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Why Augmented Reality Is Here to Compliment Your Sales Team Activities

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There’s no doubt that Augmented Reality has gained tremendous attention all across the globe and is proudly standing as one of the fastest growing sectors. The technology indeed is opening up new and intriguing opportunities for various industries.

Going by the figures, according to a recently published report the AR market is expected to cross USD 133.78 billion by 2021. This is over 85.2% CAGR in comparison to 2016.


While we can notice the tech-adorned applications are still flourishing, success and vast adoption of PokemonGo, has invited other industries to experiment with the use of technology to enhance and boost their sales and market presence.

What’s driving the Augmented Reality trend?

Stating it in a single line, it’s the personalized and intriguing experience, which is making AR reach the masses. Not just the brands but also the end users find the technology more engaging. According to a recent survey:

      • 63% of customers are counting on AR to enhance their shopping experience
      • 35% said they will prefer online shopping if they get a chance to virtually try products with AR before buying
      • 22% said they’ll less likely visit brick and mortar stores if they can have AR at online stores

Isn’t that alluring?

We can’t deny the fact that more than understanding the right technology, it is important to understand the right implementation. Having said this, there are certain ways in which you can use AR to complement the activities of your sales team. Let’s have a look: 

#1 Ease in decision-making

While picking garments, you regularly need to attempt them on to ensure they fit. This enlarged reality can decrease the time required to settle on the correct decision.

In the event that guests need to check more varieties of a specific thing, they can point their cell phone camera at a dress to perceive what it looks like in changing hues. Moreover, they can pick an appropriate shading, pay for the dress, and request its conveyance to their home without leaving an AR application.

Furthermore, ARad isn’t just about 2D pictures. The vivid innovation empowers retailers to make 3D animations that would enable organizations to more readily portray the upsides of their items.

An example of this NYC based apparel retailer Uniqlo. The brand used AR and allowed its buyers to try clothes in different colors without any need for changing clothes.

#2 Gamification and Engagement

Gamification is generally utilized in retail as an approach to build deals. By for all intents and purposes remunerating clients, applications can urge clients to make a buy.

With increased reality, shopping has been abandoned simply burning through cash into a drawing in amusement that makes clients partner their shopping background with brilliant feelings given by a specific retailer.

To urge clients to utilize your AR application, you can stow away promotion codes in a 3D movement that can be initiated by pointing a cell phone camera at a specific thing. Gamification is an idea that will fundamentally intrigue kids and enable their folks to make buys without being diverted by their kids. The technology can enable retailers to drive greater commitment. Also, by empowering clients to imagine an item inside a bundle through a printed marker, disconnected stores can produce more deals.

#3 Improvised decision making

Conventional retail advantage, which empowers clients to cooperate with a thing in all actuality before acquiring, additionally accompanies its primary disadvantages.

The thing is while picking merchandise in blocks and mortar store, guests can’t get whether a specific thing is appropriate for their home with regards to such products as backdrops, furniture, and material.

Considering online stores, clients essentially can’t be arranged in better places in the meantime. Expanded reality can fundamentally enable retailers to build their clients’ shopping background by empowering customers to for all intents and purposes place things in their lofts or houses without the requirement for really requesting a conveyance.

#4 It helps eliminate doubts

While picking between various offers, clients depend on their rationale and feelings. Prior to purchasing something, they frequently gauge upsides and downsides to settle on the correct choice.

In the event that advertising endeavors couldn’t get clients guaranteed that a specific item would completely fulfill their necessities, they may change to another retailer.

In light of its representation capacities, expanded reality can enable customers to dispose of their questions about item attributes and choices. With a superior comprehension of item focal points, customers are bound to make a buy.

#5 Advanced Showrooming

AR development can enable retailers to utilize their physical space all the more successfully by showing pertinent promotions or item varieties to guests without putting comparative things in the shopping room.

With regards to selling vast things that have various varieties, showrooming every one of these merchandises can be a bad dream for retailers that have constrained territories in their stores.

On the off chance that you sell autos and offer distinctive inside shades of a similar model, setting these vehicles requires expansive territories, which can significantly increment operational expenses.

In this manner, vehicle vendors frequently demonstrate their customers printed shading palettes or pictures of how their ideal vehicle can resemble. In any case, it scarcely can be called rich shopping knowledge.

#6 Emotional Experience

Shopping choices are firmly associated with feelings other than rationale. The more splendid feelings individuals feel when they cooperate with an item, the more they need to feel these feelings later on.

It urges customers to purchase those items, which they partner with positive sentiments. Enlarged reality can give clients a remarkable shopping background they need to get more than once.

Before signing off

Expanded the truth is a compelling promoting apparatus that works for the two customers and retailers. At the point when accurately executed, it can give clients an extraordinary shopping background that they need to impart to their companions.

This vivid innovation has a wide scope of advantages for the two blocks and mortar shops and online stores. With every one of its capacities like representation, excitement, gamification, driving profound commitment, and improving a basic leadership process, enlarged reality turns out to be successful speculation that can produce more deals for retail organizations.

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