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How Valuable Is Your Marketing Degree?

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Employers want job candidates that have the following abilities: good writing and speaking skills, critical thinking and problem solving, proven record of working well in a team and an understanding of science and technology. An aptitude for numbers and statistics is also required. Who has this kind of background? An applicant with a marketing degree. So is your bachelor’s degree in marketing valuable? Consider these eight career advantages.


  1. Top Career Ranking

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services. It entails market research and advertising.

No business can survive without it. Therefore it continues to rank highly.

Best Degree Programs ranks a B.S. or M.S. degree as no. 3 out of 10 for the top highest paying degrees in business.

U.S. News lists marketing as no. 10 on its 2016 Top College Majors for Finding Full-Time Work.


  1. The curriculum offers in-demand skills that reflect acquired learning. Most colleges offer a degree in marketing.

The programs offer the skills employers need.

– Communication

– Critical thinking

– Research and Analysis

– Leadership

– Project Management

– Sales


  1. Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said, “Marketing managers plan, direct or coordinate marketing policies and programs such as determining the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors…”

As of 2015, this in-demand position earned $140,660 and accounted for 192,890 jobs.

Other notable statistics include:

The industries with the highest level of available jobs:

– Management of companies – 33,540

– Computer systems design – 11,770

– Management, scientific and tech.- 10,750


The highest paying industries were:

– Securities & Commodities Exch. -$207,770

– Other Financial Investment – $180,340

– Other Information Services – $175,570


States with highest number of jobs include:

– California – 32,800

– New York – 14,860

– Illinois – 11,740

– New Jersey – 10,840

– Massachusetts – 10,580


See more here.


  1. Employment Opportunities

A bachelor’s degree in marketing will prepare you for entry-level positions in sales, accounting, and management.

Careers can also be found in nonprofit organizations, government, and education as well as media, magazines, newspapers and consumer organizations.


  1. Role in Social Media

Social media and marketing are synonymous.

Consider these statistics.


– 32 percent of Internet users use Instagram.

– 1.8 billion people log onto Facebook every day.

– 97 percent of online adults age 16 – 24 have used social media during the last 30 days.


A bachelor’s degree will prepare you to plan a strategic social media campaign. Listening, analyzing, asking key questions and using metrics are needed. Focus on leads generated and conversion rates.


  1. International

Marketing is needed for every product or service. Since every Fortune 100 and 500 company and a large percentage of medium and small businesses engage in foreign trade, marketing has gone global.

The North American Free Trade Agreement changed the business climate by creating unprecedented partnerships between the U.S. and foreign countries.

Over 18,000 American companies like IBM, Sony, GM, Nestle, and DuPont have successful operations (and a need for competitive marketing) in Mexico.


  1. Workforce Planning

Marketing is here to stay. Marketing career representatives account for nearly one in every four positions in the U.S.

Additionally, the national Marketing Education Association (MEA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of marketing and entrepreneurial careers, states, “Over 15,000 teachers in U.S. secondary schools” teach almost half a million students annually.


  1. Onboarding and Training

The National Association of Colleges & Employers published an article, Onboarding done right: New hire engagement is the key. It said, “It helps to assign work immediately since new hires often get bored with endless training… challenged right away.”

That advice applies to new hire training for the marketing professional. Use multimedia (videos, Powerpoint presentations, podcasts, etc.) and eLearning platforms. Select group-based projects.

A degree in marketing has always been an asset for ambitious, smart and creative individuals wanting to transform their ideas into campaigns that move a product or promote a service.

With the impact of Internet marketing, big data, innovative recruiting trends, and globalization, the value of marketing is quantifiable and qualitative. Therefore, the job outlook for degreed marketing professionals will continue to be positive.

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