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Giveaway Items That Can Leave A Good Impression On Customers

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Getting your customers onboard and engaged with your brand and business is not always straightforward, but you can boost the impact of your promotional efforts if you choose giveaway items that people will actually enjoy.

There are of course plenty of products to consider, so to help you narrow it down here are just a few of the top options that will put a smile on the face of new and existing customers.

Gift Hampers

This is arguably the zenith of giveaway items in terms of flexibility, variety and raw appeal, especially with the amount of choice that is available from modern providers like Hampers With Bite.

You can load a gift hamper with lots of branded products, or choose from luxurious goodies from established brands that are guaranteed to make a positive impact on the way customers perceive your business.

The only downside to gift hampers is that they can be at the upper end of the scale in terms of cost, so it is really a case of working out whether your needs justify the asking price.

USB Storage

In terms of pure practicality, nothing will make a better impression than a branded USB stick which you can give away to customers either as a one-off gift or even as a means of transferring data on a medium that they then get to keep.

As well as being available in standard designs, modern USB storage products have evolved to offer an impressive array of bespoke alternatives. This can include housings made from exotic materials like metals and even bamboo, or even exteriors that add a bit more glitz and glamour to the giveaway with sparkling sequins, dazzling LED light displays and much more besides.

Reusable Coffee Cups

More and more people are tuning in to the need to live in a sustainable way, with some firms actively outlawing the use of single-use containers for hot drinks. This means that demand for reusable coffee cups has never been higher, hence their growing popularity as a giveaway item.

Reusable coffee cups can be ordered in different sizes and of course with different features integrated into their designs, including removable silicone covers that protect the user’s hand from the warmth of the liquid within. Their appeal as a giveaway gift is enhanced simply because this is the kind of product that people actually want and by handing them out to customers, clients and even employees you will be saving them a purchase that they would otherwise have made anyway.


Umbrellas are another indispensable accessory for modern living that are all too often left behind or lost, meaning that many people are always on the lookout for a new one to help keep them dry.

Because of this, branded umbrellas are a common giveaway item selected by many businesses in order to win over even more customers.

Whether you opt for large golf umbrellas or compact, collapsible equivalents that can fit in a handbag or coat pocket, by giving away promotional umbrellas you will not just be boosting your reputation with customers but also building brand awareness whenever it rains.

First-Aid Kits

Depending on the type of business you run or the nature of the event that you are attending, a branded first aid kit could be a memorable addition to your collection of giveaway items.

From simple bandage boxes to multifaceted kits including several useful accessories for emergencies, you can choose whichever setup best suits you. Then when accidents inevitably occur, your business will be there to help.

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