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All about Marketing Reporting Software for Digital Agencies

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Today digital marketing is a big, broad behemoth. Modern agencies begin from scratch to managing advertising spend, followed by posting and being proactive to social media comments for clients. A wide range of different strategies to reach the client’s overall goal is the ultimate goal. But even if the plan is indifferent, the marketing reporting tips shouldn’t be. Usually, clients don’t have the willpower or time to look deep into everything together. Thus, it is important as a professional marketer to reporting tools that will allow us to see everything in one place and also understand how each strategy contributed to making or achieving the final goal. Every month, one has to repeatedly justify the value of a campaign by delivering in cents and dollars. And the sad part is it is not that what usually happens. In general, scenario reporting sucks. It has always been consistent about the near the top of worst time sucks in regards to marketers. Partially because even today, most marketers struggle to show the ROI of marketing activities. Bosses and clients like to know where their money is ultimately going.

Here is a list of the9 best client marketing reporting software and tools for agencies, marketers and advertisers that will do wonders to end-of-month reporting:

1) Megalytic:

By providing marketing templates, one can easily import data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, a CSV file, and others. This is what Megalytic does smoothly. This tool has a library of widgets like eCommerce sales by geography, AdWords conversions, social referrals, etc., here one can easily add to reports for more in-depth details. One can also set up notifications that will be further sent to a specific list of individuals.

2) Databox:

This marketing reporting tool enables agencies to automate the reporting process by helping in compiling data from plenty of popular marketing software such as HubSpot CRM and Marketing, Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Pages and Instagram.

Once connected, the Databox becomes the single place for the agency’s team to set further goals, monitor progress, calculate ROI numbers and receive alerts when things aren’t going to plan. Databox offers pre-configured reports along with the option to build custom reports via the designer. One can also view data across multiple devices, including a mobile phone, desktop, TV, and via Slack.

3) Raven tools

One of the most helpful tools for agencies and their clients today is Raven Tools. Enterprises that need additional reporting features need this particular tool.  Raven Tools offers a research centre for analyzing competitors target sites that can schedule social media updates, followed by a tracker for link building campaigns and an SEO auditor.  Another valuable feature for analyzing a site against competitors is comparing backlinks, domain authority, load time, page speed, and other metrics. This tool also offers the report feature of drag-and-drop functionality by making it easy to add further results of the tests and research performed by RavenTools with additional features in reporting documents.

4) TapAnalytics

This tool is known to work with more than 100 service providers at any given point of time to pull in data quickly without the help of a third-party support team or IT pro. Thus it has many customizable widgets where one can uncover problem areas, drill down into specific metrics, or show improvements in a client’s marketing efforts. Everything is customized and tailored to the client’s particular needs. It comes with a feature where permissions and roles in protecting clients’ data from being viewed by people are also offered. In addition, it can be a fully white-labelled tool providing a feature for adding a service charge to a specific client’s campaign.

5) DashThis

An agency that is looking for client experience to stay long with its brand must use this platform. They are known to provide custom URLs along with a fully white-labelled account. This tool integrates with many platforms like Instagram, Ahrefs, ComScore, and Perfect Audience.  A survey by DashThis states there were three main report types clients and agencies explicitly looking out for. Also known for creating templates reflecting the simplest and perfect for keeping track of performance or each month. This is primarily a dashboard tool rather than reporting, so one can maintain clients or support the team up-to-date on marketing reporting performance reports throughout the month.


To end with, it all depends on an individual’s business needs. If you already have a range of specialized tools, the venture needs an “all-in-one” tool to help bring all the essential metrics together. Otherwise, one can always select from the list of services offered by an agency. The list can have PR, social media, SEO tools, etc., which will eventually benefit your clients. And if still not sure, test them out. Nowadays, free trials are the average industry standard. Always remember the chief goal is to communicate openly with clients and save time in the process. These tools mentioned above will help to achieve both.



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