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Master the Art of Corporate Event Planning with These Ten Simple Tips

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Planning corporate events may seem like a challenging and time-consuming task but the intensive labor can be turned into a memorable and interesting experience. Planning such events gives you a chance to unleash the inner creativity and brainstorm a variety of different ideas. All your interactive ideas and efforts can help make your event a major success among your colleagues and clients.

In this article, we will explore ten easy, yet effective tips that would make you a master in the art of planning a successful and unforgettable corporate event.

#1. Design A Realistic Budget

The most important thing to determine before planning a corporate event is the budget. It would prevent you from spending unnecessarily on food or venue and use it on other minor items. Hiring expert planners can also be useful as they have connections with suppliers and can get discount services for your event.


Your budget should allocate the costs for guest speakers, venue, entertainment, food and catering and decorations. This way you can assign the costs wisely to make your event a definite hit!

According to Ruth Locke, an event management expert, the three most important tips for a successful corporate event are“Sufficient planning time, sufficient budget and quality suppliers and subcontractors.”

#2. Propose The Event Plan To Prospective Sponsors

Use your connections and affiliated businesses to sponsor the corporate event if you have a tight budget. Sponsors can assist in offsetting the costs of the event and also gives them a chance to promote their name via your business event. Just make sure that the sponsors you are getting fit well with your business and clients.

#3. Consider Appropriate and Budget-friendly Food Style

Avoid sit-down meals with waiters and table service as it can be costly. Buffet style is far more appropriate and budget friendly for corporate events and you can also reduce the money by skipping a course. You can introduce a grab-and-go dessert and family style salads, as it is more economic. Do not complicate the designs or processes and keep it as simple as possible.

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

#4. Keep The Event Goal In Your Mind

It is extremely important to keep the event goal in your mind at all times during the planning processes. For this purpose, you have to find out what the stakeholders want to achieve from this business event. Have one-on-one meetings with the bosses and create a list of the goals. According to these goals, you can invite relative guest speakers and secure an appropriate venue.

#5. Organize Fruitful Advertising For Your Event

Excellent advertising and proper promotion of the event is overlooked by planners most of the times. It is a crucial part of corporate events to have a fruitful advertising plan in order to grab the attention of the guests.

The e-vites should be sent one month prior to the event date so that the guests would mark their calendars. Proper advertising works wonders to boost the corporate attendance.

Geoff Bartlett states that an event planning process greatly depends on invitations. He says “it’s the style that makes the occasion” and thus, the print quality and content of the invite should be attention-grabbing and unique.

In addition, using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook with hashtags is also a great way to promote your corporate event.

#6. Make It All About The Employees/Clients

Employee or client appreciation should be the main target of your corporate event. Seating arrangements should be made accordingly. The senior management should be seated at the back while the internal employees should be placed at the front so that they feel their hard-work is recognized.

Also treat the spouses of your employees with respect in these corporate events and honor them. They work as a team and make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of the job. Appreciate their efforts at the business event and set a good example.

#7. Choose A Comfortable Venue

A comfortable venue is necessary to set the tone of the event. If the guests are crammed up in a small space, it can make the people cranky and the attendees might lose interested in the sessions. In short, the venue for the corporate event should be special, impressive and highly unique.


Choose a venue that is close to subways or public transport so that the guests have no issues in arriving on time. Also observe the commute patterns in the location you are choosing for the event. If the corporate event is extended over a period of more than one day, then make sure the hotels rooms for the guests are booked beforehand to avoid complications.

#8. Keep The Sessions Short And Interactive

A lot of times, the main reason behind the loss of interest of the guests in a corporate event are the overly long and dragged sessions. The program should be set in a way that the attention and focus of the guests does not waver. Insert short breaks and activities in the program so that the guests enjoy their time and the element of entertainment keeps them attentive and interested.

#9. Prioritize Entertainment And Fun

Never underestimate the power of entertainment and fun in corporate events. It is essential for energizing the crowd and keeping the element of excitement alive throughout the event.

An important tip is to keep fun filled facts at the tables that would help spark conversation among the table mates. Besides, having a theme for a corporate event is also an excellent way to make the business sessions entertaining.

#10. Thank Your Guests And Gather Feedback

Event follow-ups are often not considered important by event planners which is certainly a huge mistake. Gaining feedback is an effective way of listening to the needs of your employees or guests. Design a survey for the ending session to get a follow-up of what the guests enjoyed the most and what could be changed in the future corporate events.

In addition, thank your guests for taking out their time to be a part of the event. You can be a little creative and serve nametags with fun personal facts to give your guests as a reminder. Gift bags with souvenirs from the corporate events are also an excellent way of thanking your guests for their impeccable services.

Most importantly, NEVER PANIC! Remember the words of Eddie Ross, “Good planning I’ve always thought is in the details…Plan it out, make it interesting, and you’re sure to pull it off!”

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