The aim here is to make it easy for everyone who browse through websites over the internet.


Although, we are sure that the impact this update will have on the search engine will definitely be drastic, what this impact will be is still not disclosed. However, we do have an idea about the factors that will be added to change the visibility of a website’s search.

It has been found that around 60% of all searches (Google) are now made via mobile devices. So, it is inevitable that Google take mobile friendliness seriously. Google wants to provide the best experiences to its users and also wants to monetize on this.

There is no need to worry if your website it already mobile friendly. However, if it is not, then you will have to make some preparations.

  • Make sure that the mobile version of your website is functional and active. The responsive designs are highly popular and you can also have a different version of your website that is mobile. Google makes sure that the mobile users are uninterrupted while using the search engine.
  • You will have to make sure that the Google bots can crawl your site, this is highly important and hence we are repeating the point again and again. If you find it difficult to do this yourself, then it is best to opt for the solutions provided by professional SEO experts. This way your website will be in safe hands.

But, don’t wait any more, find a reliable SEO expert as soon as possible, since the time is slipping and you have to make your website mobile friendly before the due date. So go ahead and make the changes to stay on top of the Google ranks, or else, the destiny of your website will be in despair.

If you have already opted for the solutions of a professional SEO expert, then simply make sure that the work is done asap.  Also this is for your own betterment, because, statistics show that mobile websites are much more efficient than the websites that are non-responsive. Mobile websites are known to provide much better conversion, as compared to the ones that are non–responsive. So, increase your profits, and boost your business while you stay on the top of the Google ranking list. Stay ahead of your competitors, all because of making a small change, thanks to Google’s new update.

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