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Automate your Marketing for Free: Here’s how?

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Modern-day marketers and small businesses are quite familiar with marketing automation and its pros. They really want to incorporate marketing automation into their business strategy. Better lead generation and the ease with which marketing automation fits in the workflow makes it hard to be ignored.

Leading benefits of using marketing automation according to B2B marketing executives worldwide



As the above statistic depicts, there are a lot of proven benefits of using marketing automation. From delivering quality customer service to automating personalized emails, advantages of using marketing automation software are many.

On the other hand, there are not as many limitations but there is one which matters the most. It makes marketers and businesses think twice before adopting the renowned technology. That limitation is cost-effectiveness.

To be honest, almost all the leading marketing automation software available in the market are a bit on the expensive side. Albeit not a very big issue but still a lot of small to mid-sized businesses find it difficult to embrace this marketing concept. Shelling out a substantial amount of money per month on a relatively new concept can be quite intimidating for business owners.

In 2019, businesses need to leverage marketing automation with sound strategies and proven tactics to stay ahead of the competition.

The Solution

Out of all the marketing automation solutions to choose from, Mautic stands out from all competition. It is the world’s largest open-source marketing automation project and comes at zero basic cost.

Being open-source, it may require a few tweaks here and there but it surely automates all your marketing chores. When Mautic was started in 2014, it created a revolution in the field of marketing automation.


Because Mautic provides access to all those high-end features which marketers could only get in costly marketing automation software.

Everyone could try and use cutting-edge technology in the field and they don’t have to care for the high costs.

Over the years, Mautic has garnered a large user base with multiple improvements and enhancements in its code. The Mautic community strives hard to make your Mautic experience as smooth as possible, assisting you at every single step.

How does Mautic work?

Generally, open-source projects tend to offer less and limited features. Fortunately, that is not the case with Mautic. Just like the other paid marketing automation software out there, Mautic gives you full control and access to the latest features.

In the world of expensive marketing automation software and complex workflows, automating your marketing for free doesn’t get any easier.

Full-fledged dashboard

A powerful dashboard with all the required tools and a high level of customizability is just what a modern marketer needs. A simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to arrange and automate the daily marketing tasks.

A detailed dashboard simplifies things for a first-time user and we have the most useful tools at our fingertips.


Segmentation is the heart of any marketing automation strategy and with Mautic, you are at a great advantage. Firstly, there are sufficient contact fields to fill which gives you a detailed insight into every single contact.

Secondly, as soon as a contact is identified, all activities linked to that particular contact are automatically synced and stored for better analysis. Segmentation helps in targeting individual customers and sending them exclusive offers, content, graphics, etc. separately.

Say you sell mobile phones online. You would really want to segment your iPhone users in one place so that you can market iPhone earphones, chargers, etc. individually.


Setting up pre-defined campaigns for your segments was never easier. You can run a campaign according to your needs and requirements and add any type of dynamic content. Dripping a set of personalized follow-up emails that you want your customers to receive over a period of time becomes smooth and problem-solving.

This saves a lot of time and effort which your team can put in other valuable tasks.


This may alone stand out to be your biggest plus point if you are using Mautic. Yes, it is open-source and that is what allows it to be easily integrated with every other major platform.

A wide range of difficult management tasks can be simplified using Mautic integrations. From syncing contacts from your WooCommerce store to adding new dynamic content to your site, integrations help you to stay ahead of the game and increase the functionality of the marketing automation software.

With the passing of time and technology, we are seeing more and more Mautic integrations come into the picture and making the lives of marketers a lot easier.

Reasons to go Mautic with your business

The features may speak for themselves but there are certain points to be considered before you choose any marketing automation software for your small business.

Here are some concrete reasons as to why you should opt for Mautic as your marketing automation solution:

User-Friendly and Easy to Operate

From personal experience, I think Mautic provides you a very simple and easy to use interface. Even for people who are starting off with marketing automation, you don’t need a lot of time to get yourself accustomed to using Mautic.

I found Mautic the easiest to work with as compared to the rest of the software available out there. The user-friendliness of the platform makes it a very popular choice amongst the masses.

The different dashboard widgets and clear-cut reporting systems add to the user’s comfort level while they are using the software.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is quite a popular term in the world of marketing automation. It is a system that assigns a fixed score to your leads. This helps in determining which leads have maximum potential and vice versa.

With Mautic, we can automatically give away points to our leads based on their activities and involvement with the business. We can filter out the best prospects for our business this way.

Based on the points earned by the leads or accounts, we can trigger automated campaigns to deliver relevant personalized content to them every single time.

A/B Testing

Split testing, commonly known as A/B testing, is at the top of every marketer’s business strategy nowadays. Be it running Pay-Per-Click(PPC) ads or be it delivering the right type of content to our audiences, A/B testing is everywhere.

Mautic allows you to A/B test your campaigns as well. You run two variants of a single campaign and the results help in determining which campaign performs the best for you.

Mautic has an in-built A/B testing feature for both emails and landing pages. Now, you know which content copy works best for you!

In-depth Reporting



Yes, you read that right. Analytics and reporting rank as one of the most important benefits of any marketing automation system and that makes sense too.

Of what use are your automation efforts if you cannot properly track them?

Tracking and reporting tell you what efforts and strategies are working for you and which of them need some attention.

Mautic allows us to create custom reports highlighting the detailed performance of all campaigns you run. Different metric insights and their proper analysis point out the loopholes and weak links of your automation strategy.

A new data source, Campaigns, has been recently added to the Reports tab which allows users to analyze performance metrics of a campaign as a whole.

Personalized Dynamic Content

Dynamic content and marketing automation go hand in hand. From building dynamic content into your blog to inserting dynamic content in your emails, Mautic has it all covered for you.

In this highly competitive digital field, if you miss the mark even by a small margin, you are doomed for good. What I meant to say is that unless you shoot personalized emails to your prospects, the open and read rates of your emails will decline.

When we use Mautic, it gives you the option to insert a “Dynamic Content” slot into the emails. Using this, we can add multiple variants to be sent as per our needs.

Similarly, Mautic also gives you the functionality of adding some dynamic content to your blog. You can show two different messages to different visitors as per their behavior.

Personalization is the key to your business success and with Mautic at your service, you are always a step ahead.

Increase Client Retention

Compelling your customers to keep coming back and increasing repeat purchases is what every business wishes for. This is where client retention comes into play.

Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention increases profits by up to 95%?

Marketing automation and Mautic play a big role in helping you retain your loyal customers and increasing customer value.

But how?

Ever-heard of post-purchase nurturing? Something our fellow marketers tend to forget every now and then.

Keeping your customers engaged, asking for reviews and testimonials, sharing different discounts and sale offers, etc. are key to forming a bond with your prospects. Targeted emailing and segmenting contacts help you achieve this.

Post-sale engagement leads to a number of cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

User-Generated Content(UGC) is another vital part of any business-customer relationship and has great potential to boost ROI and conversion rates.

With Mautic, all you require is a sound client retention strategy and the rest will be taken care of by this amazing software.

Cost-Effectiveness and Time Savings

According to me, this is the biggest Mautic advantage. It separates Mautic from all competition and makes it the first choice for basic users.

When you don’t have to pay a hefty monthly amount for your automation efforts, there is nothing more that you can ask for.

Apart from trying the interface, you can use all its high-end features to up your automation game.

On top of that, saving your precious time is the backbone and best benefit of every marketing automation strategy. People know they can invest the saved time into more valued work like research, strategy, and whatnot.

Many consider time savings to be the biggest benefit of marketing automation.

Mautic provides you both the benefits and gives you some control of your time and money. Considering the busy lives of every marketer in this digital world, using Mautic can be the missing piece to your marketing puzzle.


Deciding whether your business needs marketing automation or not is a big call and only you can make it because no one understands your business better than you.

Embracing Mautic as the marketing automation solution for your business is a win-win situation. Especially if you are just starting with this highly capable marketing technology.

There may be a plethora of options as far as marketing automation software is concerned but when we consider open source marketing automation, there is nothing like Mautic. Easy integration with other applications, open-source, cost-effective, diverse and a user-friendly interface, etc. are some of the many perks you enjoy while using Mautic.

Marketing automation in the coming years will become inevitable and we need to prepare for it. From people who are new to this technology to its advanced users, automation will impact the life of every marketer.

Being well-versed with marketing automation and its workflows can take some considerable amount of time. Using sophisticated marketing automation software is not advisable for basic users. Mautic gives you an upper hand in automating your repetitive marketing chores and getting accustomed to the technology.

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