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3 Ways Retargeting Campaigns Can Boost Up Your Black Friday Sales

Retargeting Campaigns Can Boost Up Your Black Friday SalesImage Credit: DepositPhotos

Everyone strives towards sales, implicitly to the worst case. Have you tried remarketing campaigns for it?

No matter – what’s your core, company’s current state of affairs, or anything? Even a slight boost in your sales can help your business to prosper.

Only a few days to go; amazing November – the shopping month of the year is nearing. Literally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday days are the time for the businesses of any size to reenergize their revenue.

Especially, retail marketers would be breaking their minds to skyrocket their sales during these BFCM celebrations.
Keep in mind that people are smart. They don’t go mad with all the deals that blink in front of their eyes.

Statistics show that almost 50% of the users start researching for their favorite brands, products, and services as early as November begins. So, targeting only those four days is never going to work in boosting your sales.

The critical success in marketing is – targeting the right people in the right place and at the right time. Hence, I am here to share about how retargeting campaigns can heighten your Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales.

Retargeting Campaigns Pre-requisites

However, before kick-starting with your vigorous marketing campaigns, make sure to check below things firsthand.

  • Whether your website can handle such traffic spikes during those days? If you doubt, make sure to upgrade your hosting plan required with approximate predictions.
  • Have you designed your dedicated landing pages for BFCM? Design it with compelling CTA’s and highlight the triggering elements above the fold.
  • Get prepared with your exclusive deals and offers to attract users. Keep an eye on your competitor’s too.
  • Segment your subscriber’s list and existing customers. Start with email marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure that your website is easily accessible, ranking, and appealing to mobile users as well.
  • Keep the previous year’s performance reports handy. Track your website performance and social media engagements with analytics.

With that, know-how remarketing can help you to enhance or heighten up your sales graph than ever before. With the above aspects perfect in place, get started with your retargeting campaigns.

Reasons to set up remarketing campaigns for BFCM

#1 Converts window shoppers into customers

From the previous year’s study, it is noted that the traffic to any website increases a week ahead. Surprisingly, those visitors are organic too. The users will get into your website, look at your products, even add to cart but leave away without any marks. You have no idea or data to convert those windows shoppers to customers.

Remarketing comes into the rescue here. With their behavioral data on your site, you can understand the user’s intent. Keeping track of it, display retargeting ads on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to make them complete the action of purchase.

Mostly, the ratio will be meager the shoppers would turn out as customers during their first visit. Fortunately, retargeting can help you convert around 90% of your windows shoppers to customers.

#2 Convincing is made easier

The fresh ads or regular ads can help you attract a new set of audiences. But, the retargeting campaigns can help you interact with the most potential users who are already curious about your brand offerings.

Consider if a user is surfing for beige color Women’s cross-body bag for multiple times. Unfortunately, didn’t make a purchase. Displaying ads with random picks is useless there. On the other hand, displaying retargets ads with the same or closely similar bags would easier to convince the user.

That’s what expert bloggers would say; don’t serve a non-vegetarian feast to a veggie. Do offer what they want. Then, your job will be easier, and the conversion ratio will be almost 100%.

With the cookies from the visitors on your website and behavioral data from analytics, display retargets ads announcing the fantastic Black Friday deals on those certain products and services. Especially, the retarget ads on Facebook works well than anything.

#3 Spend lesser than regular ads

As much as narrowing down your sales funnel, higher the conversion ratio. And, one can bring the marketing cost down.

You are likely to target a wider audience via regular ads spending more. Instead, you can spend a little to focus only on a few but the most budding prospects.

Especially during these BFCM and Christmas holiday seasons, ad costs are peaking like a jet. Obviously, spending a little more money is not a big deal, but the ROI will be less. So, retargeting ads would be the affordable one for your higher conversions and hence, ROI.

Let’s takeaway!

Retargeting ad campaigns will be effective only if you keep updating your ad copies. The one primary reason for its failure is – keep running the same remarketing ads over and over again until it gets boring.

Indeed, the target audience and target market must be ready to react upon.

And, with no listing of your website in the Google search results page, you won’t have any prospect to retarget. Make sure you have proper SEO in place, and your website is capable of rank at least to get the users for the first time.

I agree that the increased website traffic doesn’t mean that the sales conversions will be drastic.
Based on the cookies, cater to your remarketing ad campaigns.

Don’t forget the existing customers. Segment those lifesavers into categories and run the most relevant advertisements targeting specifically.

The existing customers will make their next purchase only if the brand remembers its customer’s purchase history can retain its existing customers.

And only if the brand can guess and offer them what they need further. So, personalization is the key.

Especially, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – let them land on your specially designed landing pages. Don’t create an ad copy that brings users to your usual home page.

So, it becomes obvious to research, collect website visitor’s data for the past two or three months before creating retargeting ad campaigns.

If your retargeting ad doesn’t convert as you desire, don’t give up your audiences for any reason. It’s in your hand to keep them stay tuned with your brand and their favorite products. Try retargeting them with new deals and offers another day.

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