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7 Creative Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing has become vital in today’s digitized world so it is necessary to keep up with its ongoing trends. Lagged behind, you will fail to grab your audience’s attention.

According to Zazzle Media, about 60% of businesses struggle to produce content, while 65% find it challenging to create engaging content which causes them to lose money. This is why businesses should always strive to find innovative and creative ways to restore their content marketing and also to increase the value of their existing content.

If you want to dramatically increase your return-on-investment via content then try these seven infallible strategies that can boost your strategy.

Incorporating social media

If you want to build a lasting relationship with your prospective customers based on credibility, make use of public platforms. This is because people trust such social networks so sharing your content freely on these channels instill conviction and confidence in them.

As you can see in the chart below, social media is the second most effective marketing channel and is predicted to outweigh email marketing as well. This is because in today’s world the internet is not just a bubble. It is mainstream and has become a way of life.

So if you want your content to reach the maximum number of people, then incorporating social media content would be the most effective option.

From comments and blog posts to share buttons and Instagram posts, digital content can now transcend platforms and the business’s entire digital footprint can come under one umbrella by using the power of social media.

So if you want to play it big, create compelling content and make it go viral by tying it to social media. You can watch as it spreads its wings far and wide. Start by sharing your content on

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest


1. Incorporating social media


Updating the blog

Blogs have taken the world of e-commerce by storm but they also drain lots of business’s energy as they require constant updating. Remember you just cannot leave a blog hanging because the audience requires new and unique information frequently.

So from choosing the right topic to creating a magnetic headline to writing the actual post, everything requires time and effort. If businesses don’t have time, they can get external help from different online tools this software from Designrr which can help promote relevant content with minimum effort.

Below are proven hacks which lead to structured blogs that attract a lot of traffic:

  • Create attention-grabbing headlines for the purpose of “Tempting and Teasing” so that the audience gets curious and click on the link
  • Write in a storytelling manner as the audience wants to hear a personal voice
  • Structure it well by adding bullet points, Sub Titles, and make use of readable fonts
  • Try to be educational and informative by adding News, How to’s, Facts and Figures
  • Include visuals as blogs become more interesting if aided with infographics, photos, and videos

Using mixed media

The audience today have shorter attention spans so it is better to keep them interested by using a variety of mediums. From infographics to interactive videos, make your social media posts livelier by using a combination of visuals.

Do not rely exclusively on the text as the horizons of digital content marketing strategy are vast and as per Xerox’s research, colored graphics make the audience 80 % more likely to read your content. So experiment with videos, audios, images, and infographics whenever you can, as they attract and engage visitors for long.

Here are some preferred types of mixed media:

Videos: The graph below shows that video content has become the most prominent and successful source of content marketing. A survey conducted by Livestream found that 82 percent of the audience prefers watching a brand’s video rather than reading its’s social media posts.

Statics Of video content chart


Infographics: Statistics reveal that within the 12 months, infographics have become one of the most shareable forms of social content as they present complex information in a quick and clear manner.

Animations:  The social web has become a hub of memes and cartoons as they are appealing and engaging.

Images: These have always been a powerhouse for sharing information and are a long-used source for creating appealing content.

Educating your audience

Remember your content should contain relevant information for the audience so that they can value it. The best way to ensure this is to make it more educative for them. As humans love to learn, why not draw their attention towards your business through educational content.

People highly perceive such content as they are increasingly perceptive. So it is beneficial for companies to develop a cadence of white papers, eBooks, blog posts, and infographics in their marketing strategy. These and other knowledgeable collateral which addresses the audience’s problems helps to build trust and instills long term loyalty rather than just promoting the product.

Another way to inform the audience about your brand is by creating podcasts that engage learners.  Designing visuals for step by step learning and conducting webinars for stimulation is another approach to go by.

Such informative content in both digital and physical markets can help companies to break through the noise.

  • Establishing a style guide

When it is about brand awareness, the audience wants something that stands out but it shouldn’t conflict with their perspective. So if you want your customers to be happy, you will have to establish a style guide that adheres to professed values and beliefs but is also appealing. Here are some style guide factors to help you build your brand name:

  • Tone of voice
  • Grammar and Vocabulary specifics
  • Logo colors and styling
  • Linking preferences
  • Font preferences
  • Overall motto (such as to encourage, entertain, or educate)
  • Image preferences

Remember to evolve your style guide when your brand grows, but be consistent with it. All the members of the content marketing team should harmonize their approach and abide by the same style guide to give the business a professional outlook.

Optimizing your content

In the marketing world, SEO and content go hand in hand. SEO optimization plays a vital role in content marketing. With time it hasn’t faded away, only to become more relevant.

Now businesses have to be more creative than just stuffing their content with keywords. They have to entail long-tail keywords sparingly and use specific actionable keywords that have high search volume with lower competition.

Apart from this, SEO optimization leads to lower loading time, greater outreach through buyer personas, etc.

Create premium or gated assets

A gated asset is a piece of content that is not publicly available and requires users to provide their contact info in exchange for it while premium assets are available publically but at a monetary cost.

This sort of marketing creates a sense of urgency and value amongst the audience as they strive to gain the content due to the hype created and it also generates extra cash for the business.

Here are some of the types of premium and gated assets that exist.

  • Hard-copy books
  • E-books
  • Webinar recordings
  • Templates
  • Whitepapers
  • Extensive research


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